A bit too mucho

Well so much has happened. I’ve been so overwhelmed with pretty much everything deliciously piling ontop of me, that i’ve had to take a Kitty Cat moment of *quiet* in order to regain a sense of ‘ohh laa.’ Aside from watching ‘Dancing on Ice’ which really does make the world a better place, due to sequins, Kerry Katona and that ‘Jeff’ dudes gay disco dancing in lycra, i’ve commited to having a bit of a cry. Infact a big Princess weep of a cry, whilst FINALLY finding a precious moment to myself!!! I haven’t had one in ages and although i’m highly ‘hoochie mama’ social, I really am a girly who needs her independance, her time alone in order to really take a look at my life and understand it.

I didn’t cry sad tears. Well they started off as what seemed like ‘sad’ tears. I actually, now i’ve re-thought, cried happy tears. I’m going through a great deal right now emotionally and i feel as though it’s something that no-one else around me understands. Plus, i’ve decided to hate boys who play on Xboxes. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s cretainly NOT sexy. When i’m having a bit of a private bedroom ‘Princess weep’ the last thing i want to hear in the background, from another room is the sound of guns to crap repetitive theme music! Gents!! YOU AREN’T saving the fucking world. It’s just flipping PRETEND! Get a grip! (You can tell that Loverboy enjoying the fact that he gets to virtually KILL people over and over again pisses me off. How is that entertaining? It’s entertaining if you’re serial killer on crack, who just needs to get his kicks.) All boys with Xboxes ARE NOW getting scratched off my list of decent. There’s a whole real WORLD out there. Go play in it! Zany idea, i know! However saying that, don’t playing ‘killing’ in it, as that really is quite messy and all that shimmie.

Okay, in 6 weeks, maybe 5..who’s counting, i’m going to be a mummy. I’m in *shock,* really happy, but less ‘ooh look at me, i’ve bought ten hundred baby grows and 42 rattles’ and MORE deeply and soulfully happy. The real kind, where you cannot believe how much you truely love something, that you’ve weirdly managed to create. A love so powerful, that it takes the wind out of you emotionally. (Hence the quiet time princess weeping, when i’m alone in bed.) I don’t think the purchasing of a gzillion baby items makes you a good mother. Well it might make you a GOOD mother. But what makes you a GREAT mother in my eyes, is the the ability to unconditionally love, give and teach your child the ways of the world. Pass on YOUR knowledge. Bless it with utter happiness and share such a strong deep rooted friendship with it, an unbreakable bond of trust, love and laughter, that it grows into the most wonderful being of ‘marvel.‘ A happy, strong being of ‘yum yum.’ Having the best cot in town….makes no difference. (I will say that Loverboy & I, do have the best everything for our upcoming kiddie and luckily all for free. 🙂 Oh shut it. I’m a Wunna. I enjoy luxury, especially when FREE!)

Other than all that boring stuff. I mean, if you’re not a having a bambino yourself, hearing about other people’s is a giant snooze fest. Before i was ‘preggo,’ i really wasn’t too overly excited about the preggoness of others. But i will quickly inform you that i am in the ‘fed up’ stage of fatty. I’m pig like and have broken every law of hottness. My boobies look like chimpanzees, my belly is deliciously hidieous, i can’t wear heels and i’m exhausted pretty much ALL of the time! Yippee! The good thing about the boobies is not the fact that they’re now big, (they always were thanks to Dr.Madhi.) Yet it’s more the fact that when i commit to a Glamour pussy, ‘IT’ Girl *shimmie,* my boobs now actually MOVE!!!!! Hurrah! I can really get my back into it…which all the boys (Capital ‘L’) LOVE!!! I’m pulling left, right and centre even when preggo due to this moving boobie *shimmie.* I was in Doncaster, therefore there are more chavvy-like pervs. But i haven’t gotten *honked* at in quite a while, so it’s kinda nice to know that bitches i still goddit! Mmmkkkaay!

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