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I know! I know! It’s been ages, but i’ve been so so busy. It’s been delightfully nuts! I’m really happy. I’m working really hard. I’m loving every minute. I’m doing everything right, for once and i’m feeling really good. I’m brimming over with this juicy little ‘peek’ of confidence…that everyone seems to try and knock down? (But only on occasion…It’s nothing that I can’t handle.)

The Wunna babies are at the happiest they’ve ever been. I’m so proud of them. They’re smashing school. They’re cutest lil’ things. They’re giggling for no reason. They’re blooming into the most wonderful humans alive…and it fills my soul with joy. (To say that they have ‘Daddy drama’ going on…They’re handling it like absolute champs. Nothing phases them. They’re The Wunna Babies.)

But away from that….Life is actually wonderful. I’ve been filming. I’ve been shooting. I’ve been travelling. Opportunity is knocking on every glittery piece of the Wunna Land door and I can’t even believe how lucky I am.

2019, has really cut me some slack.

Thank GOD!

I’m the happiest i’ve ever been…and i’m not even worried about being happy now. Usually, i’d be cautious…like something bad was about to be frisbeed my way. Yet now…I’m just going with the fact that things are wonderful.

I’ve met some really great people over the last couple weeks. I’ve been on an adventure…I can’t tell you anything about it. But i’ll tell you that they’ve touched my heart…I’ll also tell you that there are some really judgmental people out there. It disappointed me. I seriously thought we were in a world, where people were more open minded. I guess not. I guess the world will never be like that?

But, you’ll get to watch it all, very soon.

Thank you for all your messages. I seem to be accidentally inspiring people and it makes me feel so good. Makes my heart swell.

It kinda makes me feel alive. Everyone needs to feel a sense of worth, don’t they? When you feel like you have a purpose…you feel mighty…

I started my Only Fans & Admire Me subscription accounts. It’s going really well…So if you’re into all that (and you know what i’m talking about… Go ahead and SUBSCRIBE.)

I also now have a Cameo account…Where you can order a Video Message from me…for yourself or as a fun a gift idea.

All the links are all over my ‘socials,’ so please do have a tinker.

This week i’ve learnt that It’s really important in life that you do not let the judgments of others rule your world. I’m getting a lot of love and ofcourse I like that. It means i’m doing my job well. However, it seems the more popular I become…the more bad things people have to say? But it’s good because it tests my self esteem and it makes me reflect, refuel and become stronger. It motivates me.

I mean yesterday my Insta received sooo much love. But on Facebook i received soooo much hate. Everyone was going on about how I was a man, a ladyboy…and I get that it’s banter. I’m not emotionally frail. I can shrug that off and laugh.

However, it was pointed out to me, by a few magazines that I’m an advocate for. I represent them when it comes to the prevention of online bullying…that what was being said, was actually NOT OKAY and that it was not only abusive, yet it was also racist.

So, yes, just because i’ve learnt to laugh things off…I’ve realised that I shouldn’t. I don’t care if people call me a ‘Ladyboy’ because I know i’m a real life girl. I didn’t magic kids out of a pretend vagina.

HOWEVER, HOW WRONG is it to firstly assume that because i’m a ‘sexy’ asian girl, I must be a man.

Secondly…HOW disgusting is it to use the term ‘Ladyboy’ in a derogatory manner…like it is something that people should be disgusted at!

So on every level, I take the ‘laughing it off’ back. It’s not okay! Everyone got reported and were then rightly banned from a group.

It’s getting to the point now, that if a don’t respond to a guy’s comment online, they begin to fill with this weird hate…like they reall all rejected. Then they start sending me really awful messages.

But that’s not what I want to focus on. I want to focus on the fact that everything’s actually going so so well.

I’m smashing work. This is a really great time for me.

My love life is wonderful. I’m with the most beautiful human. He makes me smile. I’m really really happy. I tell him everyday.

I’m a family girl and my babies are all good.

2019…is my year. I can feel it in my little kitty bones….

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  1. Woo si the fisrt time then i wrote you(i’m Mexican and i don’t now a lot of ing. But I’m trying ha ha, and all of this is new for me )is awesome how do you express yourself, in this blog, and i like it.
    I’m trying to subcribe to onlyfans un one month, if i can wel if my card allows it ha ha ha but i don’t now. You are awesome.
    I hope to continue reading your stories. Bye


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