A Champion of Pricks

It’s not even noon and i’ve already been told that I may posess evil tendancies. I woke up and had a good old joyous moment of ‘playtime’ with my bambino Ruby, then weirdly decided to rollie pollie out of bed on the exact wrong side, strut into the living room (with baby in arms) and have a go at him. 🙂 I love being hormonal. It’s really a treat. Yet you can’t blame us. It’s hard being a girl. We’re a species that is prescribed drugs the entire way through our lives in order to beable to handle it. Painkillers for period pains. The pill to prevent us from getting preggo. Then Hormonal replacements later on in life, in order to make us…well..normal. 🙂 Our morning arguement actually got quite heated. Then we smiled at each other, pissed ourselves laughing and got on with the day.

Last night ended up being a bizarre concotion. I was enjoying ‘baby-mummy’ time and hair-tossing to my mirror image and calling friends ‘horny old gays,’ after being called a ‘Randy M.I.L.F.’ 🙂 Pete on the other hand, was on the phone to his ex-girlfriend. Random, i know. Her, her brother and his boyfriend had gotten sozzled and called him for a catch up. It’s the first time Pete’s actually gotten to talk to her properly since a very long time. He blushed all the way through it and began acting all weird.

What I actually noticed about myself is that I weirdly wasn’t bothered by it?? I know! Bizarre right?? This has confused me and has made me believe that I either don’t actually love him enough to care?? OR, i’m actually grown up and i horrifically feel extremely comfortable with myself and my stability in our relationship?? Well done Me. That took a few years! His ex-(who sounded lovely) wants our daughter, to date her son. Now, although i’m quite the Queen of the fun loving, i’ll have to give that little option a ‘miss.’ My daughters destined for bows, glamour pussing, and Greatness. Not a future of chavtastics and not being able to pronounce words properly, when wine gets pulled into the picture. 🙂 (I really can’t believe that Pete made out that she was like some horrifically, psycho, bitch, with problems?? From what i heard of that phone convo…she seemed quite normal. Why do men bother doing that?) He’s all upset because I won’t make friends with them. I don’t even really have to explain why i might not want to bother, now do I? I’m not him. I’m not on some random desperate plea to make everyone to like me.

 (God, i’ve just had to shout at him again!)

All the way through this entire blog he’s been trying to wind me up and simply because he wants ‘attention-attention-attention’ all of the fucking time and hates that i’m more interested in writing my blog, than talking to him!!! UGH!! Annoying much!! Hellloooo?? I’m trying to blog. Ruby isn’t even like that!! Pete is really gonna get on my nerves today and lucky ME, it’s fricking ‘Date night.‘ ( I swear on my life, that  dating Pete is like having some bratty, teenage boy, that is annoying for a bit of ‘look at me.’) *Growl.*

Anyway, all i want to do today, is get a spray tan, curl my hair, enjoy being a mummy and get my nails done. I bet NONE of the above happen, due to his idiotic ways. I’ve literally had to storm out the room, after smacking my laptop, against his knees in anger and shouting at him for being a bratt. He actually made me miss ‘Michael’ today. (My ex-hubby.) When you’ve had to have a little cry over your ex-hubby, it means your current ‘squeeze‘ isn’t pulling his weight.

Helloo Bank Holiday Weekend..*sighs.* 🙁 I hope to GOD, that it gets better….


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