8 Months & My Weekend off!

Omg, i’ve been so incredibly busy that i haven’t at all had time to blog. I have a new job and well i’ve been working ‘it’ like a champion…(as well as doing the job. ūüėČ Nothing like being¬†¬†surrounded by hot ‘Handsomes’ ALL day.) I’ve actually been quite Glamour pussy! (Ofcourse!!) But if you could see me right now this very second, you would be highly disappointed in my bare faced beauty look. I’m one who thrives on TOTALLY glamourous moments! I currently look like i sell pork dumplings on roadsides. Forget Guy Fawkes, this Wunna look is utter ‘burn her alive.’ The amount i’ve been working, the¬†time i haven’t been able¬†to *ooze* luxury¬†upon¬†myself and the fact that i’m ‘with child’ is definitely making it hard to hold that trophy of ultimate deliciousness. What i need is a lovely darling TO GROOM ME. I no longer have the time nor the patience to enjoy the process of ‘glamming up.’ I’m now at the stage where i need to wake up, roll out of bed, stagger to a beautifully mirrored dressing table, dripping with girlie grooming delights and beckon my ‘beauty slave’ to briskly scurry towards me, with the fear in their eyes, yet complete adoration for their Queen and to begin to GROOM me frantically.¬†I want to walk in looking like Bruce Lee’s mama, and walk out looking like you wish you could touch me. ūüôā¬† (I haven’t even tanned in like a month. I’m sooo untanned, that i’ve actually noticed that i’m WHITE!)

Anyway, i’m loving my job! (I’m promoting Xercise4less in Wakefield¬†right now, all day, every day.) I feel all stable, happy and like i actually have a passion for what i’m doing. I LOVE going into to work every morning…and not very many people can say that.¬†I’ve really gotten into it all and so hopefully life¬†will continue to be this marvellous! I just feel like i’m doing something. I’m managing to juggle life, love, normal work, showbusiness and mangoes, all at once. I’m actually taking it all in my stride. Proving that i actually enjoy being busy. There’s me, thinking i was to spend my¬†life winking, pouting and thumbing through my little pink book of conquests, whilst blissfully smiling to my pretty sounds of playful, past, sin!¬†I’m actually working hard and doing Greatness. I actually have a functioning brain and an eye for business! Who’d a thought!?! I’m actually going to really well in life! I KNOW!! I’ve even shocked myself!

But yeah, right now i’m celebrating. I have the entire weekend off and i’m thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.¬†Today’s my 8 month anniversary with Loverboy, (even that shocks me)¬†and we’ve spent the entire day in bed with each other, snuggling, cudding and telling each other how much we care. He then moaned because he was hungry and i moaned at him for being ungrateful (haha…aah bliss.) Then we had a bit of ‘hanky panky’ and funnily enough the world became a better place in Love land.

We stumbled out of bed at 4pm, after eating handfuls of Pringles and stroking kittens. We actually decided against going out for bonfire night and simply because we have very limited time with one another now, due to my work schedule and therefore the moments we get together, we want to spend with each other…alone. If we went to a fireworks display…i would’ve been on ‘show.’ Instead he cooked me the most delicious dinner and we cuddled up, whilst eating it on the sofa. I really enjoyed it and simply because i could hear the *boom-bang-pops* of the fireworks outside! We kissed under them! FINALLY! I’ve always wanted to do that! This time last year i was emotionally lost in London…wishing some unworthy boy, would adore me.¬†Fair enough, we¬†WERE snuggled up inside on a sofa, during the time of fireworks. But we still technically kissed under them. As we ‘loved’ between our four walls of ‘ooh laa,‘ in his top floor appartment, we had a city, well a whole town of fireworks spritzing the night sky around us! It was not only magical, but an utter yummy moment of celebration. That’s how¬† we marked our 8 months of lovage! I ADORE IT!!! Fabulous! ( I can’t believe how stable i am right now??? Don’t worry, i’m still *winking.*)¬†

The reason why 8 months is a massive achievement, is simply because i’ve had many a relationship in LA, that ended at the 8 month mark…due to basic tragic fuckery!¬† 8 months is my usual cut-off point with a boy. I’ve actually made it this far with this one though and unscathed! Yipppeee! AND he still actually adores me. Infact he did this impression of me today.¬†He claims¬†he fell in love with me, because i made¬†ALL the right moves. Note, that he didn’t improvise an act of gentle beauty, as his act of ‘i’ll love you forever.’ Yet instead pretended to curl his hair in his finger, do googly eyes, start wiggling and all of this whilst saying the words, ‘i’m a floozy woozy!’ That’s what won him over!!! If i knew that it was that easy, i wouldn’t of even bothered getting kinky in the passenger seat! ūüôā

Anyway, i have tomorrow off too. WOOHOO! My days off are spent plugging my makeup line, replying to the fan mail ( i do EVERYTHING personally) and trying to fit in time to work on my book. I’ve missed Tweeting, i’ve missed yOU…but i’m actually now getting somewhere in life! WTF!?! I have YOU and LIFE to thank for that!! ūüėČ Make YOUR dreams come true! I ADORE YOU!!

(Ps, Today and for the first time i realized that LOVERBOY isn’t shy AT ALL. I went to take his photo today on my phone & OMG he was worst than i was! The vainest person i know. He did about 42 poses, tried to get his body out, pouted, Zoolandered and then yelled at me for not pushing the button fast enough!! LMAO! Our little girl is going to be trouble!)

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