Don’t dip tails in my tea…

Rule has number 1: Don’t ever dip ya tail in my lemon tea.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a calm, patient kitten of a soul & i’m thoroughly excited because after a few days off that we’re given to the ‘rest’ factory, I’m FINALLY back on set tomorrow & thank FUCK for it!!!

Honestly…I need to learn to relax. I’m shit at it. But I did it on my own bouji way…Insta stories, TikTok & gin cocktails helped. But, yes…get me back to work, like I said on my socials, any point where you almost think you’re gonna knit a bloody cardy, or throw yourself off a donkey onto concrete, is not a good place. 🙂 I don’t even have a donkey? I’d like one though. 😉

However, that’s not the point ‘Prada’ our kitten has dipped his tail in my freshly poured lemon tea. Don’t ever in your life, see my tea and think that’s okay. I’m mean I saw him licking his goolies earlier, with his tail wafting in for a tickle!!!! That went in my tea!

It reminded me of that time a Wunna fan (and I love you all) found me at bar, they were pissed, it was fun…But then they REACHED OVER, picked up my drink and almost in slow motion, put my straw in their mouth and SLURPED up my strawberry margarita!!! All of it! Fucker GONE!! Plus, I’m a germaphobe. You can’t do that to my straw. Haha.

After that it went down hill. (Hahahahaha). I’m cracking up because you should’ve seen my face!!!

That’s been the vibe of my morning so far…including endless phone calls, dead rats, making scrambled eggs and forgetting to curl my hair. Last day of this until I can finally go back to work tomorrow!!

So stuff is picking up now, I booked a feature film yesterday and I’ve got new bits of telly in my pocket. I’m excited for ‘A Series of Light’ to begin moving once more. Season 2 is going to be a fire of a treat! And well I did INBAAL’S Live psychic reading hour, on Insta last night (I do it every Sunday…I was a bit late because I got caught up with Saving Brad on Love Island.)

Anyway, she says I have a lot of great work in store, which fills my heart with joy! Apparently I’m gonna book something big that gives me an ongoing paycheck for a very long time and there’s a movie coming up that films overseas, with some kind of ‘jewel’ or gold in the title, that I’m gonna get booked on. Now, I’m not one to live by what a psychic says. I just find it fun and enlightening . However, everything Inbaal has ever told me HAS actually come true!

I actually meet Inbaal in person for the first time tomorrow and I’m really excited. We’ll both be on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ lunchmating, so it’ll be awesome to have her right in front of me. It’s crazy when you see people online or on tv, but you haven’t met them in person because you feel like you adore and know them so well, which weirdly makes things extra nervy when you finally I do get to meet them in person. Well it does me anyway!

Sent all my American friends a Happy July 4th video message yesterday. It delighted me to see them so happy, once they watched it. When I arrived in LA with my suitcase around 20 years ago, it was on July 5th…TODAY! So it’s always an anniversary for me!

I got to banter with my gorgeous Ronnie Woo who I’ve literally adored for 20 years and of course I got to chat to Ryan. Oh Ryan! I love that he always enters his conversations with me with ‘Hi, Sweet Love..’

But basically you all don’t need to jump the gun. I’m very single. I mean at this point surely I’m the Queen of Single town. I don’t want to be single forever though. Ry & I live in different countries. He’s in the states. I used to live there, but now I’m in the UK. We’re really close. I love him madly. We don’t date each other. But if I was over there or vice verse…we absolutely would! Lol.

Glad that’s all cleared up!

I also surprised people in my unread DM box. That requests that you never really get to see properly unless you’re following them. Well, recently I’ve been getting a lot of love and you’ve all been so incredibly sweet, so in order to give back and because I was a bit bored and needed something to do 😉 I chose three people from my dm box to send a surprise video message. This was all in hope that it would make their day…and it did… So we’re all a little happier in the world now.

Yes! All down to me. 🙂

Anyway, on the mighty love front, I’m a love bunny and I definitely don’t want to be single forever. I always tell that story of Albert, who once walked into a coffee shop that I worked in years ago. He was 80 and told me how lonely it was to not have someone to love or a partner to love YOU…during the end phase of ya life.

I smiled & told him he had plenty of life left…But It weirdly stuck with me.

So right now, I’m open to looking for love, but it’s not a priority. Work is, because I’ve got dreams that I wanna try and make come true for the kids & I. I’ve always felt like love will always be there? I don’t know why? But I guess cos it always has?

But I’m being patient, staying focussed, building your career and waiting for the right man…who will come and find me at the right time.

Anyway, ask me a question on my insta story. I need to make a new tea.

Gnomes, Pancakes & Rest Vibes

Right, I think I’ve finally recovered from a slung-whoosh of tiredness and I’m raring to go! I’ve fully committed to enjoying the rest that I have now. I haven’t rested all year…We all know I’m shit at resting. But I reckon in life, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. You’re in those places and moments for a reason. So…you’ve just got to embrace it and get on with it, with a smile on ya face.

Decided I hate supermarket shopping. Well no! I only like it when I know where everything is? Having to hunt around B&M yesterday, whilst everyone glared at because I was in a flat cap, face mask, with tits, made it a little harder.I looked like Yorkshire/Ninja porn.

Bottom line you would think disposable knives and forks would be by party stuff, like napkins and shit…or by other chilled cutlery vibes, right? No!!! By garden furniture and GNOMES!!! Eh????

Now, I’m sweet, but I don’t have the patience for the menial tasks that life has to offer…like I once THREW out a pan because I couldn’t be arsed to wash it, after I burnt beans in it. I just bought a new one cos life’s too short to be scrubbing bean juice, off things that don’t have a heartbeat.

So I bought disposable knives and forks by Gnomes yesterday! GNOMES! Now, I don’t know who sets the shelf display up, around that place but they’re definitely bonkers enough to be on ‘Stephs Packed Lunch’ so I should whizz them a dm and tell them to get emailing in.

I don’t have anything else to tell you, other than I’m chilling, I don’t have much work in July, I’m resting up, I’ve got a mountain ton of things to promote today online and I’m alright. I’m still smiling and hoping for the best.

I tried to TikTok last night, for a bit of ‘look at me.’ As soon as I completed the video…NO, in fact half way through, TikTok deleted my video and said I had too many ‘community guideline violations,’ to be able to post such naughtiness.

I was in joggers. I hadn’t even got to the corset part yet. 🙂 It’s like they knew what was coming and ‘policed in’ before I secretly posted it ‘private,’ saved the video and put it on my insta instead. Hahahahaha.

They always have it in for me and I think it’s not fair because I’m genuinely just drawn naughty/exotic and a little bit cheeky. I can’t help it if I look like that in joggers. I’m not meaning to violate communities. It’s my normal face and manner? I wanted something to post on my insta, so my down time from actually being in sets, wasn’t too pathetically dull.

Aww! Junior’s just walked in. (I’m still in bed.) He wants pancakes. Son’s are ace because they just get to the point. Ruby (who’s just like me) would have walked in, told me how much she loves me, cuddled a little, played with my hair (which is my weakness) and then RINSED by bank account in seconds after tricking me into buying 900 fidget toys and lip balms, before 9am.

Junior saunters in, in his pants and just says…


No messing. No nonsense. The boy just wants to eat.

See you on my Insta Story…

Also, yesterday on my insta story… I kinda blamed guys for not asking me out an. But after whirling through my DMs really quick, I realised that I’d just made that up. Lol.You DO ask me out and I never respond. So I’ll deffo take the blame for that. Maybe I’m just too picky?

Cannibals, Life & Cool as Ice

What a night!!! So basically, a few weeks ago I was tagged in a post by two guys in New York, who have their own movie review show and they tagged me on Twitter because they ‘d reviewed a movie that I was in…on their show. Make sense? Still with me? Let’s keep going…

So I watched their show, I listened to what they said (they said good things/bad things, but most of all honest things.) It was fun. It was banter…and I liked it…So I left four emoji ‘hearts’ as my response. Lol. I was actually filming ‘Game of Love’ in Birmingham at the tim with Proportion Productions. I remember being in the kitchen watching it on my phone.

Then I got this…

Long story short, I loved their vibe so much, that I said ‘Yes’ immediately. They picked me a ‘surprise’ film, that I watched twice and well last night at 1.30am we filmed it and I got to be a guest on their show.

Oh my god!! I had so much fun.

I mean, words cannot even nearly describe how much I love these guys! It was kinda like a fun, wild ride of film review banter. They’re great at what they do! They’re proper stars. I was just so honoured to be their guest!

Wait!! I am their FIRST EVER overseas guest on the show!

You all know how much I love Americans. You all know how much I adore The States. I just feel like I did all my growing up in LA, so whenever I’m around American banter or hear the accent swirling around me madly, I immediately feel all warm & fuzzy.

What a night!!! But I’m not gonna tell you everything yet, as ofcourse when the video comes out, I’m gonna tell you all to go watch it and THEN i’ll explain why I love these guys in depth and why you should tooooo! Both on & off air they were a sheer delight to be around.

But yes! I can’t wait for you all to see the show and especially because the ‘surprise’ film that was picked for me was ‘Cool as Ice’ staring ‘Vanilla Ice.’ 🙂

The funny thing is that I had nothing else on yesterday. I was trying to enjoy resting, which I don’t do well or really enjoy until I don’t have it…So I committed to being a nuisance for most of the day.

I argued with ‘Love Island’ fans. I shot slutty looking TikTok videos, that I didn’t post. I couldn’t be arsed. So I basically did them for nothing! I chatted to my new friend ‘The Fairygod Father’ who’s a fun, Yorkshire man, who’s got this MASSIVE …following 😉 because he’s a normal guy, who used to be a bit ‘rum’, who now helps woman find the man of their dreams. He’s like a dating expert for women and it’s ace cos he’s northern and delivers his wise words directly, warm and from a guys point of view.

I don’t go to him for love life advice , before you all start. I don’t need helping. I just need wine and …………………. ( put something naughty in that blank.) But he’s a fun find!

Spoke to Ryan yesterday. We speak or message quite a lot and every time I do he’s always so filled with this positive love and light, without being wet or cheesy. I find him really inspiring. I love to learn from people. And like I said, if I ever have a problem I always go to him for advice & love.

I think he just wrapped off a movie yesterday & we were just chatting about how our July’s seem a little work empty., as I had a wine and the kids hopped around Rogerthorpe Thorpe Manor.
Unlucky for him that means he has a July of me annoying him via the fine art of voice note, which I’m cool with and he’ll probably adore…at first. I might send him a nude to spice it up. Hahahahaha .

But I waited all day to film at 1.30am because I’m in the UK and had to film on New York time! Watched ‘Love Island’ then thought I’d take a nap, so I’d be fresh for my film review at 1.30am.

WTF! Worst idea EVER! I passed out. Woke up at 12.03. Fell back to sleep with my new alarm set.

RUBY just so happened to need the loo at 1.14am, walked passed my door, saw me still asleep and WOKE me up straight away with a..

‘… Mum, you have work in 15 minutes.’

I shocked up, thanked her, pulled myself together, did my face, set up lights and cameras…all this mad shit was going on! . It was like a circus…

1.32am I sign in…I meet the boys…

..and the rest of the night was history!

Can’t wait for you to see it!