No Blips For Me…

So the beginning of the day started somewhat ‘dodgy.’ Then the dodginess dissolved away, after a bit of open banter, as I sat in an office, amongst two of the warmest souls. This was followed up with a sincere release of a ‘mini rant,’ a really good friend and a then a total ‘life soldier.’

I say it all the time. But im really lucky.
They’re my kinda people, because I’m THAT kind of person. I’ll fight for anything I believe in and stand for those in support.
You need people like that around you always because they’re the people who will actually care & help fight your corner, without you ever having to ‘prompt.’

They’ll just have your back…regardless.

Everything in my life just keeps changing and changing. I’m evolving and 2019, so far…as just been a dream.
However, I’ve noticed that when things like my career and my love life, begin to wiggle around for the better…the other things surrounding me in life…don’t.
My surroundings become more complicated and when this happens I find myself withdrawing and making sure that I keep myself, to myself.

I shouldn’t have to do that, should I? But I do.

However, I’m in a really happy place. A place that’s stretchy, comfy and smooth. A place filled with love and new findings, that I’m so utterly grateful for.

‘Blips’ do come….
However, when life throws me an occasional blip….it does niggles at me (because I’m human.) Yet, it then end, seems to bounces right off.

I’m never scared of ‘blips,’ (you shouldn’t be either) because I champion them like a trooper. Plus, sometimes a good ‘blip’ helps you appreciate the good times, the great things you have & also forces you to prioritise.

I’m not a ‘blip’ dweller because nothing good can come from the dwelling. I shake it off my hot pink stiletto and casually strut onward, with love.

I’m not someone who dwells over things that I don’t value.
It’s a good trait to learn…

Anyway…like I said…life feels wonderful right now and my heart is filled with happy.

Friday’s such wonderful day of the week. Promise me you’ll have a good one!

Chrissie x

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