9 Golden Whores

The ‘end of the world,’ was postponed for two months today, due to some ‘Big Bang’ machine thing, in Switzerland, breaking down, or whatever? I must have missed the ‘world is ending’ memo. I have far more important things like pointless partying, to consider right now. If it ends, it ends. I’ve lived enough for everyone. I very much doubt the world will end in two months. I’d miss my own birthday. Selfish ‘world ending’ bastards!

I also heard that a Paraolympian, who was left in a broom cupboard to die, because he was born disabled,  won 9 gold medals at the Paraolympics due to his arse, and it’s ability to control a horse. If my arse could control a horse, i’d want more than bloody medals!! I’d want a million fucking pounds, to be felt up by strangers, and big boobied whores feeding me tea from their nipples. Fuck medals!! They don’t do anything but weigh you down. They should let you stand on your podium thing, give you a malibu pineapple, and after a ‘Well Done’ pat, give you a million fucking pounds, strangers and whores. The best ‘horse controlling arse’ deserves a great deal more respect that a simple medal of gold. I mean it’s hard enough being born with all your arms in a twista-roo. Let alone having to ride a donkey around for the world to watch and grade you. Give him more than a bloody MEDAL!! He wants TEA nippled WHORES!

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