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I’m having so much fun! I’m loving January. I’m loving all your excitement and kind words on my ‘socials.’ (Thank you everyone making the effort to be a part of my world.) I’m filled to the brim with just plain old LIFE love and it’s life alone that makes me BEAM.

Never forget that it’s the ‘adventure’ that makes everything worthwhile. We all end up in the same place, at the ‘finish line..’ and it’s a place that none of us, will LITERALLY never see. Which practically means it actually doesn’t exist.

Live! Love! Take Chances! Be Happy! (Do it in a bikni if you like, it makes for good Insta likes.’ Haha.)

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. That must mean i’m happy. Happiness & Security is sexy on a girl. The same way thoughtfulness is sexy on a guy right?

I’m in a good place, because i’m doing everything the way I’ve always wanted…BOLDLY…AND without a single worry.

But anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the fact that on Jan 3rd, at i tinkered to the Candiland Studios, for shoot with the loveliest & most equipped photographer, i’ve ever met, @SteveCandi. (He has everything, from neon lit sofas, 8 million hats, gallons of wine, 4000 pairs of sunglasses, outifts galore, a heater, a wind machine and pink pole dancer wall paper…to a heart of utter solid gold.)

Such a delight to work with. Such a beautiful soul. Really glad I got to ‘Daily Sport’ it with him…and well, hopefully i’ll get to shoot with him again shortly.

I got picked up at around five o clock, by ‘Pitstop Rentals,’ (take a peek at his Insta..) for my evening shoot.

I simply LOVE ‘Pitstop Rentals’ with all of my heart, because if you ever need a reliable and bouji chauffeuring service, let me tell you…there is NO BETTER SERVICE…than ‘Pitstop,’ in the whole of UK.

It’s First Rate. Five Star! (If i needed food, he’d take me. If I needed help, he’d carry my bags through a busy airport. I use the service all the time and nothing makes me feel more comfortable, yet regal, all at the same time.

We like to FEEL good when we travel right? Well, I do! Especially, when i’m headed to work.

Pitstop: ‘You see so calm this time? You’re usually so nervous for a shoot.’

(I was calm, because I wasn’t scared of my life choices anymore. I was confident, that i’d smash it.) Good or bad. I was happy.

The great thing about ‘Pitstop’ is that unlike everyone else, he gets to see the ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ of my life. I ask his advice. He gives me surprisingly great answers. We plot Wunna Land world domination (Haha) and well, he’s such a polite soul. I’m really happy when we ‘journey.’

I do drive! (People always think I don’t. Haha.)

However, on evening shoots, or quick dashes, I like to feel relaxed. I like the drama taken away from me. I like a wine. I like to feel safe, without worry. Therefore I called ‘Pitstop Rentals.’ to drive me to Manchester.

He drove me to Candiland Studios, in the most beautiful cream Rolls Royce. It was beautiful. It was so gangsta and classic, all at the same time.

Steve: ‘Chrissie, is literally the only model ever to arrive in a Rolls Royce. Haha. I want to take selfies in it. D’ya think he’ll let me?’

Then as I got ready to shoot…The boys ordered KEBAB BURGERS. Hahaha, (Oh the Glamour.)

Me: ‘I’m not having a kebab. I just want a wine!!’

It was simply hilarious. We’re all so bouji, but Northern. Steve was so much fun and you need that on a shoot.

There was a magical buzz in the air!!

I mean, I’m getting changed behind a curtain, trying to squeeze boobs into a ‘Daily Sport’ top, as they’re taking about kebab sauce. Lol.

The most amazing time. The most amazing shoot. (I actually feel like I could’ve shot better. Remember this is my ‘Comeback.’ I’m a little rusty. It was like a sexy warm up. If I shot again, I’d nail it!!)

Steve was wonderful. I can’t wait to show you the pics on my insta. I actually can’t show you any pics with a ‘Sport’ top on, just yet…as they’ve got to be looked over by the head honcho and hopefully used with a ‘BOOM.’

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