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Today we should celebrate all life ‘soldiers,’ and I don’t mean the peeps who run around in ‘camo on camo, with guns in their hands. I mean, all of us, who never feel sorry for ourselves, out of pride. No…I mean, out of strength and instead have ALWAYS, just got back up, dusted ourselves off and with a SMILE, got back on that pony and carried on riding, with a ‘Yeehaa, Bitches.’

Now this has nothing to do with me or anything that’s happened recently. Yeah, i’m a life soldier. I’m happy. I have drama, but regardless, my life couldn’t feel more beautiful. I have the most beautiful family. I have the most beautiful man. Work is feeling ever so pretty. I couldn’t even tell you the tingles it gives me.

(Plus, i’ve just got out of an almost 2 hour interview, where I just sat on a leopard print bean bag, answering question, after question…about every little aspect of my life.)

Interviewer: ‘You’re much nicer than I imagined.’

Me: ‘Lol. Thanks. Everyone says that to me. I must come across badly. Haha.’

I’m now doing late lunch, instead of brunch, with my Dad, because we ran over…The last time I did a quick Taco Bell stop off with my Dad, my inbox was filled with messages from people who said they had spotted me with ‘an older guy.’

My Father! Lol. I don’t date my dad. I’ve done a lot of things…where ‘no judgements’ have come into play, as my defense. However, i have quite high morals when it comes to love and family. Haha. You can ask my Mum or the kids.

Ruby: ‘No one loves harder than my mum. She doesn’t care if it ends badly for her. She’ll still just love everyone as much as she can. Junior’s like that. He’ll cry at ‘Annie’ and do anything for the girl of his dreams.. I’m the opposite. I’m more real.’

(Haha, that is coming from my 8 year old daughter.)

Ruby’s Yoga Teacher: ‘Ruby’s actual emotional awareness of life is astounding. She knows so so much & understands everything around her. I asked everyone how they felt..Most replied with itchy…tired, excited or hungry. Ruby said she was just grateful.’

If i could describe how I feel right now, it would be described as a swirl. If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I love the feel of a swirl.

I don’t know whether it’s because work has just slotted into place, everything is happy and i’ve fallen in love. Maybe that was all I was missing?

But i’ve never felt this happy before. I’ve never felt this successful.

I’m gonna shut up now & drink a gallon of pirate rum in celebration.

DBear: ‘F*** what anyone thinks about us. Pay no mind to it.’

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