I’m Back & I’m Single, Boo….

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Hiya! It’s me. What a week! I’ve been an entire juicy mixture of utter happiness, shattered, thrilled, rushed, angry, filled with a bit of anxiety and calm…all at the same time. But i’ve felt confident. I’ve felt like i’ve been bursting with ‘ooh laa.’

How you feel is everything, isn’t it?

Once you find your ‘ooh laa,’ you feel as though you can conquer any fear, like you can bash down any wall…like you can actually be the hero of your own glitzy story.

Don’t let others get you down… Let them get on with their own version of life….

This is THE FIRST TIME, in that week, where I’ve actually been able to just sit at my laptop and ‘diary’ out my story. I’ve missed being able to ‘diary.’ But i’ve been really busy and i’ve also had to let dust settle a little, until I could get to back to normal.

My blog is my therapy, without writing a diary, i’m lost. 

I cannot even believe how manic my last week, has been. I’ve had so much support and love. I’ve enjoyed hugging you all in shopping centres and clinking cocktails with you in bars.

I wanted to thank Yorkshire. You have been HUGE over the last week for me. Thank you so much for all the support I received. All your messages, all your tweets have made me BEAM.

Any bit of ‘hate’ that cyber land flew my way, was cut short by a ‘cyber flat cap,’ who jumped down their throat and told them to hush a little. Well it was more like ‘shut the fuck up.’ Hahaha.

Yorkshire is ace!

My work load and schedule seems to have filled 40 more Santa’s sacks… 😉 Any company that has anything to do with dating have seen to have knocked on Wunna Lands door. Every cocktail bar/hotel has sent me a ‘come to see us’ wink.  All the dudes are like toy soldiers and now asking me on dates…


Jonny who? lol

I’ve had accidental beef with @bodybagnell aka ‘Unilad’ who i’m shortly going to play ‘Giant Kenya’ with, after mistaking him for ‘Prince William’ when he’s really a gangsta. Hahah. (He cracks me up. He is such banter!!)

BB: ‘As if you’ve just started public beef with me…My nephew and I are gonna  **** you & your daughter up! Haha.’ 

Me: ‘As if! We would’ve stolen your wallets before you even started to banter. Haha.’ 

I forgot that the general public weren’t actually part of our conversation and just posted ‘beef’ like they were!! Hahaha.’

What? An Insta Story post is all I know!!! 

I also can’t wait to meet JJ…who helped a sista out when in need. He’s just been a Godsend…and when people do stuff like, you appreciate their existence so so dearly.


(Back to what you all want to hear about…)

I had the most wonderful time at the First Dates restaurant and I honestly feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to have a shot at love, under the watchful eye of sexy Fred Siriex.

It was the most magical and somewhat surreal experience ever…and I thank my lucky stars to have made such an unbelievable memory. That was the first blind date, that I had ever been on in my life and Jonny couldn’t have been a better date . Being a lover of life and adventure, I’m so glad that I got to do it in the First Dates restaurant.

There are no words that could ever describe my experience….and as you know…I am NEVER LOST FOR WORDS.

Fair enough, it played as a match…as their matching team actually smashed it. It was a good combo of banter and life. They delivered exactly what I asked for personality wise. He was ace on the date.

Now, I look back…under a regular, no pressure, no cocktaily circumstance, I don’t reckon, I would’ve fancied Jonny. I need more than salesman ‘taking care of you’ for show. He would’ve just been a best buddy. Yet his personality ON THE DATE and on our drinks afterward was great! He’s fun! He is someone that would probably really look after me….yet he’s not reliable enough for me when it comes to love.

Bit on the up, anytime, you end up on Shoreditch, with a bundle of Asian chicks taking selfies with to you.. in a cue, and you skid on the floor, after falling on your back on the dance floor, to ‘Gold Digger’ by Kanye…. you know you had a good time.

That’s where our taxi took us…upon request. 

But it’s so easy to get lost in the magic of the restaurant. It’s so nerve wrecking. Your heart beats through your chest. Your palms get a little sweaty and you kinda lose ya head for a second. It’s a mixture of both giddy excitement and the fear of the unknown.

But that’s what life is about! I adore moments like that!

I had the best time. I feel so lucky.

And even though I had all this initial cyber ‘hate,’ (well my voice did,)  the amount of LOVE I received over weighed that by far! The enjoyment I had on the date overweighed THAT, for sure.  Then the fact that I’d made SO MANY PEOPLE FEEL…made me smile! It’s almost like I accidentally inspired and that’s all I want to do.

Everyone wants to know what’s going on with me now…

I’m single.

Obviously, it didn’t work out with Jonny. We have a similar sense of humour and dodgy past stories. (Lol.) BUT we’re really different people. If you didn’t see the OK Mag thing, (which I actually loved, because no one should ever feel afraid to stand up for themselves and tell their truth. Especially in a moment of disregard.)


Don’t let other people who live by a different moral standing to you, try to control your happy. I’m a hopeless romantic. A LOYAL love bunny. I’m dashed in fun and cheeky northern banter…and i’m proud of that. I don’t live a lie. I am ME…and it’s wonderful. I like to keep things simple and keeps things ‘love.’

From what I know….Jonny’s more complicated than that….and it’s unfortunate for no one other than HIMSELF. 

He’s one of the first people that i’m glad i’m not…and I don’t actually mean that angrily, I mean that honestly…because in my mind, he has so much more developing to get through, when it comes to love….and whilst he hates me right now, he’ll look back upon this time and be thankful, that he bumped into me….Until he apologises fur screaming at me, i’ll not peak to him again.

I may be giddy, northern and silly…but i’m swag and i’m grown. I’m not wishy washy. I know what I want. I know what is right for me. I know where I am and i’m proud of who I am and what I stand for as a woman…and as a human being! 

I’m not a push over. I’m not someone who backs away from my truth. I’m not someone who suffers fools well, either. AND…I’m not someone you shout at….


I’m not a toddler. I’m not waddling through life in my diaper, banging into walls. I’m ‘swag.’ I got life down. We’re bessies. I did learning. I came out the other end ‘canon ball’ style, in a confetti shower, with flying colours.

Preach over. Haha. ‘kin’ ell.

So yes, I’m proud of who am I…even when i’m in nipple tassles. I’m someone who stands up for every single person, who daren’t speak their mind or their truth. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I have a good picture of the big picture of life. None of the little bits that most people ‘sweat’ matter at all.


Y’know, the moment you get caught up in the stress of ‘da little things,’ you’ve lost. You can no longer see the big picture. That’s how unhappiness starts.

This is Wunna Land. It’s real life. It’s Wunnaful! 😉 Find YOUR INNER WUNNA.

The experience was invaluable. First Dates delivered. They gave me actually what I asked for.  NOW, I know exactly what I want…

I was gonna tell you all about it. But you’ll just have to search for it, which won’t actually work because I use an alias for everything to prevent that! So you’ll only know, if you know a date of occurrence. Lol. It’s like CSI, but with Pina Coladas, glitter and lazier.

But It’s done now. It’s packaged, parceled and fluttered away to memory lane, by the gin fairies. YIPPPPEEE!

I filmed the date over a year ago. It’s been such a long time. So this lil’ kitten is a moving it along….

Right now,

I’M SINGLE…and i’m looking for love. I’m interested in someone. After First Dates airing, i feel like they wouldn’t be interested in me.

OH THE ANXIETY. Haha. I’m pathetic. Lol.

Right now, I feel like the HAPPIEST and the LUCKIEST kitten in all of the land. When chicks are happy, we beam. It’s beautiful. It’s magical.

I’m still brimming with life. I’m still swirling  with excitement and confidence. It’s Christmas, my favourite time of year!

And It’s my birthday is 8 days!!



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