A Door Swing Saved My Life..

My phones on 1% charge….Hang on….

Sometimes, you meet some really great people in life. Y’know, the kinda people who put your faith back in the art of humanity. They sort of *pop* out of nowhere, right when you need them. They hit *pause* on rules, duty, or what ‘paper’ may state is expected of them…and instead see THEMSELVES as human, see YOU as human…and therefore deliver these miraculous actions out of good will, kindness, respect, support, good morals or anything other bits of ‘ooh laa’ you wish to add on in. They step forward with their heart, in a moments notice…because they didn’t realise what was a coming!?! 

I’m lucky enough to actually know so many humans like this! SO MANY! That’s how lucky I am! 

Some I’ve known all my life. Some I’ve encountered for a moment. Some for a season. Some for a reason. Some I didn’t know at all. Some I’ll know for a lifetime. 

Every single one of them I’ll always treasure. 

I also regard myself as one of ‘those kind of’ humans. ( Haha. Ofcourse.) I might not be there ALL the time. (Unless you’re my loin fruit.) However, I tend to pop up out of the blue, with my big hair toss, and sassy eyelashes, right when you need me, yet probably when you didn’t expect me to even care. 

Yesterday morning, I met a human during a kinda dodgy situation. Really couldn’t have been worse. Lol. It was pretty shit. 

But THEIR path, was to cross with MY path, via a simple early morning, door swing. It’s funny how sometimes nothing is spoken, but so much seems to be being said? Right? 

Long story short. I’ve said, I know loads of wonderful humans. Just recently an awful human came to tamper with my head, my world, my babies and my belief in decency in others. It shook me for a bit. (I’m not shook now. I’m tough. They’re shook.)

What I’m saying is, I needed a reminder….One that winked at me and reminded me that MOST people in the world are good people. 

Yesterday morning, that reminder came. I’m grateful for it. You know who you are. I thank you very much. 🙂 

Them: ‘I tried telling you…But I didn’t know if you caught on? I didn’t know where to put myself!?!’ 

Me: ‘I didn’t catch on at all!! Honestly…thank you so much.’ 

Then like nothing had happened, I did the school run, with my extra length extension and with a smile of relief on my face. 

Ruby: ‘Gosh! Hello, Tuesday!!’ 

Me: ‘One day, everything will just be normal.’

Ru: ‘Maybe it’s not meant to be normal? Maybe it’s a good thing?’

Me: ‘Yeah…maybe…’

…then we unlatched the school’s heavy wooden gate, leading into the playground and started our Tuesday again… Lol! 

Anyway, I worked, I learnt lines, then meetings got cancelled, so I managed to catch up with ‘House of Solo’ magazine. (I had to cancel it earlier, due to drama, but it all worked out in the end.)

HOS: ‘This one **** was a trip! She was all next time you go out to dinner with your friends, invite me. I’d love to go! I was all…Okay cool, come, we’re going out. Then she kicked off because she now DIDN’T want to come, because she had to INVITE HERSELF!! What????? I don’t have time for this!!!!’

Me: ‘Haha!!! I told you months ago that she would be NUTS! Stop working with nuts people!’

Anyway…House of Solo Mag is doing really well. It’s all high fashion deliciousness. You should follow them on Insta etc..because I’m obviously extremely good friends with the lovely CEO. I’ve appeared in the Magazine myself. I think he shot ‘Little Mix’ looking all high fashion…for the cover of the last issue. 

Well…let me just give you a peek into a convo…

HOS: ‘I’m  waiting to hear back. But I guess it’s gonna be Snoop Dogg on the cover.’

Me: ‘Everyone loves Snoop Dogg! He’s like a cool gangsta grandad now.’ 

HOS: ‘Y’know, who’s doing well…Zanetti!’

Me: ‘Yeah…yeah. I know. He’s hustled all that, himself! Plus, everyone loves Zanetti.’

(Tom has already shot the cover.) 

HOS: ‘But he makes it look easy… His life is not easy.’

Me: ‘That’s his job. He has to sell a lifestyle…He’s a good guy. He deserves it. He’s smashing it. Who’s cover sold well?’

HOS: ‘Louis Tomlinson..’

Me: ‘I LOVE Louis. We’re both Doncaster. Like literally from the same part!’

HOS: ‘Good, cos I’m shooting him again and you can do the interview!!!!’

Me: ‘YES!!! I want!!’ 

HOS: ‘Do you know a good PR?’

Right…so I’ve plonked that piece of the conversation in, to show you how our industry and business works. 

It’s literally ALL friendships, work relationships and networking. I say WORK relationships because you don’t want to sell yourself the wrong way, to people that you may end up working with. I see girls sell themselves short…a lot. I see guys in power take advantage of those situations & laugh about it, with friends over drinks. 

Don’t do that. Always trust your talent, over the way you look. 

Bottom line…

People like hiring people they already know. There’s a comfort to it. It’s also easier. People are busy, they want easy. People also like hiring people who they trust will perform. They also ask their friends to recommend other brilliant people. 

Got it? 

Talent + Networking is a dream come true. 


Now I can tell you about the Tinder Date, I ear wigged on….

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