A bit of Lamb Innit

Woke up this morning to my half naked ‘Handsome’ who began to sing me the ‘Happy Anniversary’ song which is really just the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, yet with a switcheroo of words. I was laid next to him, like the puurfect kitty cat, with last nights make-up still on. Yet surprisingly, i actually looked delicious and not like i had been dragged through a Benefit counter explosion…in heels and my fur. You KNOW you must usually look rough in the morning, when the ‘handsome’ snuggled next to you actually surprisingly comments on how ‘beautiful’ you look, with a puzzled face. Lol.

Being ME, the Ultimate puss of giggly glamour, i gleefully went along with his joyous ‘sing song’ under the actual misconception that it was the 6th of Decemeber. It’s not is it? It’s the 5th. Therefore, there i was complaining th enight before at how he better remember our 9 month anniversary tomorrow…(yes we’ve only been together 9 months and yes i am 7 months pregnant!! 🙂 WELL DONE WUNNA! Trophies all around.) Where was I? Right! I was glamourously drilling in the fact, that it was the celebration of him managing to stay with me for an entire 9 months…which is better than most wussy men,) which brought on the romantic (mildly off key) morning ‘sing-song’…when it actually wasn’t even our anniversary!

We met on March 6th of this year. I love it when i forget the dates and then blame him for it all. Woohoo! Then we scurried out of bed and raced to my future ‘in laws’ for our usual

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