Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere Flowers


Today was great!

I’m feeling wonderful. I’m feeling empowered. I’m feeling…fun..i guess is the word. 😉

I’ve been at work all day and like i’ve always said, i cannot even explain to you, how lucky I feel to be around such a great bunch of humans. You don’t get that often. Well…no…maybe I do. At my last job, I was really close to everyone and i love them madly. I’d always say we were like one big happy, dysfunctional family. However, now, in my new chapter..we’re like one big sassy family…that actually functions. 🙂 To me, we’re the best people on the planet. *Lip gloss here.*

Everything was honest, open and motivational…and then the words ‘oh great, this day’s already going shit’ were uttered…and  it all got hilarious.

So today, was the day where in which  ‘The Mighty’ kept recieving surprise flowers to the work place. I love love, people and flowers, all that jazzy hoohaa…so at the beginning all was well.

Yet, then i found, when SURPRISE ‘I love you’ flowers kept arriving, ALL NOT FOR ME Lol…I got more and more jealous and bitter during the process. HAHAHA. It was hilarious.

‘Oh yeah. Lovely. More flowers NOT FOR ME. I’ll just place them there.’


I was DYING!!! Hahaha. My soul was destroyed. It was hilarious. We DIED WITH LAUGHTER.

I mean, how lovely is that. Her HUSBAND, had flowers delivered to the office, all glammy all perfect, all filled with romance and thought…that matched The Mighty’s KITCHEN. (It was sooo romantic that it has set a standard in Wunna land. I adore watching ladies get treated with love.)

But before that…I threw a tantrum, as everyone found it hilarious that I kept recieving NO FLOWERS FOR ME. HAHAHA. (I mean no guy that I would ever chose to date would ever think to deliver flowers to my work place to make me smile. UGH! Keiran, my ex husband was actually MASSIVELY romantic and would send me flowers all the time. Yet they usually came with an aftermath tag that read ‘Sorry…off to Ibiza with the boys..’ or ‘Hey…sorry…i’m leaving you.’ Lol. Obviously the tag didn’t say that…and i’ll give him his romantic dues. He is the most romantic man on the planet. His girlfriend is lucky in that respect. But i did however notice, that whenever i would recieve romance from him…it was to balance out whatever he was about to do that was evil. Lol.)

Shush, he’d let me say that, we’re still great friends….and more importantly parents.

Anyway, today’s flowers to ‘The Mighty’ had no aftermath tag and were all in the name of love….HOW CUTE!

So, there i was moaning, splattered, face down on my desk, with my arms cradling my head out of bitterness, throwing a tantrum AND Y’KNOW WHAT MY LOVELY COLLEAGUES of great sympathy said,

Well this conversation happened…

‘Do you want me to put the flowers next to you, so you can see them…’

‘WHAT! NO! So I can look at how they’re NOT FOR ME!!!’lol

‘Do you want some cake?’

‘WHAT!!! Now in my hour of depression, YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE ME FAT! As if you would sabbotage me like that! I mean GOD, kick a girl when she’s down. Great whilst she’s low, feed her cake and then she’ll also have no flowers and be overweight.’


It was actually hilarious. We all just hit the *pause* button and pissed ourselves with so much laughter we cried.

I love, love and i love that there are guys out there who remember to adore their wives and remember to send them surprise flowers to work to make them smile. How lovely. It makes ME smile. (Even though a guy called me a ‘dickhead.’ Lol.)

Then because i was being a Bitter Betty and figured i needed to make the world right again and search for the positive, AND because we had a conversation previous about how i buy my daugther flowers to show her that I love her….on my route home, i stopped by and grabbed Ruby a bunch of her favourite yellow lillies and peach roses. It made her smile, so i passed on the love. What goes around comes around.

Then my car broke down and I had to fix it by myself in a pencil dress on the street. FFS!


Today on the whole was great. It was fun. We made chick memories.

And i think, with me, for guys, or people, infact anybody in particular lol who doesn’t know me personally, or see me everyday, or is close to me, it’s hard for them to imagine what i’m actually like as a person, as you’ll see a selfie, read a blog….and then make a judgement. Which is normal human behaviour. It’s natural.

Yet after reading a whole bunch of inboxes this evening…I’m actually really different to how a lot of people may view me. I’m not that serious. I’m sassy, but with a kitten light heartedness. I’m positive. I’m fun. I’m sarcastic, silly, but dynamic. I’m open minded and gleeful, yet not to be messed with. 🙂 It’s kinda hard for me to describe myself. But after reading today’s inbox messages, i know that i am different to how you guys perceive me. I think unless you’ve worked closely with me, dated me, went to school with me or are one of my LA friends who i grew up with, it’s hard for you to understand me? It must be? BRANDON, I’M MISSING YOU. (Brandon, is one of my close LA guy friends who i adore, who has been through a rough time of recent. I feel like i just need to be near him for a cuddle. He’s such a good person. I adore great souls.)

But anyway…

To be fair, i’m a happy singleton. I have nothing going on in my love life right now…and it doesn’t one bit feel bad. I feel all glowy. I’m beaming.

I didn’t blog over the last few days because i just wanted to chill and spend time doing life and being with the people that i adore, being Mum, being just normal. I loved it.

I’ve been busy, I’ve had a lot on. I’ve been stressed. But right now i’m dandy.

I’ve had sooooo many friends this week, have soooooooooooooo many awful things occur in their lives, what i call a ‘curve ball’. they’ve been pulled through the ringer and back…divorces, deaths, break ups, new chapters…all sorts. And  i’m there for them every step of the way, as I AM THE FRIEND that everyone comes to for support and a bit of Wunna love…But i’m kinda luckily because like i said before, in my life, i have no drama in it AT ALL right now. Just love, life, friends, work and family. It’s perfect.

Things couldn’t be better! AND i’ve just realized that not only is it the weekend tomorrow, but i’m off for an entire week…*Cue: Fun*














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