I’ve had the most wonderful Christmas, filled with family, Christmas telly, cocktail sticked sausages & those juicy endless wine pours. The good kinda love..where your heart never gets broken & you’re only a ‘safety net’ away.

I’ve lived in my comfies. I’ve wiggled with my babies. I’ve laughed out loud with the folks and joked with my baby brother.
I’ve been lucky enough to cut away from all the ‘nipple tassled’ swung ‘hoo haa,’ to just FEEL ALIVE, keep shit simple and enjoy being me.
I’ve felt wonderful! It’s really helped me refuel, giggle and find my focus.

It’s been all about the kids and my hearts been filled with utter indescribable joy, just being a part of their ‘Santa’ excitement!! (I was wrapping presents for them, with my Mum at 2am, on Christmas Eve, whilst downing bottles of Corona & sprinkling fucking talc footprints around the house!! Haha!)


I’ve loved it. I’m ready. I have a spanking new outlook on life. I’m filled with ‘the happy’ and I’m kinda relieved to say that I’M BACK! (Even though I can’t type for shit on this phone!! Haha!)

I’ll ‘rug sweep’ the fact that I casually got handcuffed to a snack table, by a bin bag, fell over twice, forgot to go on a diet, didn’t find the love of my life, wrapped up in a Mankini, under my tree and decided to be a hermit,!
All that doesn’t matter because I had everything have I needed. I was surrounded by love!

We all all have different versions of Christmas don’t we…and it was really good to have an ‘out of the tinsel’ Insta chat with @bodybagnall. He spent part of Christmas wine drunk, needing attention, and laid on the floor, after building a ‘flat packed’bench and saying goodbye to Unilad. (Where he used to work.)
Me: ‘This is so Dawson’s Creek. Do you even know what that is!?!’

He discussed ‘Ocean drops’ as I watched ‘Torvill & Dean’s’ True story thing, on ITV!
(If I could Ice Skate, I’d be the happiest human alive. But I can’t. So that’s shit!)
I spent the rest of last night moaning at my mum because I wasn’t an Olympic, ice skating champion!! Haha! I’m laughing…but I was actually genuinely pissed off!!)

Me: ‘You’d be prouder of me if I won the olympics!!’
Mum: ‘Haha. Some people birth Olympians, others birth glamour pusses. Pour me a Fanta!’

But yeah, i’ll QUIT rambling! Today’s been great. I feel really lucky. I have an exciting Jan, filled with photo shoots. I’m kinda worried because I have a test shoot on Jan 3rd and I seem to have a beer belly…which is somewhat alarming. I’m not sure how I’m gonna get rid of it in a week…so I can wave that ‘shot’ out the window! Lol FFS!

I love this time of year because you get to clean slate things. I’m gonna be really focused this year and enjoy it. I’m feeling hoood! I mean, GOOD! Haha!
I’m shaking off old cobwebs that I wasted far too much attention on. It’s a lesson, I can’t stop learning…and because of that, this year, you’ll hopefully watch me fly!

Let’s keep everything crossed, just in case!

Oh and don’t play Bikini Twister and try to Insta Pic it. It’s shit! Im a glamour puss! I’m just not a ‘right foot plonking, on a green spot,’ kinda girl.

Hapoy Boxing Day!
Chrissie x

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