We Made It!

I can’t believe it’s January 2019!! As if!! I’ve just woken up (it’s 7.23am) with a half drank Corona by my side, after bringing in the glorious New Year with my family.

The birds are chirping and everything…like it’s Spring? It’s actually sunny, from my bedroom window & people are still setting the odd firework off? Haha. (When I was younger in LA, I was still out clubbing at THIS time!! I wouldn’t even be home yet! I don’t know how I did it!)

I love staying in for New Years now!!! The 38yr old version of me is still ridiculous, yet grown. Old age is gonna suit me well, because it’s going to physically stop me from getting into trouble! Haha. I wouldn’t be able to do anything, that could potentially put my back out!

I’m already pissed off. All The Wunna’s stayed at mine and I’ve ALREADY had to clean up WEE off the toilet FLOOR, because someone missed the loo!! I stood in it! Lol. I was fuming! It was hilariously devastating, like a ‘Welcome to 2019.’

Honestly, who WEE’s on the floor, when there’s a loo approximately a wink away!! Who does that, doesn’t care and leaves if there! Haha!

I hate wee & I’ve had to clean it up because my bladder wanted me to begin the year shit! I’VE FUCKING STEPPED IN IT!!! Haha!

I really do hate wee. If I had to drink urine for my own survival, like they do in a jungle…I’d just opt for dying! Lol. Really! I would!

But anyway….Back to the pleasantries..

I’ve had a really big family Christmas & New Year and it’s been so revitalising, that it’s made me feel comfy! I couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s been beautiful! The kids and I, including the rest of The Wunna’s have adored our time together. We’ve needed it!

I thanked everyone via my socials (I know that sounds impersonal, but it’s the way of the world now,) who had been ANY part of my 2018.

I really hope you read my post, because I can’t go around everyone personally, as it would take me years!! Haha. I’m such a cow!

Some were big parts, some were small. Others popped into my 2018 at the last minute, some have been there all along!

I thank you…(Like it’s ‘The Oscars..’ Lol)

Making memories is so important to me & I swear those memories, even the tiniest ones, i’ll treasure forever! I don’t care if they’re good, bad, naughty or pure! Haha! I’ve loved them! They’ve made my year! I’ve felt alive!

HOWEVER, i will say that i’m a little a too comfy, a little TOO ‘safety net,’ right now due to family time. I’m skipping along, all ‘rosy tinted’ like an utter fool, swept in ‘nothing is bad,’ powder puffed, rainbow glitter.

We all know…Well..I do… that nothing gets done in slippers dipped in chill-fest. Nothing is really achieved without stepping out of that jolly lil’ comfort zone.

Without that classic, uncertain ‘danger streak’ of fire in your soul, nothing gets ‘tick boxed.’

So like the ‘Boobie Army’ lol) I’m training my little mind forward, ready to take on the year…that will probably just get flung at me.


The ‘jamas are flung off & the bikini slip on!

I don’t do news years resolutions, because I think they’re old fashioned. Yet I support anyone who does! Haha! (Day One. Keep going!)

But I have set a bunch of personal goals that I want to try to achieve this year. Personal goals. At the end of the year i’ll show you my list.

I’m more about gaining stuff than quitting things for new year. Haha.

I hope to not be single forever in 2019 also!! I mean SURELY Cupid will throw me a bone, this year!!!

(Not that kinda bone! Haha. I have 4 inboxes full.)

I’m ready to love now…So we’ll what life has in store for me!

But yes, I love you all, I hope you’ve sailed blissfully Into the new year…I hope you’re not feeling shitty….and my 2019, treat you well!!

Chrissie x

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