Don’t Spill Wine On Boats!

After getting everything off my chest yesterday and sponging the bad bits, from my soul, (it’s almost like they got squeezed out into the sink & washed away, to ‘plug hole’ swirl. FYI/ I’ve actually done wonderfully because this time, a bad time WASN’T washed away with wine. YIPPEE!!)

Anyway… I’ve woken up this morning as fresh as daisy. ( If a daisy, was Asian & a kitten.)

I’m definitely one for expression, as to me it’s the healthiest way to live, be and kinda rid your mind of any torment. When I bottle important things up, I feel suffocated. Do you? Getting things ‘OFF my chest,’ is simply a forte on mine…on every level. Torment & I are just not friends. I’m not that kinda kitten.

I’m also one for justice & fairness. (I could’ve been a lawyer, if I didn’t opt for Hollywood, flirting with boys, fun & Playboy. I chose bikinis over books…Yet it worked. I believe it worked because I followed my heart & smeared it with determination. I believe it worked because even though I chose a bikini, I had all the smarts, that they said were in of ‘them books.’ Lol. )

Everything in life is about true balance. Without true balance, things are a little tipply…Almost like you’re stood on a rushing speed boat, in heels, on one leg, holding a bowling ball in one hand, whilst trying not to spill your ‘spilling everywhere’ wine, in your other hand.

It’s do-able. But impossible. Yet, once re-evaluated and done well…you’re sailing.

Why am I being preachy? Haha. Why am I using boat references? I’m a glamour puss, not a…pirate.

But you get my drift…I’m feeling much better, now that the natural ‘life drama’ layers are slowly peeling away from me.

At around 5pm yesterday…no wait (….before that, because I was sat in a car park, on the school run…with my Dad,) more good things happened. It was like moment by moment Life decided to cut me some slack. The Glitter Gods, thought ‘bless her little sorry self, in her last season Jimmy Choos’ and just went with shining some good luck on me.

Today I feel amazing and what I’m gonna do is KEEP THINGS GOING & KEEP THINGS GLAMOROUS.

This is Wunna land and I’m back on my kitty throne.

I’m really excited because today I’m headed over to Howden to see Liz at the Virtue Skin Clinic (@virtueskinclinic) for a bit of beauty love and treatment. She couldn’t be lovelier to me and it’s really made me feel special. I’m grateful for that after a rusty couple weeks. Haha. I adore a bit of beauty, a delicious cuddle of healthy treatment…to start my fresh ‘strut.’

I can’t wait!!!

I’m also going to be popping into my good friend Tom’s gift shop… Tom Loves. (@shoptomloves) It’s filled with the most beautiful treasures, the most wonderful treats..and being a creative, things of that sort, make me happy! He’s such a talent, a fabulous soul & someone I’ve known for years.

I love that he has a store!!! I’ve always wanted a store…

Me: ‘I want a shop! Like one people can go into.’

Flicky C (chick friend:) ‘Why? Haha. Your brand is YOU & sex appeal. What the f*** would you sell?

Me: ‘I don’t know? Lol They can have prosecco or cocktails…whilst they walk around and shop.’

Flicky C: ‘That’s A BAR Wunna. Not a shop.’

Me: ‘Oh? Yeah… Haha. I can’t be arsed to run a bar. Too much drama. It’d Be full of piss heads, puking on my snowy white, faux fur rug.’

Anyway. Sorry. I got distracted. After a bit of ‘feel good’ and beautifying…Liz, Tom and I are gonna head out for dinner and drinks. (I’m a sucker for a good time. I was sold when I heard ‘DRINKS!!’ Haha.)

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back…

See you sooon Howden!!!

(Keep shit Glammy!)

FRINALLY, Life & Justice…

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Well…what a time. Yesterday was the most stressful time so far. When I say ‘so far’ I mean in 2019. I had to fight for someone I love, on his behalf. In fact, no i’m gonna tell you, that I had to fight for love and protection of my son. It’s easy to fight for something or someone that you love so deeply. Someone that you rightly prioritize over yourself. I find that so easy. I’m loyal. I have the heart of a lion. I’m passionate. I hate injustice or drama.

However, it’s difficult when the outcome is in the hands of a third party, isn’t it? Where you can only tell YOUR truth and hope that they feel your soul.

I’ve played happy, because that’s my job. Yet, if i’m gonna be honest, i’ve been so worried, so stressed out and cried almost every day for the last couple weeks…I guess, out of fear, that I wouldn’t be able to protect someone I love.

Yet, I did it…and to have someone filled with compassion and understanding, look at you, when you’re sat there, trying not to cry, but crying anyway, like a fool. To have someone understand & just stop and say, that everything was going to be okay from now on…To have someone listen and give an outcome that finally protected a being that you love…was just utterly overwhelming.

After everything i’ve been going through…even with the little bits, with the Twitter hack, the haters and just the injustice of everything (…which means nothing in comparison,) it was good to just have someone connect with me, look me in the eye…and feel where I was coming from..

It was good to have someone listen, care and to have someone understand me. It meant the world to me, because it meant the world to Ruby & Junior.

Everything is now on it’s way to being put right.. Don’t get me wrong, Ruby, Junior and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful life. So blessed…we couldn’t even tell you, how lucky we are. Yet sometimes, due to others, there are blips…

Blips in life make you stronger, because if you overcome them…you appreciate the good things that you have going on in your life, so much more greatly.

But enough of that..

The career is a soaring. I feel like i’m doing really well…and in a way work has kinda taken my mind away from any drama. I’ve definitely noticed that when you do well, a great deal of unnecessary problems occur, because everyone wants a piece or tries to destroy your world (lol.)


Yet luckily, as long as you stay focused and carry on marching…you’re all good. It’s hard to not be distracted by the drama. Yet it’s essential to try not to be. It’s the moment you give in to the foolishness, that fucks you up. Some people don’t like to see other people do well? They can’t even find it in themselves to be inspired. If you can’t see the good, through the mist, you’ll never go far in life.

This is a very ‘changing’ time for me. That’s why it’s all awkward and weird. There’s lots of bad, mixed in with lots of good. Really good. I don’t even know what’s going on?

I’m just noticing a change, a new chapter, a new everything in my life. I mean, i’ve even fallen in love. That alone took me by surprise. I daren’t even be open about it, in case it’s ruined and taken away from me. In case it’s not real. In case they don’t actually decide to feel the same in the end.

I’m private with things like that anyway. Yet, i’m extra private this time. I mean, I cant even have a flipping social media account, without someone ruining it and whisking it away from me. Lol. It’s like ever single force field or guard has gone up..Unless I know, love and trust you. Then i’m weirdly THE MOST expressive human?

It’s so bizarre.

On the whole, I’ve had the most wonderful day because today, i’ve managed to make everything right.

I’ve been shown so much love and so much support. ( I mean thank you absolutely everyone who has taken the time to like or comment, or taken the time to report the Twitter hacking. Thank you to everyone who’s been so patient with me, during a hard time. I’m truly grateful.)

There have been moments where I was almost letting people down because I couldn’t tell them anything, that was going on.

Today, was a day…during the ‘changing’ time that everything made sense again.

Y’know over the last couple days, even though shit has been hard, i’ve noticed really lovely moments.

A guy at my local petrol station, had his card declined and the lady behind him in the queue (who was hard up herself) paid it for him, to save him anymore embarrassment.

I saw a middle aged busker, in the cold, singing away for coins..because he loved to sing and needed the money. I was on my way to something really important…But i stopped and went to talk to him, for the free 20 mins i had, because no one was noticing him and I wanted hit o feel special.

He was singing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. He sang it so well, everything around me became a blur, but his voice. I just think it takes a lot to stand there and sing, with all your heart, in the cold, for tips, without any acknowledgement.

Busker: ‘You’ve literally made my day.’

Me: ‘No. You’ve actually made my day, Sir.’

Busker: ‘You look lovely. Where you headed? Anywhere nice?’

Me: ‘I’m just doing life. Haha. Believe me, nowhere nice. In fact, the actual opposite.’

And like he knew, but he didn’t know…He then said…

‘Well, no matter what it is. Good luck.’

Me: ‘Thank you. I hope you have a good day.’

Bad times, or should i say NEW TIMES are temporary. Strong people and good souls are FOREVER.

I’m so glad it’s Friday…are you?

My Twitters Been Hacked!

So you all know that recently (the end of last week) someone hacked into my Twitter account, changed the email on the account, the password and then STOLE my VERIFIED account from me. They’re now using MY verified account as their own, whereas I now have no access to it.

I reported it a gazillion times to Twitter, sent in 2 forms of ID and supporting evidence, but nothing happened. (Except automated responses.) Bottom line…didn’t get my Account back because they didn’t believe I owned it.

Firstly, thank you to absolutely everyone who noticed that my account had been HACKED, who messaged me to tell me…

Secondly, THANK YOU to absolutely EVERYONE who has reported my account as HACKED, because the sheer injustice of what happened annoys me.

Obviously the hackers are trying to cover their tracks now and having to change the profile pic & display name every time someone reports it…and below are three different versions of MY stolen account that you guys have kindly sent me.

But yes…above are THREE versions of my account (which I have no access to…) that my Hackers have used.

The last one they set up after everyone reported my account as hacked to try and make it not LOOK Hacked. Y’know, tried to clean it up a little.

They placed the CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM link on the profile, as it’s now under investigation…Therefore when Twitter looks into it again, it leads them here…to my blog, so it all looks real.

But it’s not. They’ve illegally stolen my account….and it’s disgusting.

Everyone knows I would never use a profile picture that wasn’t my own face!! Lol. But they can’t use my actual picture because i could report them for impersonation. They’d be stealing my identity.

So far, it’s been sooooo wrong that Twitter would let this happen without doing anything….as it affects my business, brand, family and safety. It’s also extremely illegal.

I can’t actually believe that my account, just because it’s verified, would mean so much to someone. Shows you what losers there are in the world, with no grasps on life value or reality.

Thank you to absolutely everyone so far, who has taken the time to report the @chrissiewunna Twitter account as hacked, as I now have no access to my Twitter account.

If you haven’t reported it YET, please do…as hackers shouldn’t be allowed to just steal peoples verified accounts so easily and use them, as their own.

All my love,


(I’ve written this on my phone at 3.45am. I have a really big day today… I need some sleep.)

What Are You Worth?

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I’ve finally made it to Monday and I couldn’t be happier. So much happened over the weekend. I was working with the rest of The Wunna’s, in Sheffield, as we were filming over the last two days. Ruby was away with school for one of those days, which threw me off a bit, because I missed her so madly.

People were trying to both love and attack Wunna Land, all at the same time. My Twitter account was hacked and stolen. Twitter never gave me the account, because they don’t believe i’m the real me???

I found out one of my friends passed away. They took their own life. Then I got some news about ‘DBear.’ The boyfriend. (Who i love very dearly.) The news was actually great, because it’s exciting for me, but for some reason, with everything going on, everything hit me all at once…and I got a little overwhelmed.

Friday night I laid in bed and had a MASSIVE MASSIVE CRY, before sleep. Weirdly, that night, I had THE BEST sleep ever, after shocking myself up at 4.29am. I lulled back to ‘dream land,’ yet woke up a whole new woman. I was filled with happiness.

So, I guess it’s really important to firstly be able to EXPRESS emotion. Always let it out. But do it in the most healthy fashion. This isn’t an excuse to go off the rails. It’s about happy, healthy freedom from stress.

Never bottle things up or hold things in. When you don’t have a release, you burden your mind and soul. Things get harder and harder. It’s not that jolly. Lol. Joining the bury brigade, or opting for the stressy pancake stack, will only hurt yourself.

Friday morning, I had a mini cry. The mini cry wasn’t enough. I held it back in my kimono, because the kids were there. Friday night, when the light were off and I was all alone…I had THE BIG CRY and OH MY GOD, i never felt better.

I woke up refreshed, refueled and ready to take on anyone and anything.

It’s all I needed.

So, I’ll tell you now… my work life is great and it’s great because yes, I enjoy success, making money and achievement. However, at the same time I’m someone who KNOWS what matters TO ME. I know what matters in life. In my life.

I’ve never felt so together…. so stable. I’m a good girlfriend, mother, daughter…human. I feel invincible because I value love over money.

For example, everyone keeps asking me about my Twitter hack. I don’t need a Twitter account. Who gives a fuck about that!?! No one, but THEM (the hackers.) It’s funny…. and illegal. BTW. (Which I guess they will find out about shortly.)

The things I care about, I have! And they’re my babies, my family, true love, friendships and the utter happiness that meanders through Wunna Land, with giggles, jokes, life and love.

That’s real. That’s my worth. That’s what I couldn’t live without…But iv’e always known that. I’m not someone who’s ever got lost in a haze. Yet, I thank my Mother for that. She always kept me grounded. Always kept things real….with love. She showed me what true happiness was all about.

The reason why i wanted to put that out there, is because there’s still so many people who maybe haven’t yet grasped their true version of happiness.

You will never get lost if you surround yourself with love, support and good people. You’re a product of your environment…yes. But those with the right strength and kindness around them, never feel alone. And during blips, you are brought back to your feet with love.

Kenny: ‘Hi. I haven’t seen you in ages..’

Me: ‘I know. I’ve been hiding, stressed and wanting everyone to leave me alone. Haha. ‘

Kenny: ‘Yeah I saw all that about your Insta & Twitter. You’ve been taking care of everyone else and not yourself.’

Me: ‘Well yeah, I do that. Haha.’

Kenny: ‘Do me a favour…when that fat man, who looks like a lump comes near you, abuse him for me, because he always makes fun of me whenever I stop to talk to you.’

Me: ‘Nooo. Haha. I can’t do that.’

Kenny: ‘Where are ya kids??? They would!!!’

Hahaha…and just like that, life went back to normal.

Cos You’ve Got To Cry in a Kimono.

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I woke up this morning. Laid in bed naked. Scrolled through my ‘socials.’ Checked to see if ‘DBear’ had messaged me. I then tapped on my Twitter account, on my phone and I couldn’t login, because someone had hacked into my account, changed my email on the account, changed the name, changed my password…and well they’re now using my Verified Twitter Account, for themselves.

I have no access to it.

Yippppeee! Great morning vibes.

It wound me up because it made me feel violated. So violated…(because it’s just happening too much right now…Almost every other day.)

Anyway, I did what any Asian Glamour Puss would do, with a heart (longing to be filled with wine) and I cried. I kitten cried, like a Princess….quietly….because I needed a release from the stress of it all.

I mean, i’ve been so happy. I’m currently smashing work. I’m doing so well. I’ve been telling you how happy i’ve felt…(even though i’ve been going through a secret hard time.) I’ve had wonderful around me, offering me love and guidance.

But heaven forbid me be happy, fall in love, nurture my babies or make money. GOD! I’m not allowed that am I, because someone somewhere hates me for it…and has therefore decided that they need to either try and ruin everything (for kicks,) or use me to make dosh.

I cried in a peacock blue, oriental kimono this morning (lol,) with my weave in full force, diamonds in my ears, eyelashed to fuck and in plum lip liner and pom pom toed slippers.

Ruby: Why are you crying mum?’

Me: ‘I’m not. I’m fine. Let’s get ya bag ready for the residential trip.’

Ruby: ‘I heard you call Grandma and say it was because someone hacked into your Twitter.’

(She always knows everything. Haha.)

Me: ‘Yeah. They did. I’m not crying over a Twitter account. I’m crying because no matter how well I do, or how happy I become…I guess, some people don’t like it. They just want to do mean things to me, for no reason.’

Ruby: ‘Oh. So you’re crying to DEEE..stress…That’s fine then. 🙂 You know I love you. Junior loves you too. It doesn’t matter what people do to you. They’re not part of our lives.

Me: ‘They affect our lives though..’

Ruby (Do remember she’s only 8): ‘Only if you let them, Mum.’

Then she looked at me, with the EXACT SAME face, that I always look at her with, whenever I lecture her about being strong. I taught HER THAT! She held her head high and had the most powerful stare. And just like that…I got it.

After that, I had an in pour of support and love from my friends, my family…everyone..

House of Solo: ‘It’s cos your hot right now, girl.’

Wazza: ‘Don’t take it personally. It happens to people all the time. Your password will be on a list , which they can sell to spammers. It’s worth something when the accounts verified.Here’s what you do. I’ll help ya.’

Everyone made me feel better by being helpful, loving and productive…because I hate a ‘pity party.’ Especially when i’m in a kimono.

After I cried, I turned rebellious and got angry. Lol. Us girls are good like that!

Then I found out WHO DID IT…and when I realized that I actually knew them and trusted them….It upset me again and I cried once more…Haha…In my peacock blue kimono.

I guess, they thought they’d get away with it….But I found something out and just approached them directly. (I’m good like that and i don’t like spiteful people.)

Me: ‘You do know what you’ve done is illegal.’

(They were also responsible for setting up those fake private Insta accounts. They actually had a copy of my ID and used it to try and prove they were me. Luckily, on insta they need to see your full face and hand HOLDING your ID. So they fell at that hurdle. They set up a bunch of fake online accounts to make money. They now have my Twitter..which they haven’t returned to me y. The whole to be pretended to be my friend.)

They even had the audacity to try and blame Wazza, who firstly they don’t know and secondly runs What they didn’t know was that Wazza and I were school friends, we’ve grown and known each other since being tiny kids. Our families are close. We’re raised so much better than that moralistically. So I pointed out some delicious facts that proved it was them….and THEY got it.

So yeah…

..My ONLINE privacy is being heavily violated right. I have people trying to hack into everything, my FB, my Instagram…They have my Twitter and it’s kinda getting a little ridiculous now. I have people showing up at my house. I have secret drama. I have all this shit…

And let me tell you…not one bit of it (after my Kimono weep) has set me back. I’m powering forward. I feel strong. I feel lucky. I’m happy and i’m doing so well.

They’re not a focus, my love and my family are.

People may try to imitate you, but they will never be able to BE YOU…meaning you always win.

Today, I wanted to tell you all about the most beautiful time I had with Steph at The Crown Well Being Clinic’ where I enjoyed 3D lipo, a caviar and LED facial….all sorts. I have so much to tell you…So many more POSITIVE things to tell you about.

So i’ll leave it to the next blog, so it doesn’t get jumbled up in bullshit.

I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m gonna miss my Baby Ruby, who’s on her first residential trip away with school. I can’t wait until 3.30pm, to pick Baby Junior up. (He wants me to buy him a football, so he can be the same as his best friend Eoin.)

No more crying in Kimonos.

Feel motivated when people try to pull you down. Don’t give in.


(My Little Burmese Mum, turned all ‘Kris Jenner.’ today.)

Mum: ‘Right. Let’s show everyone what ya made of now.’

DBear: ‘Baby. Pay no mind to it. We don’t give a fuck about what people think of us.’

Yanno Boo…

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Today we should celebrate all life ‘soldiers,’ and I don’t mean the peeps who run around in ‘camo on camo, with guns in their hands. I mean, all of us, who never feel sorry for ourselves, out of pride. No…I mean, out of strength and instead have ALWAYS, just got back up, dusted ourselves off and with a SMILE, got back on that pony and carried on riding, with a ‘Yeehaa, Bitches.’

Now this has nothing to do with me or anything that’s happened recently. Yeah, i’m a life soldier. I’m happy. I have drama, but regardless, my life couldn’t feel more beautiful. I have the most beautiful family. I have the most beautiful man. Work is feeling ever so pretty. I couldn’t even tell you the tingles it gives me.

(Plus, i’ve just got out of an almost 2 hour interview, where I just sat on a leopard print bean bag, answering question, after question…about every little aspect of my life.)

Interviewer: ‘You’re much nicer than I imagined.’

Me: ‘Lol. Thanks. Everyone says that to me. I must come across badly. Haha.’

I’m now doing late lunch, instead of brunch, with my Dad, because we ran over…The last time I did a quick Taco Bell stop off with my Dad, my inbox was filled with messages from people who said they had spotted me with ‘an older guy.’

My Father! Lol. I don’t date my dad. I’ve done a lot of things…where ‘no judgements’ have come into play, as my defense. However, i have quite high morals when it comes to love and family. Haha. You can ask my Mum or the kids.

Ruby: ‘No one loves harder than my mum. She doesn’t care if it ends badly for her. She’ll still just love everyone as much as she can. Junior’s like that. He’ll cry at ‘Annie’ and do anything for the girl of his dreams.. I’m the opposite. I’m more real.’

(Haha, that is coming from my 8 year old daughter.)

Ruby’s Yoga Teacher: ‘Ruby’s actual emotional awareness of life is astounding. She knows so so much & understands everything around her. I asked everyone how they felt..Most replied with itchy…tired, excited or hungry. Ruby said she was just grateful.’

If i could describe how I feel right now, it would be described as a swirl. If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I love the feel of a swirl.

I don’t know whether it’s because work has just slotted into place, everything is happy and i’ve fallen in love. Maybe that was all I was missing?

But i’ve never felt this happy before. I’ve never felt this successful.

I’m gonna shut up now & drink a gallon of pirate rum in celebration.

DBear: ‘F*** what anyone thinks about us. Pay no mind to it.’

Just Perfect…

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Omg. Life is so wonderful, it’s ‘Wunnaful.’ It’s so Wunnaful, (which is the simple art of a situation surpassing the wonder of wonderful,) that i’m almost trying to second guess myself, like it can’t even be real…

Good things do usually happen to me. I know that. Good things happen to good people…I believe that with all my heart. Yet GREAT things hardly ever happy to me…or people… However, GREAT things and I… right now, are buddies. I can now scan my surroundings and just see happiness and wonder everywhere.

And in my world..happiness, is the art of ‘all you ever wanted.’

I’ve decided i must’ve had a much harder life than I originally thought, because why would I second guess happiness, like i’m not allowed to be more than content? Haha. (I smell issues. Lol.)

But my career is heading in the right direction. I’m doing well right now. The Wunna’s are still alive and solid. My children are at their most confident and not only am I in love, but i’m at my most stable. My most ‘together…’ and that took a long ass time.

So yeah, i’m gonna tell you that i’m happy. I’m really happy. If i’m being honest, I expected the career to do well, I ‘ve worked hard enough for it. I expected the babies (@rubyandjunior) to always feel whole and special. They’re surrounded by love. I expected The Wunna’s (my Mum, My Dad, my Brother…) to always be close…I didn’t expect my love life to develop the way that it has.

I’m so filled with love…and when i’m in love i’m alive. It came out of nowhere and it took me by surprise. But I guess, the way I feel about him, as time has steadily paced, has not only confirmed that i’m a romantic, he’s great and that i’m never afraid of anything. Yet it’s also kinda shown me that after every thing that i’ve been through, i’m strong because even today, I can still look at a man, with a warm, open heart and love him so madly…regardless to my own history.

To me…that’s strength. I’m a girl who puts the positive before the negative. My parents taught me that.

I’ve been all over the UK, working. I’ve shot, I’ve filmed and all my the free time i’ve had i’ve been with the family, the babies and my boo.

Y’know when you just feel like something amazing is going to happen to you…yet you don’t quite know what…but something.

That is me right now.

There’s a buzz in the air in Wunna Land. Ruby, Junior and I can feel it.

Ruby: ‘Mum, you look so happy. You’ve BEEN so happy. Why are you so scared to fall in love?’

Me: ‘I’m not. That’s the problem. I’ll give you some advice…Sometimes you might care about someone.. and they don’t care for you, as much as you care for them…but you hope they do. Yet one day you’ll find someone who really does love you…and that can be scary, if you’ve had a rubbish time.’

Ruby: ‘You told me never to be scared. Especially when something makes you so happy.’

And in a single moment, my 8 year old daughter, taught my OWN LESSON, right back at me. She even know how inspiring she is. (Tonight she’s on a dinner date with one of the boys at her school…and she’s so excited.)

So if I could tell you anything today, it would be to never create doubt, over nothing, just because fear has seeped in, because really when everything is just perfect.

What a fucking week…

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Where do I even begin? Haha. I’m literally pissing myself, because I honestly cannot even describe the week that i’ve had. I’ve secretly loved it though, because i’ve finally got the end of the fucking tunnel.

I’ve seen the light and stepped into it! Lol

Most people only tell you the good bits, and they wait until their frolicking in the light, to tell you their story. (Which works as inspiration.) Y’know, how Celebs tell you their ‘how they made their millions‘ story, and how hard they had it to begin with.

I tell you the story, as I go along…Y’know, as it’s happening. Therefore you’re kinda unfortunately on the ride with me…so we better how I do well in the end. Haha.

But yes, I was grumpy last week and I must have looked it, because people in every place I sauntered into, told me that I looked like, ‘i’d definitely had enough. ‘ Haha. Lovely!

Me: ‘This is not the service I expect! Haha.’

I’m having fun though. I mean, yesterday evening I was haunted by my dead best friend Kat. I lived in the BBF mansion with her for ITV2, whilst trying to win the affection of Paris Hilton. Our backgrounds were really different and she was always on the search for love. We became best best friends and well…there’s a story to tell.

Anyway, because she played the villan of the show, and everyone hated on her, she took her own life. I remember being stood on Edgeware Rd, London, outside The Hilton Hotel, when I heard the news…I tried to call her…even though I knew she had taken her own life.

But I don’t want this story to be grim, because she always said that if she died, she would come and haunt me for kicks. And she did.

I fell asleep…I heard someone shouting out my name really clearly, I shocked myself up at 1.42am, saw a figure of a woman at the door. It looked like my friend Kat. Infact, it was her. Then she disappeared & no one was there.

Lovely. (Incase you don’t know, I’m SHIT FUCKING SCARED OF GHOSTS. I CRIED AT SCARE KINGDOM, on the flipping red carpet.)

I was too scared to sleep, so when I eventually did, I was shocked up a nudge..I looked up and Kat was stood by my bed.

I did that thing where you just hide under your covers because like problems, they might go away, if you just hide. Haha.

But She disappeared. It was now 2.04am and I Insta storied it out, because if anything happened to me, everyone would know.

Chick friend: You are so fucking dramatic. Haha.’ ‘

Me: ‘Fuck off. You weren’t haunted by FUCKING GHOSTS, ALL NIGHT. I’VE HAD NO SLEEP & now I have to dress the kids up as a sea turtle and a flamingo, take them to school for MARDI GRAS get to two meetings and learn how to make pancakes on Youtube!!’

I got woken up again that night….and I was terrified. Lol. But weirdly this time, Kat wasn’t there, instead my phone was bleeping? I looked at it and the only thing i noticed was the fact that it was 3.33am. It was so prominent in my focus that I ended up Googling what 3.33am meant? I know, so weird. I would never. I only ever Google myself , people i fancy, how to make pancakes and porn. 🙂

This is exactly what it said…

Angel number 333 symbolizes aid and encouragement. It means that your angels are nearby, ready to help & reassure you that your plans are going well. It sends the message that your prayers have been answered * seeing 333 means that whatever you requested is on it’s way to you.’

So it was nice… I then slept…for an hour, before it was time to wake up.I wasn’t scared anymore. I slept peacefully. Therefore i guess, i’m in for a lucky ass time. ( I hope I requested something good? Knowing me, I would’ve ballsed it up. Knowing me, I would’ve asked for rum…Knowing me, I would’ve said ‘lucky ASS time’ and Kat would’ve taken it literally, meaning i’ll forever be sore. Haha.)

Bottom line…all’s good. The kids had the most wonderful Mardi Gras, followed by steak and ‘make your own pizzas’ at Ego. (They actually got to walk their creations to the Chef to be cooked and they loved it. I really appreciate the staff there because they truly go out of their way to make The Wunna Babies happy…when quite frankly, they’re brats. Haha.

Staff Member: ‘Aww, I thought he was being nice and wanted to help with the chairs.’

Me: ‘How dare you assume nice things come out of my loins. Haha. ‘

Junior won an award for his turtle outfit, which made Ruby grumpy, because she wanted an award herself. So (like that time Rupert decided he wasn’t going to adore her and put up with her nonsense) she ordered a rare steak, and a mocktail to make herself feel better.

Junior: ‘When I grow up, i’m gonna marry Mummy or Holly Willoughby.’

Ruby: ‘I’m not EVER getting married. I’m just gonna be single and rich.’ Lol

Anyway, away from all that…today I bought a kimono, i’m doing really well, people are either loving me, nagging at me or hating on me. I had two sofa’s delivered to my home on Friday. The delivery guy was so helpful and sweet, so I hugged him…well he went for a hug. Anyway, he found my phone number, from the order, and messaged me 100’s of times. Lol.

He apparent’y wants to ‘oil my tits up.’ Haha. What is my life!?! I must give good hugs.

It’s just funny isn’t it? I mean, it cracks me up. Obviously, I don’t fancy a booby oil up…But i’m grateful that he lifted and delivered my sofas. Haha.

I’m headed to Surrey tomorrow to see ‘boo face.’ DBear, which will be good because i’ve needed a cut away, a break…and he’s been away.

I am smashing my meetings galore. I had a great time with ‘House of Solo’ magazine yesterday, who currently have Louis Tomlinson on the cover.

‘Louis people aren’t posting the pics.’

Me: ‘Ask them too. Wait. I’ll tweet it out now for you. ‘

I’m actually really happy. Could this be it…have i ACTUALLY gone and done it and FOUND a completion of utter glee, on all levels?

We’ll see….

Right now, i’m living a dream..

How’s your life going?

Dreams Come True…

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Life’s pretty good. Every week something BIG happens. That ‘BIG’ thing…can actually be little, or huge. Every week…there’s something, though.

If i’m being honest, i’m feeling pretty popular, right now. It’s great, but it’s coming with it’s own set of delicious problems. The more popular you become, the more everyone jumps on board with love, drama, hate or anything in between.

I mean, people are just randomly showing up at my home, to say ‘hello’… Lol. They’re finding my number…Following me about…I have over 19,000 emails to get through. And although I get it…I get it… I will say that heels of that sort have not been bedded in, in Wunna land for a loooong time. I forgot about the crazy parts. I’m kinda going back to a lifestyle that ‘once was…’ and it’s getting exercised.

Me: ‘Why have you let that strange man into the house?’

My Brother: ‘He said he had an appointment with you?’

Me: ‘I don’t know that dude AT ALL. FFS!!! Tell him to leave.’

Brother: ‘Well I daren’t tell him now, he’s sat down. Haha. I’ve offered him a drink. ‘

Me: ‘OMG. Don’t just LET PEOPLE IN!!! I’m texting mum!!’

Text: ‘MUM JEZ, JUST LET A STRANGE MAN, WHO I DON’T KNOW INTO MY HOUSE. I am so annoyed!!!! Why is everyone an idiot!’

It had to be done. I’m such a baby. Telling on ya brother always feels good and never gets old. Haha.

Brother’s text: ‘MUM. Chrissie’s screaming at me and being rude. I didn’t LET HIM IN. He pushed passed me!!!’

Me: ‘He didn’ t PUSH PASSED HIM. He LET HIM IN!!!!

Telling on ya sister is always fulfilling. Even more so when ya older. Must be shit being our Mum. Haha.

I got him out in the end….He was actually harmless and pretty loving, but yes…a Wunna Fan. It alarms me when you just show up, unexpectedly. Sooooooo….try not to do that. 😉

Everything else is wonderful. I’m loving being Mama. The kids couldn’t be happier, they crack me up. Right now, we just have THE BEST family relationship, it’s hilarious.

My love life is great. (I can’t believe I can actually say that.) There’s a beam in my eyes AS I say it. He’s currently away with Fifa, and I miss him madly. However, I can’t wait to see him Thursday.

My 2019 has been about taking life by the reins and doing all the things that make me happy, without having to apologize for being ME.

My schedule is busier than ever. It’s bus and trying to fit everyone in and responding to ever person is somewhat difficult now. I have people nagging at me, adoring me, hating on me, trying to pin me down for work…ALL SORTS.

I’ve got a lot going on right now, with work and something personal…I’m prioritizing…everything that doesn’t hit my priority list, will not been seen to yet..and I don’t care. If you knew what I was going through, you’d get it.

I’m ready for a break. A trip away. A bit of freedom. I’m loving everything that I doing and my videos and pics are doing really really well, right now. (I mean five hundred thousand views on a video two days ago… It empowered me.)

I’m embracing the lovers, but getting hated on left, right and centre. NOT actually my women, but by men. If i reject them, they name call. If I do well…they get jealous and name call. If i do better than THEIR GIRL, hen they’re following Wunna Land closely…they hate on me…and name call.

But, i like it, it makes me laugh…because right now, i’m smashing it. Who knew GUYS (who don’t even know you) could be jealous. Nothing empowers me more.

Or there’s this….

The other day some random guy hit up my Twitter inbox with Wunna love…and after I was chipper but BRIEF, (and the briefness annoyed him.) Anyway he sent me a ‘Don’t tell ya boyfriend, that I asked to shoot with you.’

That always pisses me off…Haha…Y’know when they try and insinuate that he may be threatened. It’s like when guys look at you, think they’re charming and say, ‘Hey babe, when are you taking me out?’


So this loyalty bone that I have, HAD TO shut him down.

For the record, we’re both pretty okay and secure. He’s definitely not concerned about random ‘Joe Bloggs,’ trying to be ‘cute.’

Dbear: ‘Well they get to see PICTURES of you. I get to BE with you… Haha.’

I think I must’ve just had a bad week last week because everyone had a go at me. It was like an ‘attack Wunna’ week. I felt really angry, hormonal and stifled. I annoyed MYSELF…

This weeks a different week, because my heart is filled with love.

Always choose love.

Lots is going on. I’m happy. I have two more shows out on the telly soon.

I keep getting lost in the ‘hater zone,’ but i’m now choosing not to even read the shit.

I have huge family support. The career is great, My children are happy. Cupid has my back…

It’s almost like a dream….

…it’s almost like a dream.