Dreams Come True…

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Life’s pretty good. Every week something BIG happens. That ‘BIG’ thing…can actually be little, or huge. Every week…there’s something, though.

If i’m being honest, i’m feeling pretty popular, right now. It’s great, but it’s coming with it’s own set of delicious problems. The more popular you become, the more everyone jumps on board with love, drama, hate or anything in between.

I mean, people are just randomly showing up at my home, to say ‘hello’… Lol. They’re finding my number…Following me about…I have over 19,000 emails to get through. And although I get it…I get it… I will say that heels of that sort have not been bedded in, in Wunna land for a loooong time. I forgot about the crazy parts. I’m kinda going back to a lifestyle that ‘once was…’ and it’s getting exercised.

Me: ‘Why have you let that strange man into the house?’

My Brother: ‘He said he had an appointment with you?’

Me: ‘I don’t know that dude AT ALL. FFS!!! Tell him to leave.’

Brother: ‘Well I daren’t tell him now, he’s sat down. Haha. I’ve offered him a drink. ‘

Me: ‘OMG. Don’t just LET PEOPLE IN!!! I’m texting mum!!’

Text: ‘MUM JEZ, JUST LET A STRANGE MAN, WHO I DON’T KNOW INTO MY HOUSE. I am so annoyed!!!! Why is everyone an idiot!’

It had to be done. I’m such a baby. Telling on ya brother always feels good and never gets old. Haha.

Brother’s text: ‘MUM. Chrissie’s screaming at me and being rude. I didn’t LET HIM IN. He pushed passed me!!!’

Me: ‘He didn’ t PUSH PASSED HIM. He LET HIM IN!!!!

Telling on ya sister is always fulfilling. Even more so when ya older. Must be shit being our Mum. Haha.

I got him out in the end….He was actually harmless and pretty loving, but yes…a Wunna Fan. It alarms me when you just show up, unexpectedly. Sooooooo….try not to do that. 😉

Everything else is wonderful. I’m loving being Mama. The kids couldn’t be happier, they crack me up. Right now, we just have THE BEST family relationship, it’s hilarious.

My love life is great. (I can’t believe I can actually say that.) There’s a beam in my eyes AS I say it. He’s currently away with Fifa, and I miss him madly. However, I can’t wait to see him Thursday.

My 2019 has been about taking life by the reins and doing all the things that make me happy, without having to apologize for being ME.

My schedule is busier than ever. It’s bus and trying to fit everyone in and responding to ever person is somewhat difficult now. I have people nagging at me, adoring me, hating on me, trying to pin me down for work…ALL SORTS.

I’ve got a lot going on right now, with work and something personal…I’m prioritizing…everything that doesn’t hit my priority list, will not been seen to yet..and I don’t care. If you knew what I was going through, you’d get it.

I’m ready for a break. A trip away. A bit of freedom. I’m loving everything that I doing and my videos and pics are doing really really well, right now. (I mean five hundred thousand views on a video two days ago… It empowered me.)

I’m embracing the lovers, but getting hated on left, right and centre. NOT actually my women, but by men. If i reject them, they name call. If I do well…they get jealous and name call. If i do better than THEIR GIRL, hen they’re following Wunna Land closely…they hate on me…and name call.

But, i like it, it makes me laugh…because right now, i’m smashing it. Who knew GUYS (who don’t even know you) could be jealous. Nothing empowers me more.

Or there’s this….

The other day some random guy hit up my Twitter inbox with Wunna love…and after I was chipper but BRIEF, (and the briefness annoyed him.) Anyway he sent me a ‘Don’t tell ya boyfriend, that I asked to shoot with you.’

That always pisses me off…Haha…Y’know when they try and insinuate that he may be threatened. It’s like when guys look at you, think they’re charming and say, ‘Hey babe, when are you taking me out?’


So this loyalty bone that I have, HAD TO shut him down.

For the record, we’re both pretty okay and secure. He’s definitely not concerned about random ‘Joe Bloggs,’ trying to be ‘cute.’

Dbear: ‘Well they get to see PICTURES of you. I get to BE with you… Haha.’

I think I must’ve just had a bad week last week because everyone had a go at me. It was like an ‘attack Wunna’ week. I felt really angry, hormonal and stifled. I annoyed MYSELF…

This weeks a different week, because my heart is filled with love.

Always choose love.

Lots is going on. I’m happy. I have two more shows out on the telly soon.

I keep getting lost in the ‘hater zone,’ but i’m now choosing not to even read the shit.

I have huge family support. The career is great, My children are happy. Cupid has my back…

It’s almost like a dream….

…it’s almost like a dream.

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