Morning :)

I woke this morning, to Junior ‘helicopter’ spinning a thick gold chain, around my face, at the actual speed of light, whilst in hysterical laughter. When the world suddenly came into focus, I noticed that the chain had a giant plastic fortune cookie attached to the end of it. Haha. How on earth he found a thick gold chain I don’t know? I get how he found a giant fortune cookie. I mean…this is Wunna land, after all. I’m surprised it wasn’t diamond encrusted. 😉

Then Ruby appeared out of nowhere, filled with excitement, with outstanding her head of curly fruwls and shoved a giant picture in my face. It was SO close to my face that I definitely couldn’t see and questioned if breathing was going to be an issue. Lol. Then she shouted, from 1cm away… ‘Mum, LOOK I’ve designed your new room. Your bed is a SWAN!!!!!!’

We’re a week into isolation, social distancing and all that jazz. You all know the score. The UK has gone into total ‘lock down’ and we’re no longer allowed to leave our homes unless we have a medical emergency, need a trip to go buy food or if you’re headed to work. (Like my Mum- who’s a Doctor and at 70 something is headed out to work, to help those in need. I hope you clapped for the NHS on Thursday evening. I’m really proud of my Mother’s spirit. She’s a real hero.I mean she even won the NHS Hero Award. I love her madly.) We’re also allowed to go out for exercise once a day. Yet when we’re taking these trips outside, we are to stand at least 2 metres away from one another.

Outside supermarkets, security have been placing humans on 2 metre distance markers into queues and only letting folk in a ‘few at a time.’ (I queued yesterday for juice, cucumbers and then I thought ‘fuck it I need wine.’ Everyone kept waving at me in the queue, whilst I stood on my marker. It was oddly great for my ego! I felt like Miss. World. Haha.

But yes…We are all self isolation at home. Ruby, Junior & I. Like I said, we’re about a week in and we’re loving it….even though the circumstances aren’t exactly ideal. We’re kinda having a blast!

I didn’t want to blog through the adjustment, as everyone’s a little more edgy, a bit more touchy and a wee bit disgruntled through a change, aren’t they? And I think it’s important for humans to find THEIR OWN footing through a big change.

I’m someone who deals with change really well because it’s just something that constantly happens throughout my life. Nothing can shock me. Nothing can shake me. It’s actually a part of my personality that I kinda do love. I love that BOTH my children are the same way because they’ve been through so much already.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ll have a worry, i’ll FEEL (I feel everything.) I’ll then get the ‘moan’ out the way and within a moment… I’m okay. (I’m naturally that way wired. However, you’ll also find that when you’re a parent, you tend to deal with things in a more mighty, yet loving ‘don’t at all worry-I got this’ fashion.’ That way your babies always feel safe, happy & inspired.

Right now…it’s not so bad! The suns out. The birds are chirping. Our world is filled with warmth, laughter and love. I’ve cooked the best meals and shocked myself…because we would ALWAYS eat out. We’ve been so creative. We’ve sang, drawn, danced and watched great actors. 😉 I’ve literally home schooled the children ALL WEEK. They’ve done full school days, AT HOME from 9am-3.30pm with Yours Truly. (Haha. Can you imagine!)

As I tweeted, I always had a huge respect for all teachers, yet NOW there’s WHOLE NEW LEVEL of love & admiration. Lol. So yes, thank you to all of the teachers, who have in ANY way inspired or educated my babies. It’s certainly enjoyable, but GOD it’s HARD WORK!!

I’ve worked really hard, so far this year. But right now I’m not concentrating on work at all. There’s no point. I’m taking it a day at a time because when we come out of this my work schedule is going to be BONKERS. Right before we went into isolation, I had not only filmed back to back films…but just booked another few. It’s going to be hectic.

What I’m doing is loving home life, with my little ones Ru & Ju. They couldn’t be happier and it’s made my soul glisten. (That could also be the wine. 🙂 )

Recently, I’ve worked so much, that this break, this time that we’re all having at the moment, without worry, just joy…is simply beautiful. It’s a time that I’m treasuring and choosing to live with my babies, who are my everything. We’re not struggling through it. We’re embracing it….and I hope you are too.

It’s kinda made everyone in the world just stop, adjust and simply ENJOY life for what it is! We can deal with the drama later….

In this time people around the world, will learn a lot about themselves, each other and their choices. They’ll realise what makes them happy or what doesn’t quite fill their world with love. Yet most of all, I noticed that something so terrible connected us ALL…as one. It reminded us that no-one is bigger or better than each anyone else and that ‘as one’ we’re united as a world. The big picture.

One week in.. I’m loving this time:.. Sit back. Enjoy it. Worry about nothing. Live.

All my love,

Chrissie x

It’s Spring!!!!!

Happy first day of Spring! Happy International Day Of Happiness! I hope you’re all doing exceedingly well & making glorious use of the free time that’s been blown our way, due to the tango of the Corona Virus. 

This has been the first time, in absolute months that I’ve had off work, so I’m choosing to see it as a luxury. It keeps things deliciously perky & positive. Especially when the other side is to see it as a self isolating prison. Only the grumbly will do that…and I know you’re not grumbly. 😉

I’m certainly one who can enjoy my own company. 😉 However (although I’m being positive about the situation & just getting on with it all,) I’m actually not one who believes that self isolation is a wonderful thing. I get the ‘don’t spread germs and the virus’ shabam…I come from an entire family of Doctors. It makes sense. I’m not stupid. I don’t like the idea of passing on the virus if I had it. But like I said to my good good friend Jenna yesterday. We chatted outside, as people dashed about us bulk buying all the pasta…

‘If I get the corona virus and die…at least I’ve had a good life. Haha.’

Jenna: ‘Haha…true Wunna. Very true!!!’

We pissed ourselves laughing. Got on with life. She walked off with her milk & I ventured onward to find potatoes.

Oh the glamour! I never thought I’d ever have to go on a hunt for potatoes. I usually hunt for gin, diamonds or handsome folk.

I even bumped into ‘Lori’ who I love so madly because she has the most delicious sense of humour. Our daughters are in school together and It was a happy bumping. I haven’t seen her in so long. But she’s delightful. We got to chat for ages & just have a laugh, as everyone busied around, us madly.

Me: ‘Well at least you’ve been smart. You have turkey and a chicken. I have Budweiser and Super noodles.’

Lori: ‘Haha. I think we should buy lentils? I swear, we’re gonna have to be on rations! It’s crazy. Lol.’

Yesterday, I noticed that a lot of people had chosen to be out and about, instead of completely self isolating…because you just can’t successfully live your life trapped indoors 24/7…and still be emotionally stable.

That’s why I don’t fully agree with complete self isolation. It’s not a well balanced procedure.

My soul likes to feel free as a bird. It runs through the Wunna land blood line. We like to live, love and see the world. Feel the wind in our hair. Flirt with adventure & excitement. Dance on the streets. Cartwheel across the lands. You get the picture.

However luckily, Ruby, Junior & I enjoy each other’s company SO incredibly much, due to the little world that we accidentally managed to create….So for us, it’ll all be wonderful. I’m not sure it’s wonderful for everyone though & my heart goes out to them! It truly does. I send you all my love from the bottom of my heart.

All my filming has now been postponed. I’m officially off work until filming resumes. I’m enjoying the rest. I’m eating well. I’m relaxing and loving it. It’s been quite a blessing. I’m really Thankful for this break, that I didn’t realise I needed.

The babies finish school today, after it has been announced that all UK schools are to be closed as of this afternoon, to keep the nation safe!

It was certainly the correct decision. Plus, it keeps the teachers safe..and teachers alone are a blessing!

I looked at all the children in the playground this morning. They were laughing, running around and well they just looked SO SO happy to be around each other, oblivious to the stress that the world was under. It was lovely to see them all so free, as for a while now…they won’t have that burst of morning excitement…until further notice.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m excited to have my babies home with me. I’ve worked so hard, so it’s the perfect down time. It’s always a laugh with them. Yes, mental. Completely mental. But hilarious!!!

They’re already winding me up with Tik Tok moves and Nerf guns bullets to my forehead, as a wake up call. I wouldn’t have it any other way! They’re my bliss. My world. I literally DO live for them.

Ruby thinks I’m ruining her 9yr old career by refusing to start a Tik Tok account for her AND then DO VIDEOS WITH HER. She has another film, a book and a bag line to tend to by the end of this year. Her ambition makes me giggle. But she hasn’t enough on her plate AND home school. Although I’m similar. I’m her grounding influence…because I’ve lived the life she wishes for… I’m there to make sure she doesn’t get lost in a world of flurry. I keep it real. I keep it loving. I keep it positive.

On the other side of the room…

Junior thinks that burgers, like money…grows on trees???


Junior: ‘If i plant this sesame seed Mum, it’ll turn into a burger tree.’

Me: ‘Burgers don’t grow on trees, baby.’

Junior: ‘They do! Like money.’

Me: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees, baby.’

Junior: ‘Oh?’

Whhhhhy, though!?!?!

I mean, family self isolation hasn’t even started yet and this is what I’m having to deal with…with a tortoise, a cat and in a kimono.

Happy first day of Spring! I hope you’re all doing well!

Make the most of every second!

Love you very much,

Chrissie x

Just a quick one…

How you all doing?

This is a quick catch up blog, as obviously a lot is going on in the world right now, with the whole ‘virus’ dilemma….I have a so much tell you. So much has happened. I’ve been so busy! Lots of work. Lots of life. I’ve also been in Manchester booking ace jobs!

However…back to the world ‘Covid 19’ situation.. If I’m being honest, I’m loving those who are staying safe, yet STILL having fun and living. (It’s really NOT the end of the world. If you’re panicking…don’t. Take the necessary precautions, yet keep enjoying life.)

There’s no reason to feel at a loss. I understand a lot of the stress. Yet things haven’t stopped. They’ve simply ‘paused’ and I’m enjoying the ‘pause’ because we need it at times. There’s nothing you can do…so make like Prosecco… just chill and enjoy!

PLUS, you’ve got back up…if you’re feeling rubbish…this time, THE REST of the world UNDERSTANDS how you’re feeling. We get it. We got you. Don’t worry. Plonk a smile on ya face. Everything happens for a reason! Everything will be fine. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be!

I assure you…The beat still goes on regardless. …kinda whether you like it or not.

So please continue to stay positive and keep moving forward because this whole living in fear and hoarding toilet roll bonanza…. is bonkers.

Stop it! Stop it now! Stop being nuts! I mean who hoards such an unnecessary essential. Get the RUM! GET ALL THE WINE!

Toilet roll? It couldn’t get any duller. 😉 If everything comes to an end…you’ll want a GIN…not a bit of paper to wipe ya ‘hooty.’

Builder to my right: ‘I saw a man driving in marigolds! Lol. Really! I honestly just did! He had a face mask on n’all!’

Other Builder: ‘I swear I’ve already had it. I had it last week.’

‘We’re Yorkshire. We’ll be fine. Just put a big coat on.’

‘I’ve had the flu jab, me. I’m sorted.’

However yes, my inbox is FULL of you all asking how I’m doing etc…

Well…we here in Wunna Land are doing GREAT for such a strange time. Ruby, Junior and I are literally & quite weirdly having THE BEST time, in a long time.

The babies are still in school. If that changes…then they’ll love it, as they’ll get to stay at home for days on end. Haha.

I’m still filming. I’m back on the ‘L’appel du Vide’ set with Director Georgia tomorrow because we’re absolutely ‘gangsta.’ I mean, at the end of the day, if I didn’t die falling down a cliff during the storms, the Virus won’t kill me… and if it does…let’s face it..I’ve had a good life, haven’t I! Lol.

So yeah…we’re still gonna be working like troopers and making the most of the ‘down’ time.

Of course, a lot of shoots etc.. have been postponed, due to the whole self isolation issue…However they’re ONLY postponed…There’s no need to fret. I’m seeing a lot of fretting. Things really WILL go back to normal! Quicker than you think….

But yes…people are asking me if i’m self isolating and if I’m being honest… No. Not yet. We’re still eating out. We’re still living and enjoying our family time together. But don’t get me wrong, when everywhere decides to close, then we won’t go be going out and about…because we won’t be able to! Lol.

But yes, We’re all happy, healthy and doing really well, In fact, we’re doing surprisingly better than we ever have? It’s odd? I know. But it’s a really lucky time for Wunna land and I feel so utterly grateful. I feel SO completely blessed. If there were lucky stars i’d thank them! (I’m almost having to pinch myself, as I’m watching ‘dreams come true’ & for that feeling alone…i’m truly grateful.)

I hope you’re all well, all happy and all staying safe.

Love you dearly!

Chrissie x

Toyko Hit

I blinked….and there I was….

I was happily lost in a lusty world of magic, creativity, The Hara and wild rock music. I’d been beckoned there, to the Grand Theatre in Lancaster, on Sunday February 9th by ‘The Gods’ at Cosmic Joke, (@cosmic.joke) Alex Taylor (@mancwthamviecam) & Shona Brown (@sb_inthe_hills).

My presence was requested to come ‘play‘ Burlesque, in the name of ‘Tokyo Hit,’ which is @theharaband ‘s brand new single. I mean, what an ice cold Prosecco dripped drrreeeeam.

The single is out of this world! It’s insane! They went STRAIGHT in at Number 1 in the Rock Charts and their album ‘We Are The Movement’ is at Number 2 in the overall album charts! It’s the song that changed their EVERYTHING!

The music video went live last night at 7pm and it is INSANE!!!! Not only did I get to WATCH IT…but I got to actually LIVE IT!

Now…come closer….

Listen up. If The Hara OR Cosmic Joke EVER beckon you….LET ALONE if BOTH OF THEM beckon you AT ONCE…YOU GO!

YOU GO IMMEDIATELY, because @cosmic.joke are the ‘creme de la– ooh la’ of film, video and magical creations. The Hara @theharaband are literally an outstanding, ‘cut above the rest,’ slicky slice. They are making their mark in rock music! They are changing the game and doing it a wink at a time!

If you get beckoned…it’s almost like winning a naughty ‘Golden Ticket,’ where you get to have fun on the dark side, for a moment.

You GET through Storm Ciara, through the floods, fog, rain, road closures and early mornings and you strut into their world, put on a corset, slide into pair of soft fishnets, tinker into a set of frilly satin shorts, slip on your heels and as The Queen of makeup @kategracemu does your face, hair and gusto…

You FIND your inner sexy…you get up on that stage… and you DANCE!

What a way to spend a Sunday! It was a wild day filled with lights, swirls, music, pretend drum banging, boys blowing down trumpets, waving flat caps (@will_dakin you were amazing….) cameras, screaming fans, playtime, fishnets action and the most divine freedom of madness! There was a storm going on outside…Yet in our world nothing else mattered but true creation and deliciousness.

The crew were outstanding. They knew what they wanted and got it. The Hara are obviously phenomenal. There wasn’t a moment that wasn’t filled with ‘good times’ and we got to be wild and free, as we all soared through the Grand Theatre, creating a music video, for you ALL to feel part of!

It makes you feel alive.

It was on a complete other level. It was a rush!

As soon as you walked into The Grand Theatre, you felt it. You felt the magic in the air. It oozed sexiness, hard work, dark fun and life. The place looked divine. It did however meandered a sense of calmness, which balanced out the excitement. We were all there to work…and we did.

I mean everyone was a professional at what they did…So there was literally no stress. It was all so easy. We were all quietly confident and relaxed! Plus everyone on set got along really well, trusted each other and listened to one another. We were all filled with humility. Everyone was down to earth and kind. So even though we all smashed it…At the end we couldn’t really even believe we did! Lol

Most of us on set were Northerners. There are times where us Northerners do great things, can’t believe it and then celebrate with 17 pints, once it sinks in. Lol.

The Queen of makeup Katie was starlight. I walked in like i’d been washed a shore, from a cold desert island somewhere ‘that way.’ I walked out of hair and makeup looking like the sassiest piece of Oriental, that your eyes could’ve ever seen! A ‘Rockstar’ couldn’t have designed me any better himself.

When I looked in the mirror, she had literally turned me into some kind of Goddess of ultimate edge and sassiness. I felt like a Queen! It was the most wonderful way to start the day. (Then she banged her head and dressed like ET.)

I was teamed up with Rachel, who’s absolutely beautiful & the most phenomenal dancer. She was so sweet and I loved her. There was a moment where we just looked at each other in amazement. We felt so lucky to pretty much be ‘the chosen ones.‘ We don’t have a bad day job. Lol

Alex is a GREAT Director. He’s one of my favourites. He’s phenomenal at what he does, but does, what he does…with such witty ease. He’s hilarious! He has this great sense of humour. A dry sense of humour & sees the whole big picture in his head always. He makes the magic happen and what he creates is always top notch, so you know you’re in good hands. I’ll say it again. He’s a GREAT Director. He has these wonderful moments of deep thought, where he sounds like a scientific genius of the creative arts…

‘Let’s just think about the psychics of it all…’

‘No. When the girls are ALL over you, the way you FEEL is…. (breathes in through his nose…and as he slowly releases, he says…) that it is…ACCEPTABLE…’

(Then we all smirk, like they were the words of God.)

Shona, The Producer is an absolute delight. She has a fun streak, an amazing temperament. She showed me a Burlesque move that I could maybe deliver for the shot… (which was filled with Sass and let me tell you…absolutely remarkable.) Yet at the same time she’s calm, focused and kind. She smiles a lot. She has this radiance to her. She’s definitely the glue. She makes everything run so smoothly. I love her!

The Hara boys.

What’s amazing guys!!! Josh, Jack & Zack!!! They deserve all the success in the absolute world. Yes, they’re SO talented musically and creatively. Yes, they’re ‘rock stars.’ But y’know, they’re the kindest guys you’ll meet. Theres a softness to them. They feel really lucky. They’re filled with passion. They’re all northern and thoughtful. I loved how humble they were. I mean, they’ve achieved an awful lots abscess I have so much respect for them for that! And yeah, they’re fun and zany in pvc pants, makeup and fishnets. But they’re so down to earth and easy to get on with. They really want to do well and they WORK SO HARD to do well.

It’s honestly mesmerising to watch them on stage..and any time to get to sit with Josh, between takes, whilst he’s talking you through how scabby his knee tattoo once was… you know life is bliss! I watched the video last night and his performance is absolutely out of this world!!! I’m an actress. I watch a lot of people ‘play’ every single day. He smashed it about! They all did. But I was exceptionally impressed.

They’re a team. They’re a family and it was an absolute wonderful honour to be welcomed in for the day, to help them film and celebrate their new single ‘Tokyo Hit’ which has basically become on overnight hit!

I mean…STRAIGHT IN at Number 1.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my time with every single person, that I worked with on that day. I love that my Wunna land path crossed with yours, in this life time.

So, as the story goes… ALL I’m gonna ask you to do…is to simply ENJOY the new music video, for their new single ‘Tokyo Hit.’

We all loved creating it for you and it genuinely always means the world to know that you loved it too.

Hit the link below….and enjoy…