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Life is good. The cat’s tried to eat me. Finding a pure white bra in Wunna land, has been like trying to find dancing elves, guarding a pot of gold, at the end of a flipping rainbow and my first born has forced me to hire her a disco party bus.

My single gay best friend Liam, has consulted me on his potential, future love matches. A blued eyed gent, by a horse, seems to be winning. Liam wants to entertain him via the fine art of oral sex.

Me: ‘His eyes are cute. Why is he stroking a horse?’

Liam: ‘I want to be on my knees, looking up at those eyes!’


Chicks would never say that would we? Haha. But I love my gays and my guy friends for it. It makes me laugh. Yet only because my insta inbox hears it all the time…every minute. It’s made me immune to being shocked my a tinker of the naughty.

Plus, I think sex is healthy. It’s good for the soul. So lets hope Liam finds true love.

I also chatted to my other friend early this morning. The poor sod, has been going through awkward…well just really BAD press. Haha. He’s been hit with ‘kiss & tells’ like a fame hungry hurricane.

I can’t even believe it’s still going on…But i’m glad that he said his piece…He has my support 100 percent. When you can laugh about things, you know it’s cool.

Me: ‘I love that all your private messages are all over the news. I’m pissing myself.’

‘It’s just crazy. They have no class.’

We sort of have this bizarre friendship, where we’re like siblings…who banter, vent and slag people off if we need to, in private. Yet the most important thing is that we have each others back…I value our friendship over any petty bullshit. I want to look back, laugh and send him a text when I’m 74 reading…

‘Remember that time in 2017, when you were a complete tosser.’

It’s ace. I love it. It’s a fun rapport. To me…they are nothing short of a great human…and if i’m being honest, i’m kinda finding the fun in the drama. It’s making me giggle.

I’m doing my Q & A’s on insta again and i’m flooded with questions galore. I really appreciate the love that i’m getting and I ‘m grateful that you even bother to tune in.

It makes me happy. I don’t have much to be sad about, yet for some reason, having a cyber audience, comforts me? It makes me extra happy?

Back in the day, you could say I had issues. (And I don’t. So shush. Haha.) However, in the age that we’re currently living in, loving a bit of social media *applause* is pretty normal.


Everyone currently keeps asking me about my love life? I seem to not be saying much, for being so open and honest. I get that. But over the years, i’ve just kinda learnt that there are some things that I don’t need to tell everyone about, if I wasn’t read to.

I’m happy…and that’s all you need right? ‘m in the ‘early days’ happy…and I’ll tell you that I utterly respect this person, because they’ve approached the whole thing respectfully and with love…..

They’re a really great human and great humans are want i’m into. Thoughtfulness, kindness, swag, sexiness and…(I can’t think of anything to go on the list.) But i feel lucky. He’s a beautiful person.

It’s just right….

It really is…just right.

I just know..

We all know, that i’m shit when it comes to my love life and I never know why because by nature, I am THE MOST loving human?

But I think the key to happiness in these situations, when it comes to love and relationships,is to keep shit simple. People over complicate everything. I don’t worry about the small stuff. I just enjoy the right now.

2019 is all about going for it…Just going for stuff, without worry. Doing YOU and living it…Y’know seeing what happens and enjoying the adventure.

So, that’s what i’m doing…whilst minding my own business. 😉

Hope you have the most wonderful day!

Chrissie x

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