A bit too drunky

So i’m really drunk right now, therefore i don’t think writing this blog is a very good idea, but whatever…I’ve made my name making mistakes, so i might aswell continue to do so.

Today, i got invited (or maybe i invited myself) to my friend’s i’ll call him ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Waz’s’ house for Sunday dinner. I love Sunday dinner, as it’s the best way to spend time with your friends that’s not inbetween soiled sheets, or mid cocktail. I was terribly imoressed and know that’s it’s impossible to impress me, as he had cooked, baked, stirred and worked a whole brocolli and chicken gratin from SCRATCH for our dinner, in the name of friendship. I adore a man that can cook, not because it’s sexy, but because i don’t bloody have to. Makes me like you more, so grab that pan fellas!!

I ended up drinking a whole bottle of red vino to myself by accident, hearing about little African children who get burnt alive, nailed in the scalp and tied up with chicken wire because they are witches.  I talked about love, drugs, marriage, sex and how much i despised Guitar hero. I pondered the subject of porn, having a mansion of hot boys and how much of a crime it is to love myself this much. I decided that even though i have a gorgeous Latin Lover, i should probably go on a speed dating evening for the sake of comedy, and how brillantly great it is that i can point at things that are broken and no matter how hard the task is, a boy can fix it for me. Purrr…… I love my life and right now it’s being obedient and loving me back!!!

Fuck, i’m wasted! You’d think my blog would be better right??? hahahaha! This is Chrissie Wunna and her slanted eyes signing off for the evening. I need a cuppa tea! Oh, Fight clubs on….Perfect!

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  1. sappening swillead iu dont mind cooking a roast and me spuds are the guvna. i love cooking i just hate the washing up lol. im pleased u got pissed u cant beat gettingo ut of your cannister can u chrissie? did u watch the ufc and he david haye fight babe?


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