Rummy Shit…

It’s a rum ting! Yanno! How ARE you!

*Slurps bottle drizzle.*

I’ve done all my Christmas shopping. Im proud as punch! I’m shimming to the merry sounds of victory! And that is MY CHRISTMAS sorted!!!

I’m not naturally someone who does anything advance. Lol. I’m shit like that. I enjoy pressure and giddy last minute *bursts* of excitement. I’ve smashed it. I’ve nailed it! I’ve had a Taco Bell. (A ‘Faj’ burrito, according to my receipt, to be prescise! 😜 Haha! ) And let me tell you, life feels Wunnaful and I haven’t even had a fucking Baileys over ice yet!


I love Christmas!!!

I’ve panic bought, but I like to leave the kid’s MAIN presents until last, because they seem to have this magical tendency, to change their minds, at a moments notice.

So, with a ‘hair toss, hip bump & wiggle,’ I ordered the ‘Kids electric, Range Rover Evoque’ and 2 Luvabella dolls, on Thursday. I got them Friday! Today, I bought the rest of the shit, that Santa will take all the credit for and OH MY GOD, like a child, I CANNOT WAIT to see them open their gifts!!

I’m an incredibly EXCITABLE by nature. I can’t help it! I’m gushy! I’m like an over excited, Asian popping candy ball!

Raising kids, as a single mum is always really difficult. Yet having kids, as a single mum at Christmas…IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING!! It’s so fulfilling!!

(I’m not tryna say ‘Kids are just for Christmas!’ Lol I’m just tryna say, it’s much easier, for me…during Crimbo…I love to make people happy. I live for it!! However, I don’t seem to do it often. Haha. At Christmas, when it comes to Ruby & Junior! I smash it!)

Right! Anyway! What am I talking about?

Happy December 22nd! I’m receiving an absolute TON of messages and I’m really grateful! I love them. They keep me going!

Everyone is so utterly shocked that I’m single?? I don’t get why? I’m just shit at love, that’s all! Haha. But you don’t need to worry for me. I’m not worried at all! I’m happy!

Yet, I very much appreciate your thoughts and tweets of lurve…So I thank you. Thank you deeply!

I’ve had so many messages on the lines of…

‘You should have guys lining up..I’m so confused???’

‘It’s because you’re such a catch. You’ve become a conquest to a guy!’

I’m very flattered. It’s is very sweet! But yeah. It’s just how it is right know! It’s not bad! It’s just life! But fuck it, let’s pour a rum and nibble gravied sprouts.

What I’m saying is…I’m a good! 😉

I’m enjoying the Christmas break! I love a chill, after such a busy year! I will say that, in a way, at the same time as enjoying ‘the chill,’ I’m kinda MISSING working! (I’m such a loser! Lol) I’m having to keep occupied! But I’m doing well. I’m focused.

Everyone’s asking me what happens I’m the New Year in Wunna Land…


I’ve been dying to get back into it all and I’m excited to bring my own sexy back! I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m ‘YOLO.’ I’ve got this!

I am FULLY booked out on Glamour shoot, after Glamour shoot in the new year and I’m so happy about that, because if I love anything…it’s that. It comes so easy to me! I live and breathe it. I love it and I’m gonna own it!

I kinda let others define who I was supposed to be, for a little while. But why? That’s shit! It confused me? I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. Then I decide that the right thing to do was whatever made me happy! Whatever made me feel alive. Whatever made me feel of purpose!

People can be whoever they want..and they should! They should stand proud, regardless!! You can do it all. You can have it all! Don’t let anyone mould your journey, to fit their fears!

In a way, I think it’s kinda ace that I can still ‘sexy shoot’ at 38! I mean WTF! Haha! On my grave stone it’ll say…

‘I still Goddit!’

(Can you tell I’ve had rum?)

I had this conversation with the powers above…the other day..and it went like this…

Them: ‘Chrissie! When choosing a direction, you can’t do the sexy model thing, but have that insane, funny northern personality. You’re either the unobtainable, but sweet, sex symbol or the loud, funny northern chick.’

Me: ‘Oh? I thought I could just be me?? Haha!’

I kinda fought it. But then I kinda realised that they were right, as we watched the movement of my ‘audience,’ meander.

We experimented.

I was both at the same time (which is me.) That’s who I am! Then I played each version of my personality separately.

And the ‘THEM’ ended up being right!!!

But, how crazy is that! It’s bad how the majority of people STILL put things and humans into specific categories…Y’know, ‘boxes’ that their minds and judgements, tape up.

I’m breaking the seal. I’m setting myself free! And you should too!!!

Can we start a rummy rebellion, please?

Anyway, I’m off now! I can’t be bothered to finish this blog! Lol. I’ve chatted enough!! Haha!

Really do relax and enjoy your pre-Christmas weekend!!!

Chrissie x

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