The most beautiful times…

So much is happening!!! This blog was meant to be a Q&A ‘diddly-pop,’ so you have my sincerest apologies. However, within days, i’ll tell you that such wonderfully, blissful, blessings decided sprinkled into my life and all over the grounds of Wunna land. Completely out of nowhere. So I had to ‘write out’ to simply let off some ‘wow-steam,’ as I call it. That way I don’t get overwhelmed or mistakenly mighty. Lol.

But this week, is the week that I realised my life was changing…and I can actually say for the better. 🙂 (And breeeeeathe.)

We’re already in September. That sneaked up on us, didn’t it? It’s currently 5.56am. I’ve been up since 4.53am. My room’s a calming kinda dark, with a pale blue light hazing, in as the day dawns around us.

The numbers ‘5,’ ‘15,’ then ‘45,’ repeatedly flashed up in my dreams last night…well this morning. I’ve already looked them up! Alls good. I must always been surrounded by guardian angels are something? I always dream of numbers, when I’m going through things in my life.

Okay! If you’re following my ‘socials,’ you’ll know I’ve been busy. I still am busy. I have a short and two feature films that I’m learning lines for (I’m ever so grateful for the opportunities that I’m currently been given) and this week I’m just SO lucky because I’ve been working with Ruby & Junior. On Friday, we head back to set… to film a commercial together. They couldn’t be more excited, so I’m delighted!

Director Ross: ‘Just so you know we’ve hired a Dad.’

I looked at my call sheet on Tuesday just to see who they cast as ‘Dad’ and OH MY GOD it was ‘Grayson!!’ Earlier this year, I shot a film called ‘Leave in Lurch,’ and I was cast as Grayson’s girlfriend.

On Friday for the commercial (a whole different set, story and director) he’s been cast as my husband and the kids ‘Dad.’ How crazy is that!!

So out of all the submissions casting received from thousands of actors and models, where a family had to be selected…The director randomly picked us as his perfect ‘on screen’ couple…not knowing that we’d already been cast as such earlier in the year.

I’ve spoken to Grayson and he’s buzzing! He’s so excited and over the moon. So it’s just really great to be working with him and the babies this Friday! What an absolute Vibe!!! What a twist of fate! It’s literally just…well…CRAZY!! (They’ll be loads of BTS! So stay tuned.)

A lot of my life is work right now and it just feels amazing. More than amazing. I can’t describe it? I have my agent Rob, to thank for that. He’s been on ANOTHER level. He’s absolute dynamite.

I feel like I’ve literally come straight out of lockdown within seconds and ‘boom’ I had 7 lucky auditions, booked 4 of them & that was just one week. He called yesterday to congratulate Ruby. She’s just booked another film. At this point I’m just flabbergasted! I don’t know what’s happening??

But I’m breathing and I’m smiling. 🙂 I’m really grateful.

What else? Oh! I’ve been Tiktok banned!! I’ve disappeared. Just recently an idiotic person or a gather of devastatingly idiotic people kept reporting my videos. On Tiktok, You can only get reported so many times until you get banned. Therefore I’m banned, now :). However, in a way it feels like ABSOLUTE BLISS!

What a blessing in diguise? As soon as I realised, it was weird? A powered puff of ‘happy’ sort of misted around me? It was like I could breathe again…like a strange burden had been lifted, where I no longer had to be a slave to my 15 second pieces of entertainment!

I mean don’t get me wrong, it served it’s purpose during lockdown. I loved tiktoking through that time…when I had nothing else to do. It gave me something to be excited about. It also built popularity which I’m grateful for, as I was lucky (or smart enough 😉 ) to have it turned into jobs!

Yet recently as I got busier and busier, with work. It was audition after audition. Script read, after script read. Line learning…My real job. All the stuff I truly love, not the ‘quick fix’ kinda love, that fills a temporary void.

Well it became apparent that i couldn’t be bothered to post anymore? It was almost becoming a chore…like I HAD to post, to make an audience happy, more than wanting to post and that’s not how I live. It almost felt restricting and suffocating in a weird way?

So I kinda just feel so relieved, that such a responsiblity had been taken away from me. :). I feel like a proper actor again…instead of a show pony. Lol. A burden’s been lifted and life is simple again. It’s perfect.

I always think people take something simple & then go out of their way to complicate it at times? In Wunna Land the babies and I try and live by the art of absolute simplicity. We eradicate the non essentials. We don’t give complications or dodgy situations priority. We’ve been happy ever since. I’ve been so insanely focused ever since.

So many wonderful things have happened to us AFTER we committed to keeping things simple.

(Ruby’s just walked into my room with a gold face/peel away mask on.)

Anyway, Last night I got to chatter to the girls at BBC Radio. I feel so grateful to have been lucky enough to get a last minute call to be a guest of their show to discuss the fine art of public dating! It was such a blast! I loved it…and well they’ve supported the kids and I all the way through our careers! So I’m utterly humbled! (Thank you soooooo much for having me on! And I got to plug ‘Series of Light!’ Haha! Yes!!)

Oh! I just wanted to also say thank you for all the DM’s I’ve received because of that painting I did yesterday. Lol.

It was just a bit of fun. Ruby and I had an artsy day yesterday. We did self portraits and just enjoyed making a mess really! Haha. I love to draw & paint. It’s so therapeutic. I’m certainly not an artist. I’m an actor. But I do love art.

I am prepping for a film right now, called ‘Stained Canvas,’ I play ‘Lily.’ I cant wait to begin filming. We’ve been in rehearsals recently. So I just figured, I’d catch a vibe and stain a canvas.

But thank you so much for the love. 🙂 It’s always appreciated.

Everything’s just brilliant right now…and it’s only the beginning!

Have the most beautiful day!!!