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As you all know! (Because i’ve rammed it on every piece of personal social media that would let me. ๐Ÿ™‚ You do have my apologies for that. Yet i’m sort of ‘sorry/not sorry,’ as i’m genuinely excited and over the moon and if anything, I’m a tryer. *Wink.*)

But yes I am nominated for UK Blog Awards this year in the TWO Categories ‘Dating’ & ‘Lifestyle.’ Yep, two bits of ‘category,’ so it’d be nice if I ‘trophied’ at least one of them, wouldn’t it? (Pleeeease…..I’m being beggy because I love a trophy and i never win anything! And as much as my bravado wants to glamourously shield a soft heart, it kinda means a lot to me. My Mum’s s proud. I’m so proud. I can’t even believe it and well i’m up against a bundle of strong competition. I mean, I’ve looked through both categories, where in which lies and ‘shat’ myself with a ‘there’s just no way.’

Then I read this…

…and realized that there IS WAY! (As If i’m one of the 7 peeps, who turned the actual event into an TRENDING TOPIC on Twitter. I was sat in The Mallard in Doncaster, having a Desperado just plonking up a ‘Vote for Me’ post, after Christmas shopping for Ruby at Meadowhall and I couldn’t even believe it!)

So, i’m not gonna bore you with a spiel, as regardless win or lose, i’m certainly going to continue to blog daily and adore it with every inch of my soul. It’s a creative output for me, my therapy and some people’s inspiration.

In the words of my Mother,

‘You don’t need a trophy to be the winner in the endย Chrissie.ย But win it anyway little one…’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

SO you delicious licks of *yum yum.*

Vote for in BOTH categories at this link… (If you wish…)

The Public Vote has officially started and goes on for TWO WEEKS. It stops on Dec 19th…WHICH IS MY BIRTHDAY! So please if you have time, give us a VOTE! It means a great deal to me. I mean I’ve been blogging for almost a decade, almost every day, all over the world and only NOW have i ever got nominated for a national ‘Best of’ Award!

I’m ‘Copying and Pasting’ my UK Blog Awards Profile below, for you to have a read…Enjoy it!

Blog Overview

‘A cheeky, straight talking, fun loving Lifestyle blog, following the life of the infamous and increasingly popular, 30 something single glamour puss, Chrissie Wunna. Filled with wit, wisdom, love, life, honesty and cocktails. This blog documents the real life trials and tribulations of a Burmese/Yorkshire/Hollywood girl as she lives her life daily, like a show via written word . Author, former model, reality tv personality, business woman and single mum. A blog that has been written for almost a decade, currently read in over 200 countries, on every continent of the world and translated into 40 different languages a day, making her a cyberland sensation & like a true host, she invites people into her private life to live it alongside her on a charming and open playing field. One of the only blogs to have been made popular via the fine art of Chinese Whispers. (‘I first started blogging over a decade ago on Myspace, after a guy who worked at a coffee shop in LA, listened to my hungover stories every morning and suggested that i start a blog. Only 8 people read it a day…then all of a sudden it just got really popular and everyone started reading it as they were becoming a part of it on a daily. Hollywood’s a small town. It was only years later when i was drunk in a pub in England with my old school friend Wazza, when the blog finally found a home and became It was his idea…and i liked it. The blog then became massively popular. At one point i was the third most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the entire world because of it and it suddenly dawned on me that i might have something here.’) Chrissie is one of the only bloggers in her niche to have been able to reach out to such a wide and diverse range of audience. ‘The beauty of my blog is that it’s like a hotel, it’s always there. You can ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ whenever you like. You can stay for the night, book in for the week, come back months later or call in every day to say ‘Hi,’ be it for business, love, life or pleasure. You can sit back and read all about it from the privacy and quietness of your own room…or you can slip on some heels, throw on that ‘date night’ shirt and place yourself right in the action…be a part of it, no matter who or where you are in the world!’ Chrissie x’

Why Vote For Me?

‘I write about my life, the only thing that I know more about than anyone else in the entire world. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have such a passion for living, places and people and to be a great lifestyle blogger, that’s something that i think you need (with a rum cocktail and a keen lust for luxury) in your soul. It’s real, it’s honest, it’s charming and raw, but it’s fun & even though i’m taking you to some of the best hotel suites, restaurants, cocktail bars, lunch spots, shopping retailers, designers, my normal work life, snazzy events and all sorts inbetween…It’s the story of my real life…Like you…I have ups..i have downs. I achieve. I lose focus. I get my way. I don’t. I win. I lose. I fall in love and have my heart broken in all these joints. Every character in this blog is real and our connections and life path crossings are not only genuine but are delivered to you with love. The THREE GREATEST things about my blog are that FIRSTLY it connects people, we can all relate to the things that i’m chatting about, no matter what life we walk, we are all made of the same ‘stuff’..we cry when we’re sad, we laugh when we’re happy. SECONDLY anybody can be a part of my blog, all they have to do is cross paths with me somehow be it via love, business, work, friendship, play or for no real reason….If it’s touched me in some way…the next morning, you’ll read about it. It’s like having a written word reality show, that members of the public who are also doing their own version of life can be part of mine and it’s magical. It’s hasn’t really been done this well in a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m one to remain connected to my audience that you’ll know where or why i am at every point. So you always have the opportunity to join me. Even if you’re a brand or business…It weirdly actually works that way also. It’s great! And THIRDLY…I get an inbox full of messages from people each day telling me about their lives or how i’ve inspired them in some way…and it is THAT ALONE that gives this blog a sense of worth and purpose, which of course should make it a winner. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Billions of people are doing life….this blog is simply my version of it. x’

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