Don’t Spill Wine On Boats!

After getting everything off my chest yesterday and sponging the bad bits, from my soul, (it’s almost like they got squeezed out into the sink & washed away, to ‘plug hole’ swirl. FYI/ I’ve actually done wonderfully because this time, a bad time WASN’T washed away with wine. YIPPEE!!)

Anyway… I’ve woken up this morning as fresh as daisy. ( If a daisy, was Asian & a kitten.)

I’m definitely one for expression, as to me it’s the healthiest way to live, be and kinda rid your mind of any torment. When I bottle important things up, I feel suffocated. Do you? Getting things ‘OFF my chest,’ is simply a forte on mine…on every level. Torment & I are just not friends. I’m not that kinda kitten.

I’m also one for justice & fairness. (I could’ve been a lawyer, if I didn’t opt for Hollywood, flirting with boys, fun & Playboy. I chose bikinis over books…Yet it worked. I believe it worked because I followed my heart & smeared it with determination. I believe it worked because even though I chose a bikini, I had all the smarts, that they said were in of ‘them books.’ Lol. )

Everything in life is about true balance. Without true balance, things are a little tipply…Almost like you’re stood on a rushing speed boat, in heels, on one leg, holding a bowling ball in one hand, whilst trying not to spill your ‘spilling everywhere’ wine, in your other hand.

It’s do-able. But impossible. Yet, once re-evaluated and done well…you’re sailing.

Why am I being preachy? Haha. Why am I using boat references? I’m a glamour puss, not a…pirate.

But you get my drift…I’m feeling much better, now that the natural ‘life drama’ layers are slowly peeling away from me.

At around 5pm yesterday…no wait (….before that, because I was sat in a car park, on the school run…with my Dad,) more good things happened. It was like moment by moment Life decided to cut me some slack. The Glitter Gods, thought ‘bless her little sorry self, in her last season Jimmy Choos’ and just went with shining some good luck on me.

Today I feel amazing and what I’m gonna do is KEEP THINGS GOING & KEEP THINGS GLAMOROUS.

This is Wunna land and I’m back on my kitty throne.

I’m really excited because today I’m headed over to Howden to see Liz at the Virtue Skin Clinic (@virtueskinclinic) for a bit of beauty love and treatment. She couldn’t be lovelier to me and it’s really made me feel special. I’m grateful for that after a rusty couple weeks. Haha. I adore a bit of beauty, a delicious cuddle of healthy treatment…to start my fresh ‘strut.’

I can’t wait!!!

I’m also going to be popping into my good friend Tom’s gift shop… Tom Loves. (@shoptomloves) It’s filled with the most beautiful treasures, the most wonderful treats..and being a creative, things of that sort, make me happy! He’s such a talent, a fabulous soul & someone I’ve known for years.

I love that he has a store!!! I’ve always wanted a store…

Me: ‘I want a shop! Like one people can go into.’

Flicky C (chick friend:) ‘Why? Haha. Your brand is YOU & sex appeal. What the f*** would you sell?

Me: ‘I don’t know? Lol They can have prosecco or cocktails…whilst they walk around and shop.’

Flicky C: ‘That’s A BAR Wunna. Not a shop.’

Me: ‘Oh? Yeah… Haha. I can’t be arsed to run a bar. Too much drama. It’d Be full of piss heads, puking on my snowy white, faux fur rug.’

Anyway. Sorry. I got distracted. After a bit of ‘feel good’ and beautifying…Liz, Tom and I are gonna head out for dinner and drinks. (I’m a sucker for a good time. I was sold when I heard ‘DRINKS!!’ Haha.)

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back…

See you sooon Howden!!!

(Keep shit Glammy!)

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