True Love, Family & Vagina Eczema…

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So, there I was, with a large white wine, burdened with ice, in the corner of ‘Ego Mediterranean,’ in Ackworth. (I place I always go to work, chill or dine. I love it there and I love the staff dearly.) ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ was my background noise. It was actually  being sang, by a live jazz singer, with a limp. (He was amazing.) Ruby & Junior had finished a three course meal, that ended with a crème brulee & a fresh ginger, Eton Mess , before they danced together, to old school jazz songs…with spins. Ruby wanted to go after a few hours and Junior wanted to party all night. We even bumped into KatyP and Golfer Jonny, who I haven’t bumped into in months!

KatyP: ‘It’s Wunna!’

Me: ‘Oh shit! It’s you!! I’ve missed you.’

Then just as I thought life was bliss…because it really did feel like bliss. I felt free, alive and filled with love and family….

 I read a group Whatsapp message, with informed me that my chick friend ‘Double B,’  had now been blessed with ‘vagina eczema.’ (He boyfriend ‘Big J,’ looked at it and apparently ‘made a noise.’ HE made the noise. Not her vagina…Which surprises me, because she’s been sat on some dodgy Mickey Mouse cushion, to ease the pain. Surely that means her Vagina is magically ‘Disney’ now. Soooo surely, it can talk, or skip or cast happy spells of forgiveness and shit, right?

Firmonnell: ‘A noise? Haha. What noise did he make?’

Double B: ‘It was a mixture of nice and surprised?? Haha.’

Hustle Barbie: ‘What? Like he liked the vag, but not the scabs??’

Mel: ‘Have you actually got scabs on your vagina??’

Double B: ‘Haha…No scabs. Just dry sadness.’

THEN I SEE A FUCKING PHOTO HAS COME THROUGH…whilst i’m at a bar, trying to enjoy wine, whilst watching my children dance to jazz songs, by a talented gentleman, with a limp.

Like i’m not about a SURPRISE PHOTO of a scabby vagina, right now!!! However hurrah, she nly sent through a boring picture of a bunch of ointments from her Doctor.

Double B: ‘..for the vagina and the neck area only.’

Hustle Barbie: ‘Haha.Why would you want to put it anywhere else??’

I definitely miss the girls…But I don’t want to hang out with anyone with vagina eczema, just yet. I’m headed for a ‘Happy Ever After.’  I can’t catch shit like that. Haha. I look after my public area, ( these days…) with ultimate love..I promise it gently glows and gracefully throbs, whilst it awaits the love of my ‘DBear.’ Lol. (It doesn’t at all swear…Honest!)

When her ‘stress’ has cleared up…Then we can talk. Hahaha.

But right now, I have shit to do, like take over the world and get my weave cut out.

Anyway, I have a lot planned.

The Babies are now off school, for Easter & there’s lot of fun in store. The fun began as school as they clocked out of school and from that point on it’s been wonderful. We’ve laughed, lived, shopped, dined and celebrated being Burmese, with stage shows ALREADY and we’re only a couple days in. They’re really excited. I’m really excited AND we have a little trip away, shortly. Stuff is great. We’re writing books and filming.

I’m back to my old self again now and i’m filled with confidence and that thing called joy.

On the love front….(The part everyone is always dying to know about…)

I’m still madly in love. We do have a lil’ distance between us, right now. However it hasn’t changed a thing. I’m brimming with the happiness and that’s what life and love is about.

Firmonnell: ‘You love a whirlwind.’

And that is true. HOWEVER, this time, i’m not in a tizzy, or a swirl like madness of ‘being a girl.’ It feels really different, because it feels really stable, without the smoke, mirrors and glittery spins. It feels honest, pure and solid. It kinda feels ‘ forever.’ It kinda feels ‘family.’

 Honestly, (I did really good…for once.) ‘DBear’ is amazing. He’s one of the most beautiful men, I’ve ever met. He’s a really good guy. Yes, he has a story to tell. But don’t we all. But he’s sexy, supportive, thoughtful, loving and all about family. He stands by me no matter what and smiles with his eyes, when we giggle. He’s like my teddy bear.

 I could’ve found my actual soul mate. I think? I mean, I’m over the moon. He makes me really happy. I feel really lucky. Plus, I seem to make him more than smile…I seem to make his heart feel happy…and that, to me… is everything. 😉

I hope I get to keep him forever.

DBear: ‘You have me.’

Other than that, it’s babies, babies, work, work, glamming it up and babies for me. I’ve got a few events, lots of shoots, cocktails and business to tend to. But my priority is the bambinos. I couldn’t love them anymore. They’re a dream.

What we’re concentrating on this Easter is building confidence in EACH OTHER, because all three of us have our moments….

Ruby: ‘ I wish I had a Dad that lives with us.’

Junior: Noooo, Mum! I daren’t ask. I’m too scared.

Me: ‘I just NEED to see some proper success now mum, cos it’s…’

I’ve done well. I’m doing well, but i’m ready to step this up a notch now…Let’s burst into flames and smash this ABOUT!

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