Off to Hatfield Dental


So today I have FINALLY managed to get my kitty booty to one of the nation’s absolute best dental specialists, Afsar Hussain, at Hatfield Dental Care in Doncaster, where in which I will be getting my little teeth whitened (and properly, as gosh the dosh we all spend of the instant whitening fixes ends up racking up to huge’not worth it’ amounts. This time i’ve headed for quality, because like with anything in life…it is soooo much more fulfilling.)

PLUS, for the first time ever…and because i’m jiggly smack bang in the middle of my thirties, tipping over the edge to the wrong side of that decade, when my December birthday comes, today…I am going to go through my first BOTOX experience. I’ve never had it before, but so many people i know have and to be quite frank…they look great.

I’m not nervous, I’m really excited and because i’m in the best of hands. Afsar is literally amazing at what he does. I trust him and I he’s amongst many of the great dental experts. He’s up there with them constantly honing his craft. I didn’t even know that you could get botox at your Dentists! Did you?? But you can…and it’s important that you go to a dental or medical specialist, as it’s much safer than popping into your local beauty salon and simply because the are heavily regulated and always need to be on board and complaint with the law.

But yes, i’m getting my teeth done and saying ‘bye’ to being a botox virgin. At the time, I wasn’t even nearly thinking about getting my lips filled, as needles scare me around that area, so i shyed away from it. However, now…i’d actually get that done also. It’s like when i got my boobs done. Everyone told me not to, but I went to the most professional bunch of surgeons and now almost every day of my life since that day, I am told that I have a decent set. 🙂 Lol. I’ve had no problems or complications.

Right, incase you need your memory refreshing, as it was a merry while ago…I have already had my consultation. I’ve had my teeth analysed and my face studied…and i’m ready. I’m having molds for my teeth created today and i feel really comfortable and that’s the sign of a great specialist. I mean gosh i’ve known Afsar for years. We went to school together. He is the most intelligent, yet creative being by nature and not only does he take his work seriously, as it is his passion, he’s driven, he loves what he does….Yet he also delivers his skills with a warmth, a friendliness, yet a direct attitude to what he believes you do or do not require. (That makes him a good person by nature also, which is always makes you feel so much better!)


I’m en route to Hatfield Dental now to go say ‘hi’ to Afsar and his team for a 1 o clock appointment…

and well…I’ll tell you how it all goes. (No pressure Afsar 😉 )

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