‘My Boobs out for Burma’

So i’ve just woken up, it’s about 11am, i have a banging headache, after a JD and coke i had with my father last night…(lightweight), but i am currently armed with the best cup of coffee in the world ever, which is enabling me to SAVE THE WORLD!!! I’m still in pyjamas yet i would like to get you all set up and excited for the ‘Boobs out for Burma’ launch!!! So here’s one of the piccy’s you could be recieving, (theres lots) if you donate £1, $1 or whatever you fancy, and don’t forget i will be Signing each one personally to you, kissing them, a smothering a whole lot of Burmese love your way!! You should be getting VERY excited! I will be posting piccy’s up throughout the day to get ur juices flowing, and to help the people of BURMA!!! Call it unconventional….i call it GREATNESS!!!

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