I dont know German but i love slutty tweens

Having the most hilarious day ever. I am a true lover of life. It jolts an excitement through me. I’m spreading joy, cheek and an evil spirit to all those around me. I’m winning a little, losing a  little yet surfing on a mind blowing fire of ‘Va Voomage.’ I’ve just got done performing a sexy dance routine in the living room taught to me by a ‘don’t know who she belongs to’ 7 year old. It was a  ‘When i grow up,’ Pussycat dolls bonanza. I’m quite good at the handy art of gyrating and decided to show off a bit…yes to the 7 year old. (Lol.) Unfortunately she seemed to beable to out Slut me a little more than a 7 year old should. She licked her fingers and everything. The music got turned off. I put on a stern, ‘don’t so that’ face and asked her who the hell she was, why was she in my house and would she like a Martini!?!

My interviews went well today. Did two. Both were brilliant. Yet each time it’s terrifying, as i have to go through a mind f***. Reporters are very clever at turning and twisting your tongue, phrases and information up, out and everywhere. I’ts hard because i feel, i still can’t be completely honest, as it’s important things are kept ‘shh’ right now. Which is difficult for little ‘ Queen of Candid’ me. Yet, i’m doing well and i never get caught out. I’m way to clever for that!

Anyway other than that, i’ve given my best friend poor love life advice. I told him to ‘ignore girls.’ Not sure how thats supposed ot help him get laid?? Ah welly. I’ve also just got off the phone to my matey Dino from ‘Zoo Magazine’ whos trundling away to New York for a couple days, to get his ‘CSI’ on and i’ve been pranked called soo many times today that i can’t even care to remember. Its funny. Kids will just call my mobile, say ‘Is this Chrissie from the Paris Show?’ When i quite stupidly say ‘Yes’ -all a beam…they crack up laughing and say ‘OMG she sounds exactly like she does on TV!!’ I’m getting bullied by 14 year olds. LOL. I’ve also caught up with some of my old school friends. The boys in the younger years are sooo hot now. I think a little cradle snatching is in order. Purrr…

If anyone can read german please do some translating for me, as i found this on line and i assume it’s about Me, yet have no idea what it says???

‘..Denna där…
Läste just i min wikiartikel om Mikey att han varit gift med en Chrissie Wunna, brittisk glammodell och bloggerska

Jag är mycket besviken…’

Lots of Love. I need a great shing dig to go to. I’m in the mood. Chrissie Wunna x

8 thoughts on “I dont know German but i love slutty tweens”

  1. it means two world wars one worlds cup we got smashed and with birds like chrissie wunna no wonder is england is so superior than us. i am glad u are enjoying yourself treacle and u are still loving the fame treacklde take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. that is what it means i speaked di german lol . i dont have a fucking danny to be honest i dont speak kraut. if it was in thai i am your man lol . na i aint

  3. You can use this page to translate stuff from any language for you (hats off to google!) http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en

    Looks like its written in Swedish. I think its supposed to say:

    “…… That there …

    Just read my wiki article on Mikey that he was married to Chrissie Wunna, British glam model and blogger

    I am very disappointed …”

    I guess maybe he had the hots for you, but alas, found out you are (according to the wiki article) married…

    I don’t know about telling your friend to forget about girls is really going to help, unless he’s bisexual… then he still has the other option.

    I can’t believe 14 year olds got to talk to you and I haven’t! =[
    How did they get your number?

    anyways, seems like life is good!

  4. It’s Swedish, and it says..

    “Just read my wiki article on Mikey that he was married to Chrissie Wunna, British glam model and blogger”


  5. Oh Thankyou my darlings!! I can’t believe it’s actually swedish and i’m ranting on about people knowing GERMAN. lol (School is cool kids.)

    Dave- kisses for the effort. Much appreciated. U are a pool of knowledge

    E- Hi Honey Face! Welcome! You are my saviour and genius of the day. Rejoice!! Thankyou.

    Scratch- Shame it wasn’t thai, i guess?

  6. Oh just so everyone knows. Mikey (Michael Raymond-James…an actor in america) is my ex-hubby, and i love his little cotton socks. We have a wonderful history together. Its GREATNESS. Magical. We’re now divorced. lol


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