The Simple Art of Being There…

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Hey, my delicious licks of life! How’s ‘Hump Day’ treating ya? How’s your version of ‘story’ a going? Regardless, I hope you’re well and I thank you greatly, for finding you beautiful way, here..into Wunna Land.

As always, i’m feeling great. I’m feeling wonderful. No. Wunnaful. Everything’s kinda picking up for me ‘work wise’ and when that happens, my mind gets busy and my heart feels full. I’m glamourously paddling in my element and grateful for every prosecco sip, every wiggle to my walk and ever moment of memory I make.

Life’s a funny thing isn’t it? We’re all trying to make our way, aren’t we, instead of enjoying the right now. We’re all doing well. We’re all doing badly. We’re all either trying to achieve or plod along nicely.

(Plodding bores me. I’m a girl who gets bored very easily.)

Yesterday evening, randomly, whilst I was on Twitter, my newsfeed decided to be filled with ‘news’ about someone I knew….

Now, I don’t pay too much attention to what people say, sell or ‘sally’ when it comes to the press, because you only get to read a ‘2 dimensional’ version, without emotion… to any tale. Right?

I’ve been on both the good end of that and the bad end of that. Yet, i’ve always just got on with it, because at the end of the day, i believe everything happens for a reason. Plus, if you haven’t lived it, you don’t really know.

But when you know someone personally, you zone in, don’t you…

So I did. I read…

…and yeah, it shocked me.

Weirdly, I could’ve felt bad whilst reading it? But I didn’t? Half of me felt empowered and strong. I felt all mighty and better! The other half, felt badly for the person, I knew…

It didn’t really make them look that great and that happens to me all the time. I’m not judgey. After everything I’ve charmed my way out of in life…I’m not in a position to judge. Haha!

Yet, I understood that, the tale (which was fair, the person I knew, brought it on themselves….and the person who told the tale was obviously fame hungry…) That’s something that should’ve been spotted right away. I mean the only online footprint the story teller had is THAT tale…& because they weren’t genuine & used someone.

However, Regardless, I knew that the drama would make the person I knew, feel moderately shitty.

I’m a good human and all that…so I sent them a message of encouragement. (During those times, they need support…and mainly a rant. So..I let them rant.)

Me: ‘Stop trying to justify yourself. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone! You can do what you want! When you want. It’s your life!!’

In far as I’m concerned, people are entitled to make their own choices, without apology. You make people happy along the way. You hurt people by accident….or intentionally. That happens. That’s life. But you should never try and use someone. I hate it when that happens to me…

So yeah… ofcourse…

…there’s obviously repercussions to everything…

However, in any career where you’re made to be a ‘talking point’…you’re made for the repercussions. You’ve heard it so much…you can handle it, with strength.. as the ‘think they knows’ chatter.

Or so the story goes…

All people, no matter what ‘life walk’ they’re strutting…are human.

I learnt something about this person yesterday, after I let them have a rant. Y’know, a ‘get it off their chest’ moment.

I learnt that they felt more, than I thought….I learnt that we had this random friendship…and so I advised them appropriately.

The reason WHY I did that, was because they needed people to support them, as they took ‘life moments’ on the chin. I always do when it happens to me. No-one wants grief at this time. They just need support by the dear folk who get it. Right?

The real reason why I did that was because I respected the person…I actually learnt from them without them knowing. Respect is huge with me…as is learning…so I was on their team all along.

Regardless of this & that..I always go on my own experience & whenever I had a moan or a moment of ‘not okayness,’ they’d always encourage me positively. (Do know, after reading what I read…I could’ve been personally wound up. I just wasn’t. I don’t even know why I wasn’t? Well no…it just helped me understand, I’d say.)

Long story short….

Sometimes life will pull the rug from under ya! The trick is to handle it..and carry on strutting. ( Have good soldiers who get it.)

Sometimes you look back and see that everything happens for a reason. (At times it’s dodgy, but later you understand.)

Sometimes people use you. Sometimes they don’t. It’s a chance you always take. (Personally I think People should focus on their own talents, instead of using the name of someone else. It’s a shortcut to 5 mins of nothing. Make something wonderful from your own gifts!)

However, away from the ‘sometimes, sometimes,’ always, when you’re there for someone, in a moment of personal ‘doo dah,’ you 100% feel wonderful. (Remember that.)

Oh and also… Karma’s a bitch 🤣

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