A bit of a quickie


Well, to say that I managed to get zero sleep, i’m not doing too badly. For some reason my mind ‘got busy’ and it wouldn’t settle for the life of me. I laid awake at 3.37am, pondering my ‘busy’….thinking about my lash line….googling research and just not letting my mind relax. I don’t think i could’ve even knocked myself out. Plus, neither of my babies will sleep in their own bed, which I actually don’t mind, as I enjoy the comfort, as much as they do. I always believe that ‘Mummies’ don’t mind, yet Daddies always do because they either want their own space, or they want Mummy all to themselves. Right? However, my bed has now become a nest. In the middle of the night, I find myself continually plumping up pillows and snuggling up the blankets for them, like a Mummy bird, guarding her young. My favourite role in life is ‘Mummy’ so I don’t at all mind. Yet, it means my body has gotten used to surviving on very little sleep. But whocares, I’m like a powerhouse. I’ve championed it today…and i’l do it again tomorrow.

I’ve done meetings, rushed through my errands, eaten even…and everything. 🙂 I’ve only got my phone meeting left to do with America, then I’m all done until a nursery run, tea and bed.

Life is good right now and it seems that i’m glowing with energy. Y’see, you know how my friends said that I was okay about drama these days because I am practically in a good place. It’s actually because i’m quietly confident that all will go swimmingly. This time there’s a glint in my eye that radiates strength. That feminine ‘ooh laa’ of utter confident, dipped in a gooey soft smile. I know how lucky I am. I’m ready to soar ahead with success. The lash line is going to be fantastic! And i’m glad that i have you all on board.

I’ve got a lot to fit in right now, so I must love you, blow you a few kisses and leave.

But stayed tuned.

It’s going to get good…

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