Magpies, Life & Exciting Times

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I saw THREE magpies this morning. I’m superstitious by nature. Well…kinda. I’m really too insane. However, I don’t like to tempt fate, so i’ll refrain from walking under that ladder…just in case. Haha.

I usually see ONE magpie, which as we know is bad luck, so i’l scramble my eyes to quickly find another…I usually ALWAYS do. Lol. (I know, i’m sounding nuts.) Anyway, this morning, I saw ONE, TWO…then THREE. (Which never happens.) So I did the rhyme…

One for sorrow. Two for joy. THREE FOR A BLOODY GIRL!!!!!!!’

I nearly had a panic attack. Then I got over it and just carried on with life. If I ever have another girl. The Magpies told you first. (As in the ACTUAL birds and NOT Newcastle United…as ofcourse that sounds a bit awkward and dirty on every level.)

Glad you’re all happy. I’m loving my messages. I’m healthy eating, working out a little, still drinking, yet i’ve switched to gin, to minimize calories and so many of you are asking me about my delicious Park Plaza stay. (I’m chipper about that, because I did what I was meant to do. πŸ˜‰ )

The thing about influencing is that people and ‘green’ companies, always think it’s about THE AMOUNT of followers, someone has. It’s not. It’s actually about HOW MANY PEOPLE, LISTEN to the influencer and therefore take action. Never forget that.

(Ooh. I just got a message from TBone.)

Anyway… my let’s rewind. My Saturday afternoon, through night was divine. I got to catch up with my friend Mel, for her birthday…and just chill for a second, at Ego (a place I go lot) as I ‘2 for 1’ cocktailed and just chatted life.

I have a lot of respect for Mel. Like everyone, she’s been through a lot…and even though she can sometimes have a ‘hard’ exterior, internally she’s soft. She glows. I like that…and I like that she just understands me…regardless. I liek that she was in leopard print heels.

We laughed, we bantered, we drank far too much, but we enjoyed every single second. I’d missed her and hadn’t managed to see her in ages, because my work schedule had been hectic, or some kind of drama had happened. Plus, anytime you end up losing your entire handbag..

Me: ‘OMG! Where’s it gone???’

Ego Staff: ‘We’ll call your phone!’

…and you find out the ever chipper Mel, has accidentally picked it up and taken it with her on her ‘birthday travels….’ YOU KNOW YOU’VE HAD A GOOD TIME.

Mel: ‘I don’t know how I ended up with it? Hahaha. I’ll bring it back now…’

She did…with her new boyfriend Dave…

Me: ‘Shit! Dave! You’re hot.’

And just like that, life went back to normal…Well…a big sleep and a hangover happened. That’s not normal. I don’t sleep well. πŸ˜‰

It was just really good to catch up and hang out with all her friends. I’d come straight from working in Leeds, so I didn’t bother to get changed or anything…i just showed up with a smile and saw her there with her model like daughter Alex.

Mel: ‘When you said you weren’t dressed, I thought you meant you only had your underwear on. Haha.’

It made me smile. I needed a blast of reality…even if it did start with salted rimmed margaritas…and end with 40 more, with a moment of ‘shit i’ve lost my bag’ panic.

The staff at Ego were actually really great. I mean, imagine going out of your way to personally call my phone, find it and then offer to drive me to it, incase it didn’t return itself to me, after your shift.

I’m forever grateful.

That night made me need a detox. Haha. So ALL good things came from it.

Y’know, everything’s perfect in Wunna Land right now. Everything. I’m even having to pinch myself. There are moments where I feel good, moments where I feel amazing, moments were things are dodgy…But no matter what, I know that the fairytale has a great ending, because if it keeps going the way it is, my happiness will never stop. If it doesn’t, i’ve experienced so much in life that I KNOW, that I can handle it.

Happiness to me, is doing whatever it is you want and love..WITH LOVE…whilst taking care of the people you’re meant to treasure.

I have that now. I’m so lucky.

Don’t waste time doing the things you hate doing. You have one life to life. I meat with my good friend Abeiku yesterday for a catch up. He owns ‘House of Solo’ and Pentagon’ magazine…and it was really good to chat and help him understand life.

Enjoy ya time!

He’s softer than I am, as i’m sassy. But I respect him for always doing what feels right, to him.

That’s what it’s about. We have different views on things…. Yet never ever judge each other. We piss ourselves laughing.

Me: ‘Do you want a gin?’

Big A: ‘I swear you got me a double?’

Me: ‘Well obviously. I dont’ do singles…Eww!’

Everything’s perfect and my end of May is going to be so much FUN. There’s a glisten in the skies of Wunna Land…and a fire in my heart. There are naughty memories to be made…and I simply cannot wait.

(Ooh wait…Kenny at The Mallard wants a favour…’

Kenny: ‘When are you gonna post half naked in a Liverpool top??’

Haha. Y’know, i’m getting so many ‘football shirt, posey’ requests right now, it’s insane. So i’m gonna do them all. Why not! EVEN THOUGH I’m a Leeds United supporter. (I have everything crossed, but i just don’t think they’re gonna smash the playoffs.)

Okay, i’m off. I’ve got stuff to do. I am getting the best messages right now and they are making my eyes smile & my heart swell.

Love you all..

Thank you for being a part of Wunna Land.


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