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If you do anything, you should take a ‘staycation.’ It’s one of the healthiest things a human can do. I mean, what could be better, than opening your eyes to the wonder and magic,  that you ALREADY have around you. A wonder and magic that you not ONLY FORGET… is around you. But a wonder and magic that is sort of swept under the carpet, or not seen as a true adventure.

I am the Kitty Queen of Adventure. I have a life diary, documenting the last 10 years of it. (I didn’t need to bungee jump or fly out of a plane to prove ‘adventure.’ That’s cool too. However, just not me. I’m not an adrenalin junkie. I like safety. Plus, I prefer to gaze down and see a pair of Jimmy Choos on the end of my legs, over sports socks any day.) No.  I went on an emotional adventure. It kinda lasted a bit longer ;). It kinda painted a more colourful soul. It kinda made impact. I saw life. I learnt a lot. I’m glad I wrote it down…because most of it is a blur, or flashback now.

That doesn’t make my life any BETTER than anyone else’s.  We all have our own stories. No matter how different, we still have the same problems. If anything, it made life a little more tricky. However, …the trickiness alone, created Wunna Land, which moved on to create opportunity, which shimmied forward to create  ‘mini’ popularity…and turned this little Burmese girl from Doncaster…into ‘Chrissie Wunna.’

So, I’m telling you, that a ‘staycation,’ not only gives you a sense of relaxation & peace, simply because they’re zero stress. There isn’t really anything to organize,  other than packing a bag and showing up, with a smile. Yet at the same time it enables you to appreciate the little pieces of ‘luxury’ that we often (as normal people) disregard.

I love to travel and jump on a plane, just as much as anyone. I love to enjoy the world. Yet it’s not ‘immediate’ enough for me…as I have the babies, work and barely any free time. Sometimes, you just need a quick break, a moment to refuel,  be it yourself, family, friendship or love life.

I wrote the kids a note at 7am, April 8th, Monday morning…

Dear Ruby & Junior. Pack an overnight bag. We’re going on a STAYCATION.’

They were a little confused, yet because they trusted me with all of their hearts, within minutes 2 little bags were packed…and we were sat at a train station, ready to venture into the city.

They were so excited. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They beamed and radiated a giddy glow of life…and when I saw them leaping around with joy, I just knew it was the best thing I could’ve ever done. It made me feel so happy to see them so…I can’t even describe how excited they were? (That excitement lasted, from beginning to end.)

I chose Park Plaza, Leeds. I stay there all the time. I do regular ‘staycations,’ if I’m honest. This was the first time I took the babies. (They’ve obviously stayed in hotels before, many a time. This time was different, because this time it was a treat, an adventure and a ‘surprise.’)

I also chose Park Plaza because it’s a 1 minute walk away from the train station. I like things to be easy and ‘no hassle’ when I have the children. Infact, no…even in general. It’s perfectly located directly in the heart of the city. It’s ‘bouji.’ Service is always great. They have the most giant beds. The rooms are spacious. (I like SPACE.) Plus, THE VIEWS of the city are remarkable. They make you feel so free. They also make you feel so powerful. 😉

Ofcourse, this is Wunna Land, so we enjoyed a giant, executive suite on the top floor. (Well, the 19th floor…but who’s counting? 😉 ) When the children checked in, they were greeted like kiddie ‘royalty,’ and given their own Park Plaza rucksacks, filled with goodies, activities and Park Plaza money, that they could use within the hotel for drinks and snacks etc… (Aww.) They felt so grown up. They loved it.

Junior looked after the room key, with his life…and as we shot up to the 19th Floor, in the elevator and I showed them how to open the door to suite. (I took them for fun. However, I also took them to teach them life, love and independence. In restaurants, I never order for them, I make them order their food and drinks themselves. In toy stores, they are each given pocket money and they have to calculate their money, pick a toy, go to the cashier and pay themselves. If they have a problem in the store…or restaurant. Like, If they can’t find something…or something isn’t right? I make them ask a member of staff…themselves. Haha. Harsh, I know.)

They pushed the door to our executive suite open cautiously…and as they did, their mouths dropped to the floor, almost like they had paused for a moment…Then after a breath and a little bit of ‘shock,’ they dashed in screaming with joy and excitement. They flung their bags down, kicked their shoes off, turned all the lights and every piece of electronic equipment in the room ON…and ran around with utter amazement, opening doors, cupboards, running baths, putting on movies, picking things from the 24 hr ‘room service’ menu for dinner and finally dancing on our huge 19th floor, executive ‘family suite’ window sill. It was corner suite, so two walls were windows.

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It was amazing. Just watching them was amazing. They looked over the city, with wonder, as they towered above it. They never knew Leeds was so big. They never realised it was so magical. They appreciated where they were from and where they were.

I kinda swung in, threw my bag down on the bed, poured a fresh white wine and smiled….because I do it all the time. Haha. I just loved watching them. It filled my heart with joy and what better feeling than making people you care about THAT EXCITED. That happy. It’s something I love.

We did everything on offer at Park Plaza. They had ‘room service.’ (Junior got the pizza. Ruby ordered sushi from the restaurant. It was brought up to her. ) They bought drinks at the bar with their Park Plaza money. (If you have children Under 12, they eat and drink for free during their Park Plaza stay.) They took extra long showers, after warm, evening city walks, chatted to guests, played, chilled and sang at the top of their voices.

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I pictured and videoed everything, because I never wanted them to forget how happy they were. They didn’t even want to leave.  Their eyes were filled with adventure. They’re hearts were filled with love. They chatted to ‘Grandma’ (my Mum) to tell her ALL about their suite. They’re adventure. I sent ‘DBear’ (my love) messages and videos…and he smiled at how cute the kids were.

So my ‘staycation’ was about filling their hearts with adventure, joy, independence and happiness. There were people on dates. Married couples on weekday breaks. There were Business men. There were others who just found themselves in Leeds and wanted to enjoy the city. There were people who just needed to refuel, but didn’t want to go far. There were families who didn’t want to break the bank, but wanted to treat themselves to fun. There were people who had enjoyed an evening of cocktails and didn’t want to taxi home.

No matter what walk of life we all came from, as we entered the revolving glass doors, into the modern, ‘clean cut’ hotel, from the busy city streets of Leeds….we all had one thing in common and that was the fact that we had treated ourselves, for all different reason, to a bit of safe,  city luxury, where everything was just made easier.

Leave your worries behind. Take a ‘Staycation.’ It’s worth it. There’s magic right on your doorstep.  

Park Plaza, you were WONDERFUL. Thank you SO MUCH.

The fun that the children had is posted on their Instagram page @rubyandjunior (Check it out. Give them a follow.)

And…all my fun will be REPOSTED on my Insta story, this weekend…@chrissiewunna

Have your Park Plaza moment…. You might see me there.

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