Skyline Suites, Love & Sushi

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I don’t know whether i’m the luckiest girl in the world, or whether i’m THE LUCKIEST girl IN THE WORLD!?! 😉 Everything in life, is all about how you FEEL & right now, I feel SO grateful, SO alive and therefore SO happy.

I’ve come a long way and I don’t know who to thank, other than my lucky stars, every human that I’ve crossed path with & every lesson i’ve learnt. (I’ve never let anything get me down. I mean SO DOWN, that a gin and tonic can’t fix …and that in itself MUST be a skill. Haha.)

Anyway, Ruby & Junior went back to school today. We’ve had the most amazing Easter holidays and not only have we done SO much together, but working with humans that used to live in my belly, is weirdly pleasurable. Lol. They’re my joys and even though we’re all utterly close as a family anyway….It’s almost as if, we just grow closer and closer as each minute passes.

We’re not a family with a ‘squeaky clean’ finish. We’re real. We’re honest and we’re filled with this unconditional love. I tell MY version of our lives…and after everything we’ve been through I cannot actually believe how wonderful everything is! How WUNNAFUL everything is.

Again lots has happened. We’ve just checked out of the most beautiful ‘Skyline Suite’ at Park Plaza, Leeds. We stay there a lot, just for kicks really. I love hotels and well…If i could live in one, I always said i would. Haha. But anyway, every time we do ‘kitten strut’ into Park Plaza, it is ALWAYS ALWAYS amazing.

Junior really wanted to stay on the 20th floor. The top floor. He really fancied a bit of ‘Executive Suite’ life….and just like, with a wonderous wave of the Wunna land magical wand, on Friday afternoon, at 2pm we were in an elevator, travelling up to floor 20. (I cannot thank Park Plaza, Leeds, anymore for ALWAYS making us FEEL so welcome. The service is phenomenal.)

My little boy had even built a cardboard template of Park Plaza, that he places on his window sill at night, as when the street lights shine upon it, it reflects it’s giant shadow, upon his bedroom wall. He believes that if he can see it every night, he’ll get to always go. (Awwwww.)

Ruby loves a hotel suite, yet she only agreed to go, if she could take a trip to Bubbleology, for a white peach tea. (The lady at the trinity counter wouldn’t serve her, because she said she looked six?’)

Ruby: ‘I’ll have a White Peach Tea, with Tapioca please.’ (Which she orders and gets every time.)

The lady gave us a safety talk, because she didn’t advise Ruby having an iced tea drink, with boba in it… in case she chokes???

Lady: ‘She’s got to be 8 or over.’

Me: ‘She is 8.’

Lady: ‘She doesn’t look it……’

(I looked at Ruby’s little face and she looked all rejected..So I sorted it.)

Me: ‘Well I’D like to order something for myself and I’D like a White Peach Tea, with Tapioca please.’

And just like that, it was in my hands. (I carried it with me, made a phone call and outside Karen Miller, passed it to my daughter to enjoy.)

I was asked to post my trip on my story….I absolutely didn’t.

Anyway, straight after that, before we got to our Park Plaza ‘Skyline Suite,’ we popped into Issho, which is one of my families favourite places to tinker to.

The staff love the kids. I love the staff. We’ve had the most memorable times there. I mean, Junior comes alive in that place. He’s cheeky and fun..and always orders extra Bao Buns.

Manager: ‘Are you here for 21 Bao Buns again, little one. Haha?’

This time, we stopped for a quick drink before check in. I had the ‘Tokyo Punch’ and a warm, dry sake and the kids had a Jasmin tea, from a beautiful oriental clay teapot, each. We sat and chatted life, under a giant cherry blossom tree. It was literally bliss.

The food is divine at Issho. The drinks are fresh and delicious. But most of all THE SERVICE is FIRST CLASS. (I’m a service girl. I travel, eat and stay everywhere and have done all over the world. The first thing I will rate a place ON is the service delivered. You can buy great food and drink in many places. Yet, service is something that radiates from an individual, right? I like good manners. Issho have got this in the bag. everytime i’m in Leeds, I ALWAYS pop in.)

Anyway, within a blink, we found ourselves in our Park Plaza elevator, headed to the 20th floor. When Junior put that card in the door of room 2005 & Ruby slowly pushed it open, you should’ve seen their little Asian faces. Lol.

Ruby: ‘Oh my GOD!’

The ‘Skyline Suite’ is huge, with views that travel over Leeds city for days. At night, the views are beautiful. It’s almost peaceful to witness. Oh and when i say ‘huge.’ It is probably bigger than most peoples apartments.

We had two bathrooms, a large living area, a dining table and dining area, a kitchen, a large bedroom, two showers, mirrored walls, all the amenities, a large separate bath tub, two Smart TV’s and a waterproof TV in the bath.

Just everything, you could wish for. So if you every stay at a Park Plaza and are given the option to Upgrade, PLEASE DO, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. It’s amazing. Plus, this wasn’t the room that we were initially going to stay in, it was made up for us, via an upgrade.

Evening city walks, room service, movie watching, fun, laughter, warm bubble baths for the kids and luscious wine pours for me occurred. It was just wonderful.

It was magical and the perfect way to end our Easter holidays.

Breakfast in the morning was divine. Again…the staff were impeccable and it was almost as if the ‘good time’ we were having never ended. We had so much time to enjoy our ‘Skyline Suite.’

I loved it.

At noon we checked out and straight away tinkered to Yo! Sushi, which again is somewhere that we love.

The happiness & laughter that we each experienced was just beautiful. This Easter was a big Easter for us, because for the first time, in a long time, I saw BOTH Ruby & Junior BE THE HAPPIEST they had EVER BEEN. They walked into a new chapter & I hand held them straight into it with love.

Straight after I had lots going on. I had an audition, a shoot and then had to shoot over quickly via train to go to my good friend Mel’s birthday drinks.

I haven’t seen Mel in ages, so it was really good to catch up. I’ve missed her and I love her and I can’t wait to tell you all about my time on Saturday night….

Ps/ Everyone keeps asking me about my Love life. Just so you know…It’s wonderful. 🙂 🙂

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