A Bit Of Bald Eagle

A quick pic of ME today. (The odd key on my laptop has gone ‘kaputt’-therefore i’m unable to write this, without feeling 94% retarded!!) So i got painted today (it took 4 hours) for a shoot. Easy work. Lot’s of fun. I just sat on my arse all day on a Directors chair, naked in heels, whilst some poor fellow with a skull bandana airbushed my ‘privates.’ I love my life AND their banoffee pie!! I got treated pretty goddamn well…and i’m gonna say it’s because i’m a SUPERSTAR. (I Thankyou. Applause please.)

I also found my new boyfriend Joshua. Yes, he’s only six. (And that’s ‘years old’ and not inches. I mean i’d never talk to any 6 inch boy…..interpret that how ever you so wish!) But he assures me his ‘love’ is real and that it will last a lifetime!! (Hilarious!) He was sat watching me be naked, all fake boobied, big lipped, in heels all day and after telling me he could ‘see my bum,‘ then went on to tell me that i was Soooo sexy,’ and was intending to marry me. His father approved!!

Infact, now that i think about it, there were an awful lot of mini children on the set today? Girls and boys! It’s gonna sound odd, but kids really LOVE me. I’m all ‘over eye-lashed, fake boobied, loaded with diamonds, wiggly, Glamour puss,’ that they think i’m a toy or some kind of doll. The girls want to play with me and after 4 seconds, are not only semi circling around me, with open mouths and googly eyez. But also giving me their pocket money! ( I could make a living out of this! Oh wait! I AM!!)

One girl was sure I was some sort of magical Princess, who’s picked up a bizarre smoking habit. But another one called ‘Bethany’ claimed my voice was ‘far too squeaky’ for her liking, then ran away giggling because she had seen my boobies. I’m really not a place for young children to be around. (I’m like knives, matches and paedophiles.) But the girls all want to grow into me. Their Mothers, are not so keen. Yet the Fathers want to also. (Wink, wink!) I love dads!!

I’ve been up and working since 5am, now that i’m a tragic worka-maholic. However, i’m loving every second as it seems i’m going on a random adventure a day. I’m doing the oddest things? And well don’t feel like i’m wasting any of my life or talent! I’ll get there in the end. Whatever the hell ‘end’ is?? I can’t believe all this is happenning to little me? Yet if i’m being honest. I always knew it would!

Can’t wait for ‘Britian’s Got Talent’ tonight. I love my new horny kittens and poor poor Man U!

18 thoughts on “A Bit Of Bald Eagle”

  1. Well i more wanted him to paint like a corset on me…but fuck it, it rocks! My tits had a giant sunset sprawled across them. I shot in a forest. Bring it!

  2. Really!? Sounds amazing!!! How did they do the chest? Because surely when you stand in straight on there’s gonna be sticky outy bits?!

    OMG yeah a corset or a waistcoat or something would’a been fucking brilliant!!!

  3. I’ve just thought…. why am I being nice to you?!

    FUCK – I’ve not had a drink in 6 hours… that’s why!!!!! I’M GONNA PUT A STOP TO THIS!

  4. I can imagine it be shocking…. HOW DARE YOU?!?!! I’ll have you know I have just opened a bottle of Rioja!!!

    Give me 10mins, I’ll be anyones!!! Actually… I don’t need drink for that =

  5. hahaaa It was the horny coppers!!!
    I don’t remember much else of our conversation – I was in Starbucks and trying to drink my hot chocolate!!!


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