A film kinda life…

I don’t even really know where to start? So I guess I’ll just start right here….

I feel so grateful & so incredibly lucky to have recently been given so many opportunities to be able to work, create and ‘story tell,’ as my path meanders with others alike…and we do this thing called life…via the fine art of ‘film.’ 

To me… there’s nothing more magical & I just can’t believe…I really can’t believe…that I get to be a fully bloomed ‘grown up,’ that wakes up every morning & gets to do her dream job. I still wake up JUST as shocked, as I did the first time I booked an acting job…I love it so much. As I always say…I’m grateful. I take nothing for granted.

(It’s 3.57am and I’m laid in bed, in the dark typing this on my phone. It’s Jan 31st. Friday. I’m 39.) 

I remember being a tiny, little 6 year old…dancing around my Doncaster bedroom, acting out shows for my mum…(I even charged her 50p to watch them. Lol.) I’d wish that when I grew up, I’d get to be an actress. I’d tell everyone.

In fact, I didn’t wish…I just assumed that such would happen…and I guess…after a long road…a long life filled with those juicy ‘ups & downs,’ those moments of ‘give up,’ moments of celebration after achievement….travels across ponds…make ups, break ups, wrong decisions, right decisions…I got there. It was hard work. But I got there. 

It was certainly the juicy ‘ups & downs’ and that wee bit of gusto, that actually got me there. However, what I’m trying to say is…


The journey is still great…It’s fulfilling. Yet like I always say…when people look in…they forget the ‘journey part’ and applaud the result. But that’s fine! A great result is SOMETHING to be celebrated. We celebrate everything we can in Wunna Land. So, I’m with ya!

‘It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.’ 

 I got there because I wanted to get there, because every lesson that I stumbled across through life..so far, along the way (and I’m still stumbling,) I learnt from. I never cried over spilt Prosecco. (That’s a lie..I cried a bit. Haha.) I watched. I learnt. I moved. I made goals & danced to my own music appropriately. I got it SO wrong SO many times…But that’s okay…I was confident enough to just keep on going…positively. 

I never gave up. I always found my way…

I made friends. I lost friends. I fell in love, tons of times. I had my heart broken, loads. I got jobs. I lost jobs.  

But I never lost that glow. That warmth. That love. That excitement.

I’m talking about life. I’ve always loved it and of course lived it. 😉 . When you love it…it loves you back. Yet, I now NEVER do ANYTHING that doesn’t make me happy. I make the best out of most things. But I don’t make the best out of a bad bargain. EVER. This habit has actually filled my life with a whole lot more balance, love & happiness. That essential ‘glow’ that I keep going on about.

I keep things simple.

I owe my happiness to good family, good friends, a great education & my children…Everyone always thinks I’m a ‘wild one,’ (I had my ‘hey days.’) However my basic manner, my soul, is quite the opposite. I’m outspoken. I’m cheeky. But I’m calm. I’m polite. I’m probably one of the politest people you’ll ever meet…with a sassy old, twist of charm and drizzle of wit. 🙂 

I’m not sleeping well right now…because (like I always tell you,) alongside this truly wonderful time…I have a BIG thing going on...(behind the doors of Wunna Land.) But I’m positive because I know that in a few months…it will all finally be over…and my son can finally be happy, without any stress anymore. It’s a stress he doesn’t deserve. His bravery is remarkable for a 6yr old. We are standing by him every step of the way.

Ruby’s doing well. She’s working hard in school, SHE’S dancing around HER bedroom and acting out shows that she demands I watch…Haha. She’s a creative soul, an ambitious but kind little lady. She’s emotionally grown.

Last weekend, she actually just booked her first paid film. It’s a gritty crime/drama.

Director: ‘I’m not gonna lie, she’s EXACTLY what we’re looking for.’

(We signed contracts immediately.)

She starts filming on Feb 16th during half term. I’m really proud of her. She’s really excited.


It was sweet because as soon as she got out of her audition and found out she got the job…Junior watched the time & called her.

Ju: ‘Did you get it Ru??’

Ruby: ‘I did! I did! I even get money. I can buy you that limo!’

All I could hear was Junior on speaker, running around the room, with absolute glee shouting…

‘She got it Grandma!!!! She got it!!!’

I always say that if I did anything RIGHT in life…lol…It would certainly be the fact that I raised the closest siblings ever. The amount of support & love they give each other is just so wonderful. I never taught them to do that…they just did.

(We popped around to my old work friend Mel’s on Friday…and I swear she was our good luck charm. The kids ran off to play with little Esme…her daughter. Then Mel & I caught up… There’s just something about Mel that soothes my soul. It’s probably because I can just be me. I can relax and be uncensored….AND well…she also has a story to tell.…I appreciate my moments with her. We’ve made each other laugh. We’ve seen each other cry before…She’s a good soul.)

Anyway…Back to BUSINESS!!

I’m really excited. This is what I have coming up! There’s a lot of work and it’s just so much fun.

Next week I begin shooting a film called ‘Perfect,’ by Jannah Zainol. I rehearse Tuesday to begin filming on Wednesday. I play ‘Paula.’ She’s ‘a popular daytime talk show host,’ and I CANNOT wait! It’s really great fun and with such an amazingly talented team! Lots of ‘Wunnerisms’ get to come into my character. So I can’t wait. I have butterflies in my tummy. The ones that flutter with excitement.

As soon as I wrap on that…I start filming ‘L’appel du Vide,’ by Georgia Frances. It is literally THE MOST beautiful film. A film that is quite simply layered with a Bitter/Sweet- Mind over Matter depth. I adore that I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of it. It’s just such a moving story…and I’m honoured to firstly work with such a creative Director AND be her female lead. (Eek!!) 

Straight after that…I shimmie onto the set of another film ‘Leave in Lurch,’ by Green Run Productions. It’s a really great, gritty crime/drama. I love the script. I cameo and play ‘Josh’s Girlfriend.’ This is the film that Ruby’s in. She’s actually got a great role. I have to be on set with her anyway…so I might as well cameo. 😉 It’s exciting! 

I’ll be telling you about them ALL, as I do them. I still need to tell you about ‘Extra,’ by Sean Martin, the AMAZING film I shot before Christmas. But it’s the screening soon, so shortly, I will be telling you all about my time on set.

I’ve also just booked the role of ‘Titania’ in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream.’ It’s Shakespeare. It’s theatre. I’ll be on stage at the end of June & I can’t believe it. I’m really excited because it’s a long time since I stretched my ‘theatre’ wings. I’ve never done a Shakespeare play before…It’s challenging, but wonderful! I’m grateful to have been cast!

And along side all that…I’m GOING to ‘Monologue Slam’ it. I head to the auditions in April, for Monologue Slam UK. If I get through…I’ll get to be part of the action, and get to compete, against other actors, armed with nothing but a monologue. I’ll perform my piece live, in a 3 minute round, infront of four industry judges…who will crown a glorious ‘Monologue slamming’ Winner, in June.

There’s a lot going on.

Happy Friday!

Everything’s just so hectically beautiful x

I wrote this Saturday night…

So I finally got my manic weekend over…& we can…(well…when I say ‘We’ I mean Ruby, Junior & I) can finally kick back, relax and enjoy my Mums birthday!!! I literally have the most amazing mum & I treasure every single second I spend with her. 

The weekend has literally just been mayhem from Friday onwards….I self taped for the two feature films that I kinda need to get and then learnt all my scripts for upcoming films. I think I know them? I definitely know them! I’m really excited. (I’ve booked one of the ‘self tape’ films & I haven’t heard from the other one yet. But I NEED to get them both.) It’s weird because I’m running around like a headless chicken , yet remaining really calm and organised at the same time! AND I haven’t ONCE been distracted. 

I studied for my ‘now completed, passed & sorted’ YAFTA assessment. (Which I’m glad is out the way. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Haha. Who does? I haven’t done an exam type thing in ages. The build up on the day felt ‘assessment’ scary. It actually felt scarier than my actual auditions, even though everyone was lovely? There was definitely a ‘we have an assessment today’ vibe meandering around the room. It was shitty. I don’t even know why, I didn’t like it? I guess being tested is not my favourite thing in the world. I just like to do what I love & love what I do…and kinda without a test. 

But it’s done now. It’s all fun and games. I did it & did it well. I’m happy and I never want to do another assessment again, in my life….EVER. Haha. I’m just gonna be ill next time.

 It’s definitely something you have to ‘get on with,’ if you’ve subjected yourself to such a course. Yet, if anything…I’m just glad it’s ‘ticked off’ my weekend to do list. It was certainly one less thing to worry about! 

The GOOD thing was that I couldn’t put too much stress on it because there’s was a lot going on alongside it…(and even though I love a bit of ‘learning to act,’ I always prioritise work. If I didn’t pass my assessment, I figured I could re-sit. If I didn’t get a feature film, I’d lose work, money and well…I need four.) 

The learning is great and really important, but we’re all doing the Diploma to train to GET work anyway, right? I’m currently being super proactive and trying not to waste time, so I’m embracing my opportunities, whilst they’re here and alive. It might all dry up and then I’ll have to search for pots of gold at the end of rainbows, or go busking for 5 pence pieces.

Right now. I’m enjoying the ‘roll.’ 

There’s a whole ‘big picture.’ I’ve broken the ‘big picture’ down into goals. I know what I need to do, to get the result…So that’s what I’m doing! 

Goals! Priorities! Actions! 

(Zero Distractions)

I’ll admit life’s hectic right now! On Saturday whilst rehearsing my flipping monologue, (the one I was about to get ‘marked’ on,) I was confirming dates for ‘L’appel Du Vide,’ which starts filming in the middle of February…

Anyway, they needed to sort out all the crew and travel etc..etc… So confirming dates was really important. But it was like I was living lots of ‘moments’ in one.

At the same time I was making sure Ruby had organised & prepared everything she needed for the day…as she was being ‘delivered’ to me, just after 4pm, after my assessment, for her own audition. 

(Ruby’s on a roll, right now too! It’s crazy?We’re in a film together this year, where she plays my daughter. Obviously it was just easier for casting that way..plus I have a really great agent. But we both auditioned for ANOTHER film, both booked the roles…and for the first time she’ll film independently, as she won’t be playing my daughter. She’s got a whole other, OWN role… bless her. And it’s her first paid acting gig. Lol. So she’s really excited.)

But yeah…I had to confirm dates for that also….whilst learning the lines, for the scene,that we had to do for our assessment. 🙂 

(The first time I actually got my lines RIGHT for the assessment scene, was just before10am, after three FAILED attempts of line running… with Geordie Ben. My assessment was at 3.30pm. It was weird because the day before, I’d learnt two other entire monologues..easy peasy and filmed them for tape. But in a week…I couldn’t remember the simplest lines to my ‘Waterloo Road,’ assessment scene??????)

What else? 

The audition for the film ‘Perfect.’ I went in to audition on Thursday, in my yellow heels…for the role of ‘Paula.’ (She’s a ‘popular Day Time Talk Show host & has the biggest talk show in the nation.’ I was really excited. But I METHOD acted it all the way from my home, to the audition room. Haha. Like I was literally walking through the train station telling people, that my name was ‘Paula’ and that I was grabbing lunch, before filming my talk show. I even chose to EAT what ‘Paula’ would eat. Haha.) 

Anyway I had to improv a scene, read a scene and then answer ‘hot seat’ questions as ‘Paula’…

‘Hot seating’ is always scary…It’s only good if you truly understand your character and the story, right? Anyway…I liked it! I liked the team. I liked the vibe!!! I really wanted it!

They called me Friday night to welcome me to the production. (Yaaaaay!!!) I was so utterly grateful. 

So, yeah…that’s another lil’ tinker i’lI get to  our my heart into & I couldn’t be happier. I guess, because I really wanted to be part of their film & work with them. I mean their reputation, standard of filming, practice and professionalism is completely amazing. I feel very lucky! 

Plus a ‘good news’ phone call is always a ‘BUZZ.’ I happy danced!!! I got that sudden rush of ‘eeeek!!!’ That blush of body ‘ooh laa,’ that surges through your soul..That’s how you know you love something, that it means something to you and that you’re doing it for all the right reasons.

On the other side of the Wunna Land was Baby Junior. My little boy! 

Junior had his own ‘thing’ to brave face and conquer with my Mum, ‘Grandma’ on Saturday …As a family we’re going through such a big thing right now…and we can’t wait for it to be over. But without going into it…I couldn’t be prouder of Junior. He’s just grown so much and stood tall through everything he’s been subjected to. 

He’s fighting for his rights and I’m standing by him 100% of the way! (Plus, on a lighter note….he got the ‘Special Mention’ certificate AGAIN this week at school. So his little heart is filled with joy! I know everyone’s hearing a lot about Ruby right now, but Junior ALSO during half term is headed to London to audition for a little something…with his sister.) 

Straight after my assessment, (it was hilarious because I had been facing a wall, crying in a corner…and Katie, who had her assessment after me, was hand flicking on a sofa…) I had to grab my bag and DASH off back to the station to retrieve Ruby. 

It was literally…’Thank you so much…See ya!’ Then dash….dash…..dash! 

Ruby (little ‘Ruby Wattis Wunna’) had her audition for the remake of ‘Matilda.’ The big old feature film. Her audition was at 6.15pm. So my mum brought both Ru & Ju over to meet me…and after a tiny bit of chill time…to gather in and focus…we Uber’d over. 

We were early so we stopped off at Aagrah, on St.Peter’s Square, by the BBC building for mocktails…because she decided to get terrified. Haha. 

She’d been quite confident & extremely excited, until that point. We’d practiced. We’d gone through it all. She knew she had been asked to audition, yet it all happened so quickly….She got scouted & submitted Thursday, and an email came Friday lunch time, asking if Ruby could meet Casting.. the NEXT DAY (Saturday) because they were in Leeds. 

So technically Ruby only found out at 3.30pm Friday, at school pick up. She only had that evening to prepare a monologue and a song. Lol… But she smashed it! Excerpt learnt. Song learnt! 

It was like she blinked and she went from school, to now being surrounded by an ‘all singing and all dancing’ crowd of dresses and bows, with dreams, ambition and mums…at a film audition!!! Lol. 

Ruby showed up in a jumper…jeans…and with me. We kept it simple. 🙂

Ru: ‘They’re all so sassy mum and better than me? Why are they all reading their monologues so strangely?’

Me: ‘They’re Theatre. You know where everything’s all BIG smiles and jazz hands. Look. Enjoy it! You don’t need a frilly dress and a dance routine. It’s a feature film. When it’s your turn…stand…wait…and when you’re READY…read. Keep it real, simple and emotional. Tell your story..Don’t feel intimidated!’

..And just like that, her group was lovingly summoned into an elevator..

Casting: ‘Ah! There you are Ruby!’

… and as the elevator door closed, that was it! She was off to audition….

Catch Up- Part 2

Can your feet shrink? Mine have shrunk. They’re weird?  I hate my feet anyway because…well mine are achey & wonky. But…I used to be a 4. A size 4 is now too big. So I’m in a Size 3. I’ll agree that it’s a little bit more comfortable. Yet they could do with being HALF a size bigger???

I guess life just wants me to feel mildly uncomfortable, whilst things are going well. Y’know, just to give me ‘an edge.’ I’ll shimmie with that. You can’t always do life in bunny slippers.

I’m currently writing this on the train back from my audition for a film named ‘Perfect.’ I really want to be part of the film, because the script is really great. So I hope it went well. Who knows? It felt right. Y’know, the energy was ‘alive.’ The guy sat next to me smells nice. He’s in a long black coat and he’s reading a book. Don’t know what the book is? But the chapter he’s on is called ‘Frank.’ 

Anyway…this is your ‘Part 2’ catch up on my life…so enjoy. Haha. 

I have lots going on. Like I said, I auditioned today. (Thursday.)  I have two feature film auditions tomorrow (Friday) and if you know me, you’ll know that I NEED to nail them, for various reasons. Then the following day…Saturday…I have my YAFTA assessment…which is really super important. So there’s lots of work I’ve godda do for that. 

I had fresh wild flowers hand picked for ‘Dotty McCormack’ who recently directed a film that I was a part of. That whole team gifted me with a memory, I’ll treasure forever. So wild flowers to the Director it was! (It was my birthday on the other film ‘Extra,’ which I also LOVED madly…but I’d ordered 50 fresh baked cookies…for the crew etc. I’m not sure Sean’d fancy wild ‘fleurs.’ Haha. 

Anyway, the flowers….when they were delivered, on time & perfectly, by the delightful ‘Bloom & Wild.’ (My favourite flower delivery service.) 

But I was a little worried because…well you know how businesses send you messages & pictures to track and prove ‘safe delivery?’ Well I got this message to my emails…

Are bushes safe? I’m definitely sure nothing safe has happened to me in bushes before. Lol. However, the note they left for her cracked me up..


I just enjoyed the moment…and went with. Yet decided to tell her and ruin the surprise…incase she didn’t find my LUXURY flowers, wedged in a bush. Haha.

Anyway….let’s speed it up a little…

I met a magician in a bar. I’ve just booked a film called ‘l’appel du vide.’ I play the female lead. It’s the most beautiful film and when I met Georgia (Director) at Starbucks, opposite ‘Fleur’ in ‘The Light,’ Leeds…I just KNEW I needed to be a part of her world. She’s amazing & her film is like NOTHING I have ever done before! So I’m delighted, to have been cast and to make a new memory. (That’s the film I need a body double for!) 

After the meeting, I was waiting for a train in ‘spoons’ at Leeds train station. Whilst I was chilling, I noticed some guy came and sat next to me. I kinda felt his presence…but didn’t look. I just carried on drinking my pint. 

Anyway…about 15 minutes later he asks me if I have a light? I say ‘no,’ with a smile. Then about 4 minutes later…he says…

‘Will you look after my bag please…’ (and just leaves it under the table)

‘Yeah. Sure….There’s not a bomb in it is there? Knowing my luck..’

‘No…no…I promise. Haha.’ 

I mean I must LOOK trust worthy. Would you leave your bag with someone you didn’t know? Later he said…

‘There’s nothing in there that worth’s much. If you had stole that, you’d have been on tv in about a months time with a full blown magic show.’ 


Anyway…He comes back…He waits…then he starts chatting to me…which leads to..

‘I’m a magician…’

…and he delivers the most amazing card tricks. I’m talking ridiculous. He was mesmerisingly talented. Like no joke!!!! He was ‘Dynamo’ insane. I’d hire him for ‘shindigs.’  I didn’t even have to pretend that I thought his tricks were ace…and I liked that. Haha. I do ‘pretending’ for a job. It was my down time. (And all this is in ‘Spoons’ at Leeds train station.)

He asks me about myself…I tell him I’m an actress…and his tricks seem to get even better. (He put in the graft.) Then he managed to change the conversation to our ‘love lives.’ 


Plus, I liked that he tinkered up to my table…sat down..acted all cool as a cucumber (without being creepy) found a way to chat to me…then when he had my attention…went with ‘I’m going to impress her with my talent.’ 

I like that. It’s confident.

Chick friend: ‘Whatever Chrissie. He already knew OF you…He’s local. When he saw you…he went for it. YET, I reckon he pretended he knew nothing about you at all. This happens all the time & you never get it!! Lol.’

Other chick friend: ‘He sounds cute. He did good. Weird that he doesn’t have any social media though? He’s gonna ask you out..’

Me: ‘I know….he has. Just for friendly/casual drinks sometime. We chatted a bit for the rest of the day…But I’ve got so much on until the clock strikes 7pm on Saturday. We haven’t really talked since.’

And just like that…life went back to normal! My mum has a birthday at the weekend! I have new shoes. Ruby’s just been given the opportunity to audition for a the new musical feature film version of ‘Matilda..’ and I think I’ve just signed myself up to go to a ball?

Everything’s just so strange because so much is happening to us in Wunna Land…and we just can’t believe it?? We don’t even know how or why? We’re absorbing it and just remaining grateful…with everything crossed. Lol

Anyway…I’m off. I’ve got a million lines and Monologues to learn…

Catch Up- Part 1

I have writers block. Well…not writers block? I don’t know what it is? I could write. I could write for days! But I think I just have so much going on and so much to tell you about, that I don’t really know where to start? It’s all really wonderful and  I think I’m just getting on with running with it & enjoying it, whilst it’s all STILL wonderful. Y’know…before ‘life’ actually notices and flings some kind of spanner in the works…for kicks. 

(I’m not gonna lie to you, my work life is ROSY. I’m on my way! But obviously I have something awful going on, behind all the ‘magic’…& I want to make sure you know that. So you know that my life has ‘balance.’ Lol. It’s not all glittered garlands & ‘Hey Chrissie, you got the job.’ Yet I’ve chosen not to give energy to the bad parts, because when you give energy to the negative, it kinda ignites them. Y’know, gives them LIFE…It awards them with unnecessary importance. I like to keep things simple and happy. I accidentally made eye contact with ‘the problem’ yesterday…for a moment. It was still a problem…so I ignored it and got on with my day.)

Back to the jollies….

So everything that I have to tell you about, trails all the way back to JUST before Christmas, when I did the film ‘Extra’ in Leeds. (It was the most amazing experience & I HAVE actually written that ‘behind the scenes’ blog. I just haven’t published it yet. I just want to make sure it’s right, before I do. It’s filled with fun and great memories. But the blog WILL come within the next few days. I promise.)

Then obviously Ruby & Junior went out on the streets to give to the homeless for the Shelter charity, on Christmas Eve… I’m so proud of them for initiating kindness, learning life, & giving back to the community. They’re my babies, so obviously I see them as so tiny. But when I heard Ruby doing one of her Radio interviews, I realised how emotionally grown she was.

Ru: ‘Mum. I’m fine. I know how I feel. Just let me talk. Ju Ju, If you’re too scared to say anything, just look at me & I’ll speak for you. But try not to be scared, because people like John need our help.’

Ju: ‘No. I want to talk too. I like John.’

(John is the homeless gentleman, who inspired Ruby & Junior to WANT to make a difference. They met him last year on the streets of Leeds.) 

I listened to Ruby & she just wasn’t this terrified little 4 year old anymore. She was literally a confident, 8 year old… ‘WOMAN.’ Haha.  

My Mum: ‘She was kinda like….you.’ 

She just seemed to have a great understanding of life and an unconditional love for people. They both knew HOW they wanted to help make a difference & they both knew that wanted to go out and do it in person. 

I looked at Junior during the interview. As he told HIS story, (he’s much quieter than Ruby, so I was shocked that he came out of his shell.) But he stood by her side, with absolute pride. He was really confident. He literally backed her up and supported her all the way, as I stood in ‘the wings’ and watched. 

My heart absolutely swelled. We might not have everything, but we have each other, great hearts & a great hope for the future. 

 (I’ve completely written that blog also…I’m just having to wait until I publish it, as so many INCREDIBLE  things have happened & keep happening to them, as a result to their thoughtfulness…that we’re sort of absorbing the ‘wonderfulness,’ before I gracefully gather it up & deliver the most beautiful story. That will hopefully inspire. On Christmas Eve at around 7am…in Leeds & without us even knowing, they became the youngest children in the Britain to…well I’ll tell you about it in the blog.) 

Obviously as the year began, I hit the ground running. I figured whilst everyone was chilling and rightfully enjoying a ‘minced pie & mulled wine’ break…I was gonna hustle in the ‘down time’… with mulled wine….to try and get ahead. Of course! 

So.. tons of emails went out. A bit of a jiggle. A bit of a jaggle.  I was still auditioning. I was chatting to people who were casting, directing & producing films that I thought I’d be right for. Infact, I noticed that lots of people IN the industry were actually still working? So I scrambled a few meetings together, did interviews, smashed a couple auditions and I actually managed to  snag work, in the so called ‘quiet time…’ 


Then on Monday Jan 6th (Which was everyone’s ‘first day back) by 7 ‘o clock in the morning…I was already set up. I was already on a train to London, to go sign contracts, meet the agents, audition for a feature & ‘book’ a whole other one. 

I had the best time. I celebrated with wine showers, under chandeliers, with both my agent and later with a bunch of people from Leeds, simply because they had travelled up, for the Leeds vs Arsenal game. It was really goood fun! I was happy! Everything felt great! 

What it gave me was the ‘feel good’ factor and I knew that I needed to have this whole ‘feel good’ thing. Whenever I FEEL good, I’m at my most confident. When I’m at my most confident…I ‘book’ more. A lot more. When I start booking….this weird ‘domino effect’ of luck seems to happen at the same time?? That’s how I wanted to start my year. 

I wanted 2020 (and you’ll hear every actor say it… ‘to be MY year.’ Haha.) 

So basically, I have all these short films, two features…and excitement a going. My life’s completely changed. I’m riding the wave…But although grateful, I’m still
trying to pave my way…

I couldn’t type a single thought out. I don’t know why? Then my friend and school mum ‘Miss.Murphy’ fell over near the school playground, during drop off…

…and weirdly…as I was sat in my car, learning lines for an audition…my fave cracked a smile…I burst into laughter….and it inspired me to get back on that blog….and write.


Happy 2020

Happy ‘First Day of..’ 2020.

I hope ALL your greatest wishes & most wonderful dreams come true! I really do! 

I guess you should work hard, be kind & sprinkle all that with fun! If you can’t do that…just wing it! It’s fine! (I’ve been winging life, in eyeliner for ages now.) 

Do what you want. However, stay loyal to what you truly believe is right. We don’t always do that, do we? But really, there’s no point in selling yourself short….again. 😉 

LIVE! Don’t let people mess with ya head. If you let them, they will. If you don’t…they can’t. Simples! 

Make happy choices, always. It’s less stressful. Even when times are really hard, I’ve learnt that if I make choices, that fill my world with passion & true happiness…it’s always much more fulfilling. 

Look after the ones you love. Show them how much you appreciate them. Protect them, when they need your help. Stand up for them, when they just can’t do it themselves!! They’ll always remember that you were there.

Don’t dwell on the small things. When you literally look at the BIG picture…they’re really only tiny. Sometimes they don’t matter as much as you think.

I’d also say…be able to know the difference between ‘small problems’ and ‘big problems.’

 (A lady…2 nights ago…She made no eye contact with me, as she looked through the cheeses, in my local supermarket. The above is what she said to me…kinda just OUT of the ‘blue.’ As I walked away…I looked back… and her eyes smirked. I stopped and she then quietly said… ‘You’re doing really well!’ ) 

LIVE! (Just had to say it again! I mean, I might be quite sensible right now, but GOSH if you even nearly peeked into my ‘Sack of Past,’ it’d jump onto your face & soil it, with a juicy vodka dripped, rainbow splurge of regretful joy!! It means, I’ll always have a story to tell, when I’m 80. You’re gonna need a story & a tank full of memories to tell, because being 80 is apparently really ‘still.’)

Spilt milk has been spilt. Leave it, or wipe it up. Either way…always refill.

Be brave! Always get back up. Just get back up…always.

Stay focused. However, if you need a ‘time out,’ or a moment to yourself…take it. You never have to apologise for a time out. Just take it. 

Try not to worry. I worry a lot…and I guess it’s a habit we all need to try and kick. Have faith in life. I heard that once you do…good things happen. 

Remember that you really CAN achieve your goals & dreams. If people tell you that you CAN’T…don’t listen. You really can. Most things have actually been done before. You just have to do things correctly. 

‘It’s not where you start…it’s where you finish!’ 

Don’t intentionally try to hurt others. Karma is real. It’s an absolute proper ‘beeech!’

Make sure you don’t waste your time….I’ve always thought that spending time on things, that don’t really enhance your life, yourself, or how you FEEL, in any positive way…aren’t worth it, at all. 


(It does matter if you fancy a wild year, a work year, a calm year, a busy year, a year away….OR if you fancy mixing it up a little. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are…as long as you’re really happy…you’re actually doing alright.)

Always look your best. Make people smile.

That’s it! The rest you’ve godda leave to ‘life magic.’ Lol. 

Happy sailing through 2020! I’m on the same boat, so I’m right here with ya! 

If I’m being honest, there isn’t any rules, is there? They kinda just appear, as we learn….So try and sail steady! ‘Rough seas’ are shocking. 

Anyway! My sails set….i’m off!

There are BILLIONS of people doing life…this is just MY version of it. 

Enjoy yours. 

All my love, 

Chrissie x

(Ps/ My eyes woke up at 3.28am…That’s why I wrote this..on my phone…whilst laid in bed. It’s 4.25am now. I should probably get some sleep.)