Open Hearts Sprinkled with Adventure…

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Just a wonderful day, filled with wonderful feelings, dipped in wonderful moments, sprinkled with wonderful times.

Today someone made me smile and the simple art of making someone grin, is nothing short of magical, right?

This is a different grin to normal…as it’s a stable beam of peacefulness. It doesn’t feel erratic or wrong. It feels very ‘together. Really well rounded. It feels very right.

It was certainly unexpected, y’know…kinda out the blue? Yet connections and path crossings are always bets this way and always worth something, when your heart is still open and your mind is fresh.

Today was a good day.

I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m lucky.

I entered 2019 with an ’embrace life’ kinda attitude. A real ‘you only life once’ kinda vibe. A true meaning and purpose. An attitude filled with love, where I would never judge another, yet go forth with a spirit of adventure.

That attitude has served me well.

So, i know this a really short spurt of a blog..and I know that it’s someone cryptic.

But it’s enough for you to understand, that today was a really good day. 😉

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