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Live. I cannot tell you how important it is to give two ‘nada’ hoots about what people think of you, what people say about you, if you’re completely happy with the choices you’re making in life. Embrace it. See the big picture. Love. Live. Enjoy. If ya lucky, you have 100 years to do whatever you wish. Do it. Be exactly who you want. Never apologize for who you are..

Hand on heart, I am THAT person and it’s when I quit being scared of everything and quit molding myself into what others wanted me to be, that I thanked my lucky stars and started smashing it.

Don’t let other people dictate your future, your actions or the hinder your success. As long as no harm is being caused, you’re dandy.

Y’know, we’re all different and that’s what great about us. Learn to appreciate others for their quirks and differences, without forcing them to be YOU, without judgement and without hate. We all learn things at different life stages, in different ways and we all conquer them the exact same way.

I put up with a lot of love, yet I also put up with a lot of hate. The hates not just from chicks. I mean, even this morning in the ‘Lamp Lovers’ group…(which I love) MEN will hate on me and judge me, which is against my life rules. I’ll have six thousand ‘likes,’ 900 comments and 10 of them will be mocking me.

Not being funny or anything, but don’t be mocking a ‘hottie p’tottie’ firstly EVER, yet secondly…when you may have had the entire thing on the Greggs menu this morning, lost all your hair, scratching ya ‘nuts’ that are months filled with ‘no love,’ and whilst your wife or girlfriend is at work and doesn’t even know you’re in a naughty secret online group.

Just Sayin’

I’m there working. You’re there viewing the work.

Be kind, always, because it’s the smallest things that make me happy. It’s the smallest things that make me smile and i’m BANTER, i’m a tough one, I’m not someone to weep over a bit of a ‘roast.’ It seems that people like to ‘say,’ yet don’t like it batted right back at them. In 2019, it’s coming right back over that net and boy it is drenched in sass. Don’t dish out, what you can’t handle.

Men are more sensitive than women. We’re expressive, but try and smooth things over. Men bottle things up, have a ‘bark’ and then act all wounded when they get their feelings hurt, or when you ‘home truth’ them.

But enough about all that, eh!

I’m over the moon. I’m happy. I’m excited. I have a bit of telly airing shortly. My subscription sites are going well.. (If i’m being honest, better than I thought? I’m enjoying. It’s me…and well the way I see it, is that i’m making the money I need to make merrily, whilst I’m still able.




I’ve realized that everything really does happen for a reason and everything that’s meant to be will always find it’s way. I say that a lot, I know. But it’s true. Life ‘magic’ has this weird way and meandering things, so you get exactly what’s meant for you. You can push the square peg, through the round hole, all you wish. But what is destined for you, will always always find a way. That’s in love, life and work. It might be because you still have shit to learn or it’s your ultimate ticket to final happiness. Either way…I believe there’s an uncontrollable ‘ life magic.’

Notice the things that make you smile. The things that make you happy. Pay attention to them because their essential to your existence. They’re gonna make you feel alive. I promise. And feeling alive is all that matters. That’s what we’re doing here.

Look around you, is everything just how you want it? If not, start switching it up, so you can finally look around you, breathe and smile.

I can’t actually believe how wonderful 2019 has been to me, so far. I can’t believe it, to the point where i’m having to pinch myself.

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