Life is just ACE, right now…

Heeelllllooooooo! If you’re in the UK, I hope you’re enjoying lockdown 2! It is what it is! But if I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel as bad this time around? Does it to you? It’s almost like we’ve got this! Like we’ve been there, done that and bought all the bloody toilet roll, to wipe the bums of every single human, in all the beautiful land!

I’m actually quite busy, so I’m feeling so utterly lucky and so wonderfully blessed! I’m working, I’m happy & The Wunna Babies, Ruby & Junior are brimming over with excitement!

We loved bonfire night. We nearly burnt the house down. I tried to make a bonfire toffee tart, but my acrylic nail fell off and burnt into it. The tortoise got scared. Junior wanted to set fire to everything. Ruby decided to be scared of the 62 sparklers that I bought and just like that, the BEST memories EVER, were made!

It was definitely nuts!! So I made sure that I posted a sultry-ish video of me, play dancing around with a sparkler in my hand…to music…just so everyone thought we were calm & normal. 🙂 I love fire. It calms me. So I thought I was sending out ‘good vibes.’ Then Tiktok removed my video for posting ‘dangerous acts.’


It’s a sparkler in my hand on bonfire night? Not a donkey being shot out of a bloody fiery cannon!

I’m about to start filming a feature film, ‘Dinosaur Hotel,’ followed by ANOTHER feature film, back to back…and I couldn’t be MORE grateful to have given such a fantastically lucky opportunity! The scripts are great! I’m so excited. Yet more than anything…just so grateful to the team at Jagged Edge Productions!

AND Ruby & Junior have been written into BOTH movies tooooooo, so my heart has skipped a beat with delight, as Scott (at Jagged Edge) has literally gone above & beyond to make filming…life…and just EVERYTHING so much easier on little ‘single mum’ me!

I’m really thankful!!

I’m now also a regular ‘lunch mate’ On ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch,’ 12:30 weekdays, on Channel 4.

It’s literally THE MOST refreshingly fun, daytime chat show on telly! It’s wild, it’s alive and it’s just one of those shows that makes you smile. It’s filmed in Leeds, Yorkshire, it’s full of accents, celebrity guests and current news.

It’s an absolute BLAST!! One of those shows where you can just BE, without airs, graces or worry, whilst feeling adored and accepted! There’s no judgements and it represents everyone!

It’s a true laugh and everyone on set is honestly having the most remarkable time! It’s a buzz. So I’m honoured to be part of the hoopla! I’ve done a lot of tv and I’ve been on a lot of sets and there’s a ‘magic’ to this set! As soon as I walk in, an hour and a bit before the live show, I feel at home! I love it!!!

I’m back on tomorrow (Wednesday Nov 11th) so please do tune in and enjoy the show! It’s so much fun! 12:30, weekdays…Channel 4.

So yeah, it’s all go right now! The kids have their last day of school tomorrow, before they head off for filming, to be lil’ mini movie stars. (They’re so excited.) We will be away filming the moving.

I’m on ‘Packed Lunch’ around filming the feature films, and I just can’t wait to start on ‘Dinosaur Hotel.’ I play ‘Sienna Woods’ and she’s the lead female! So I have a lot to challenge myself with…which makes me smile! (I love a juicy role.)

Everyone thought that I’d gone quiet on my ‘socials,’ but I haven’t…there’s just been a whole lot of script to learn and absorb! But I’ve done it! Plus, I have to help the babies learn their lines also!

Oh! And I found out today that’s I’m gonna be American in the second feature film! So it’s again, gonna feel so wonderful to work hard and be challenged. There’s just that great sense of achievement once you’ve mastered it! It’s almost euphoric!

So yeah…basically everything’s ace!

I’m meeting some really amazing people at work right now also!

I’m happy!

Tune into ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ tomorrow 12:30, channel 4! Tweet me or insta me, whilst ya watching…and i’ll Show you some love! 🙂

Right! I’ve godda go! I’ve got to plonk bendy rollers in my hair for tomorrow!

Big kisses!

This was my morning workout on insta..

Enjoy! Lol

Halloween, Life & New Excitement

Happy Monday!!! It took me a jazzy bit to get started this morning. But I got there!! So, we’re all good!

I hope you all had the most amazing Halloween! In Wunna Land, the babies & I kinda like to celebrate everything. So the spooky vibes certainly weren’t cancelled for us. When it comes to making childhood memories for Ruby & Junior, I just try my best to make as many as possible, that are just filled with deliciously, fruitful good times!

We threw our own mini Halloween party at home, instead of going out trick-or-treating and well the snack table was whipped out! Now, if the snack table is whipped out, at any point during your time in Wunna Land…it means shit is going down. (Good shit. Lol) The kids loved it. I loved it! It was just absolute bliss! Another memory made!

I always feel as though, if I create all these wonderful times, that they can reflect upon when they’re older and LIVE through whilst they’re present…THEN when I keel over and die (unfortunately NOT from too much rum *She weeps* ) they’ll treasure me and remember me as THE greatest Mama they could ever have. THE greatest woman they could ever know. (I mean, that’s how i see my Mum.)

I was an ‘Egyptian Sex-Slave’ for Halloween! 🙂 I was initially gonna be grapes. But then my good friend AND celebrity chef Ronnie Woo, told me how difficult it is to actually BE grapes. So I tossed it off…because if HE found it hard, then I’ve have absolutely ZERO chance at achieving such madness.

Strangely enough, lol…you all LOVED my shot at being an ‘Egyptian sex-slave?’ I had this mad infiltration of teenage boys, ski sloping into my DM’s all begging me to love them…the only way an ‘Egyptian sex-slave’ would know how?

I’m 39. Infact 40, in December. I don’t want a teenage boyfriend EVER. Even as a teenager, I didn’t want a teenage boyfriend. Haha. Plus, I’m NOT A REAL LIFE ‘Egyptian Sex-Slave.’ Lol. It was Halloween? I’m a playful, Asian mum of two.

Then….after the teenager dm slides, came a cluster of submissive, male sex-slaves who wanted me to be their ‘Dom.’

I’ve accidentally posted Ronnie’s DM again…below…and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to delete it? Haha. FFS!!!

Anyway…lots of excitement with the ‘Egyptian vibes’ and it was fun! I loved it. I felt sexy and playful. It was just sooo…me! I felt alive, gentle, yet powerful.

I sent Ryan his OWN 1st take of the video, before it went ‘live,’ which he didn’t at all see, until AFTER I’d posted a different ‘take’ on my profile.

Everyone keeps asking me what video HE got. Well…he just got his own. It was mild. Practically only 1% naughtier than the actual ‘for everyone’ video. I didn’t have time to make it ‘extra’ delicious, simply because the bloody door knocked and a delivery guy had the new last minute, school blazers, that I ordered for the kids. Hahaha.

I opened the door as a flipping ‘Egyptian Sex-Slave.’ He smiled….lingered in thought…Then as he walked away, he looked back… blissfully. I just waved, smiled and slammed the door shut. Lol. What? I’m Yorkshire. I’m sure there’s a fee for a lingering peek. Haha.

So, I’ve just wrapped on a short film ‘Stained Canvas,’ by the wonderful Jayne Slater and I’m gonna be briefly telling you about my time on set, in my next blog. That way it doesn’t get mixed up with sexy stuff. Haha. But the film is incredible. I’m so grateful to have been part of it! I’d work for that team over & over again! Absolutely SUPERB!

That’s to come though…

Straight after I wrapped…the next day, we had our first full cast red through for the second series of ‘A Series of Light.’

Oh my GOD! The script is insane!!! I obviously can’t you anything about it. No spoilers here!!! 🙂 However, I’m LUCKY & HONOURED to playing ‘Detective Jackie Lambert.’ I live for her and it was so good to read with everyone and meet them virtually. The story is insane. It’s gripping. It’s dark. It’s alive! Written by Gage Oxley & Jess Redhead.

The first season is currently running on Amazon Prime. So go check it out. ‘A Series of light.’ It’s a phenomenal series and the talent is mind blowing! They go places were lots of actors darent go…and Bruce’s monologue in ‘Limelight’ is out of this world.

I’m in the sequel to ‘Red Light,’ Which is ‘Street light.’ (So me. Lol.)

Go watch the First series. Enjoy it.

At the end of this month the kids and I are booked to film ’Dinosaur Hotel’ a new feature film. So I hope that all goes ahead…because I’m so so excited. Yet, I don’t know whether ‘Lockdown 2’ is gonna cause any problems? (If you’re not from the UK, just so you know, we’re headed back into Lockdown for the second time, this Thursday!)

I should be stressed about it, but there’s no point. I’m just getting on with it merrily.

This morning my mum & I ‘B&M’med it. (My predictive text wanted to change that to ‘bummed.’ Haha.)

Sometimes we have these urges, where we’ll just look at one another and know we need to go to B&M and just buy anything and everything!

I went in for sparklers. I came out with £55’s worth of all sorts and a candy floss making machine??? Haha.

God knows what she bought? But we were certainly delighted!

When I got home I had a self tape audition. So i boshed that out and just as I ‘hit’ the button to end filming…my phone started ringing!

As soon as I looked at the number on my screen…I knew who it was and immediately my entire body filled up with glee!

‘Hi, is that Chrissie..?’

‘Oh my god!!! It IS…YES!’

And just like that…on Wednesday I’m on your telly!

Life is GOOD! All these crazy, amazing things keep happening to me, out of the blue!!!