Leeds, La Bottega, Inadequate Chris & Marriage?

Morning Lovelies! Dolls! Sasserillas! Boys with Boners. *Rolls eyes* Mums! Kids! Whoever is really reading this! Thanks for tinkering in. You have excellent taste in bloggers.

I feel over worked. (Here we go! Lol Strap in!) I’ve got so much a happening. There’s a lot. A LOT. Last night I was so exhausted I went to bed at 8.30pm after a hormonally imbalanced Princess weep (yippee…girls rock) and drive to Rogerthorpe Manor, so I could look over quiet fields and watch the day turn to night and simply because it was peaceful. There was no noise. It was amazing!! And yes, it all sounds very loopy. But do know that I’m happy and together. I’m fine. But sometimes you just need a moment, don’t you! And I’m not embarassed to say I need a moment all the time! I honestly think it’s because I spent the day feeling bored. Which is THE WORST! Iwasn’t stimulated what so ever and it made me feel like I was wasting time, doing shit that I didn’t want to do. I don’t like wasting time. I don’t like being mentally bored and I don’t like doing things that I don’t love. I’m a nicey nicey female. I’m warm. I’m polite. BUT, if I don’t enjoy doing something…you will flipping know about it. Lol. It will be delivered with humour, because my manners are on point. But you will fucking know about it. I need a week off. Just to chill, do me and do the things that I adore. 😉 Why are my teeth going wonky? Why is my stupid diet making me lose weight off my boobs?


There’s appearances, babies, blogs, book deals, filming, the day to day, business and auditions….and I feel like I haven’t had a day off in ages. Yet, I’m ‘bossing it.’ You can’t moan when you’re lucky! Everyone needs some time to ‘cut off’ for a second. This week i’m gonna concentrate on those moments of ‘cut off,’ where you just smell the roses, chill and enjoy it,without hassle. I’ve spend the morning watching Youtube videos of Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan on Loose Women in bed naked followed by a couple episodes of ‘First Dates.’ Kinda made me chipper again. I love, love and the Wright/Keegan story makes me smile. What a great couple! They’re so chilled…

But let’s rewind…so Sunday I had a busy one. I’d been working all week, non stop and Sunday was meant to be my ‘day off.’ Ofcourse and as usual,it became filled with ‘things’ immediately. I’m a social soul…and now being social has sort of become work. The girls and I had our ‘live’ texting from Gino’s for ‘Chrissie In The City’ via Onlookr at 1pm…(we’ve now completed our 10 days, so our texts have gone back to private. But I hope you all enjoyed direct insight into Wunna land and yeah, we all enjoyed it…It was harder than I thought it was going to be….but great because it was something that sort of made us closer.) We celebrated our last day at Gino’s My Restaurant in Leeds…which as you know is one of my favourite haunts. I ramble on about it all the time. But because you cannot beat the service. The service I recieve there is impeccable, in a non traditional flirty Italian way. Lol! However, that will all be in the next blog, as before all that started, i had to doll myself up, dash on a train, totter through Leeds train station at the speed of light, in heels, big hair and boobies….whilst texting, the ENTIRE time and yeah…i’d say a mild panic was going down. I knew I had a schedule that day, so my head was forward thinking…continuously.)

I pushed through the glass doors of my favourite Leeds Coffee Shop ‘La Bottega Milanese’ at Bond Court. The worst thing happened before, as I was rummaging through my bag to find perfume and I must’ve dropped something? I looked up in my rush and this 20 something guy in headphones shouted..

‘You’ve dropped something!!!’

I looked back and it was a MASSIVE tampon!! Lol What is my life!! I’m not even on my period!!!

However yes. La Bottega Milanese is the most perfect Sunday morning espresso bar.  Again, I tinker there all the time! Again…it’s Italian, very chilled, very stylish, with the best coffee served boujily…and a place that has charger points 🙂 and a vibe that is free from stress. I met the owner when I went to the Leeds lifestyle awards and we had an absolute blast. That night ‘La Bottega’ went home with ‘The Best Coffee Shop’ award and well from that point, it became one of my favourite chill zones. Again the service and i’m a service girl, couldn’t be more outstanding. Let alone the quality of coffee.

But anyhow, I was there to meet ‘Inadequate Chris’ who is on his way to being a big Social Media Star and has just own the ‘Best Newcomer on Snapchat’ award or something? He is also hosting and Mc’ing ‘Social Day’ next week. He’s smashing it. But yes, if you don’t know he makes these funny videos for all to watch…they get watched, all over the lands and as a result, he’s going to be doing really well from them. His brand is the fact that he’s apparently ‘Inadequate’…a bit geeky….awkward..comedy sketchy….However, let me tell you, I was fricking SHOCKED when i got through the ‘Bottega’ glass doors, because ‘Indaquate Chris’ looks like a flipping GQ model, all stylish, all trendy, all chilled, with his quiff, stubble and dash of gentlemany manners. Hes not that ‘Inadequate’ at all. He’s Southern. He’s from Suffolk and now living in Leeds. So he’s posh. He made me sound very un posh and very northern. It was hilarious!!!

‘Hi! Sorry i’m late. I’m a bit over dressed for a morning in a coffee shop, but i have Gino’s at 1pm for the live texting thing and how are you? It’s so great to meet you…What do you want to drink…I’ll grab it…!’

‘No, honestly, I’ll get you a coffee…It feels wrong…’

‘It’s fine..Lol. 😉 ‘

(I got mine for free! 🙂  It’s the best thing about being a blogger!)

Anyway, so ‘Inadequate Chris’ wanted to meet to arrange a ‘collabo,’ so I could star in one of his videos. I’ve followed his work. I find it all funny. So I was happy to give it a go, in the name of ‘collabo.’ When people ‘collaborate’ BOTH PARTIES have to benefit from the tango. This collaboration is cool…because it’s two apparent ‘Social Media’ favourites…in one!

This video better be good Chris! GQ looks isn’t gonna get you out of shocking editing. Lol. (He actually showed me a picture of what he looked like before he turned GQ. He was hilariously awkward looking. Looked like a completely different person. Lol.

But anyway…we talked work and he made notes as we were chatting, whenever an idea popped into his brain. I never take notes…my kitty brain just remembers everything! Plus, I always think work meetings are about people…so I’ll talk less about the project and talk to them…ABOUT THEM. They don’t always like it…but I do it anyway. 😂

I found out all about his dating history, what he did, what he’s done, what he feels about the future, children, his beliefs in marriage…where he hangs out, his views on life…EVERYTHING. I smashed it in the most naturally glamour pussy way. It’s my charm.

He asked me about my dating world…I skimmed it…and got back onto his. 🙂 And well he then told me that he had been with his current girlfriend for 9 years.

I ‘awwed’ at it…

Until he then told me how shit it was. Lol.

So I went on a life rant and ruined lives a chai latte at a time.

Right, so their love life is only shit because they’re stuck in a rut, he wants to sail on his Social Media Stardom ship and make something out of himself and she hate sit all… wants to settle down, build a white pickett fence, get married and have babies…. 🙂 LOL.

Now he’s found stardom, he doesn’t believe in marriage nor does he want to become a father. He just wants to enjoy life and enjoy becoming star with a happy, supportive girlfriend,who adores him.


I know four different men, who are utterly different from one another…all close friends of mine….and EACH ONE OF THEM HAVE SAID THE SAME.

‘I do not believe in marriage. I do not want to be forced into marriage, children and settling down. I still want a life.’

They all said it like they couldn’t have both! All of these guys work hard, have great careers and because of whiney girls….it’s put them off what they now believe ‘marriage and babies’ is.’

So if you are a moaney girl…quit being a dick. You’re ruining men. For all of us!

Anyway, I predicted the future to ‘Inadequate Chris’..I told him what would happen. He agreed. I told him where he was headed. He agreed. And then I told him to not feel bad about doing what he believed was right for him.

If you want to leave a girl to find happiness and commit to your career… do it. You’ll find Mrs Right later on. That 9 years is only a tiny chapter in a  very big life. It’s not that long a time. I hate it when people establish how great their relationship is because they’ve ‘been together this long.‘ It always makes me think their relationship is rubbish or dull. Lol. Magic and chemistry is never about a time frame. It’s HOW YOU KNOW SOMEONE. Not how long you have TRIED to make something work. Natural chemistry is not something that takes ‘work.’ It’s something between two people that just happens like magic because you both can’t help it.

I also told him that life was life and it was important to be happy and stay loyal to the things you love. You’re a long time dead, so everything you do should be the things that you’ve chosen to do, because they make your heart smile, they make you radiate…and make you feel alive. If he actually loved the girl…I suggested he began to appreciate the things around him, that they maybe had over others and that he could stay with her. He didn’t like that idea. Lol.

‘Were just too different. We want different things. I almost can’t tell her. I’m evolving and she’s staying still.’

I also told him that there was nothing wrong with not wanting a wife, everything great about just having a life partner without ‘the rock’ if that’s what made him happy…as there’s no rules to dating. I guess, because he’s felt stuck in a rut…and he’s thinking about his career, it’s altered his view on love and life in general…and mainly because his choice in partner hasn’t really been supporting his cause. AND BECAUSE HE’LL ONLY HAVE THIS SHOT AT GIVING THE FAME GAME A GO. And in Social Media, the ‘build’ is slow, but the results are FAST. If he doesn’t nail it…some other little fucker WILL!

When he meets the right girl…things will change. He just needs to concentrate on his career right now.

‘I feel like i’m merging into your lane now Wunna.’

‘You’ve been in the lane dude…Lol. You’ve just been chilling in the traffic jam, whilst everyone else has been weaving through it.’

I love that I went on a marriage rant with him! Lol.

All I know about marriage is that it’s the togetherness, fun and love that should utterly matter over everything…and not the piece of paper or ‘rock.’ You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to work and love. It just works and you both get it naturally.

I watch girls forget what marriage is about. Your partner should be your BESTIE. You’re absolute ‘ride for die.’ But marriage…the piece of paper part…doesn’t actually mean as much as you think. I’ve done it three times…If you couldn’t be with your chosen ‘life partner’ without a ring on it…then maybe they’re not really your ‘Bestest.’

Anyway, he told me that I was inspiring, when really i just ruined his life in 30 seconds. Lol.

‘What time is it?’


‘Shit, I had to be at Gino’s for 1pm!!’

We grabbed our jackets, thanked everyone and rushed out the door.

As we crossed the road and before I dashed of with a ‘byyeeee,’ he thanked me quietly and said,

‘Hey! There’s a Speak Easy in Leeds. We should go sometime….








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