My Twitters Been Hacked!

So you all know that recently (the end of last week) someone hacked into my Twitter account, changed the email on the account, the password and then STOLE my VERIFIED account from me. They’re now using MY verified account as their own, whereas I now have no access to it.

I reported it a gazillion times to Twitter, sent in 2 forms of ID and supporting evidence, but nothing happened. (Except automated responses.) Bottom line…didn’t get my Account back because they didn’t believe I owned it.

Firstly, thank you to absolutely everyone who noticed that my account had been HACKED, who messaged me to tell me…

Secondly, THANK YOU to absolutely EVERYONE who has reported my account as HACKED, because the sheer injustice of what happened annoys me.

Obviously the hackers are trying to cover their tracks now and having to change the profile pic & display name every time someone reports it…and below are three different versions of MY stolen account that you guys have kindly sent me.

But yes…above are THREE versions of my account (which I have no access to…) that my Hackers have used.

The last one they set up after everyone reported my account as hacked to try and make it not LOOK Hacked. Y’know, tried to clean it up a little.

They placed the CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM link on the profile, as it’s now under investigation…Therefore when Twitter looks into it again, it leads them here…to my blog, so it all looks real.

But it’s not. They’ve illegally stolen my account….and it’s disgusting.

Everyone knows I would never use a profile picture that wasn’t my own face!! Lol. But they can’t use my actual picture because i could report them for impersonation. They’d be stealing my identity.

So far, it’s been sooooo wrong that Twitter would let this happen without doing anything….as it affects my business, brand, family and safety. It’s also extremely illegal.

I can’t actually believe that my account, just because it’s verified, would mean so much to someone. Shows you what losers there are in the world, with no grasps on life value or reality.

Thank you to absolutely everyone so far, who has taken the time to report the @chrissiewunna Twitter account as hacked, as I now have no access to my Twitter account.

If you haven’t reported it YET, please do…as hackers shouldn’t be allowed to just steal peoples verified accounts so easily and use them, as their own.

All my love,


(I’ve written this on my phone at 3.45am. I have a really big day today… I need some sleep.)

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