Jeans, Weirdos, Lunch & Fatty Bum Bums

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Sunday! Sunday!

Today I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans comfortably and as you know, for any girl… this is obviously the end of the world. I couldn’t even fit into my comfy skinny jeans…which means i’m just ‘jeans’ and not ‘skinny.’ *DEVASTATION.*

Then I got over it. (Whocares, i’m not that shabby on the eyes surely. Just a little wibbly right now. I still goddit. I do! I do!)

I mean GOD, if i was in LA they would be forcing me to ‘put that taco down.’ Yet luckily, right now i’m in Yorkshire and in Yorkshire, the words of advice I got (from my good friend Danielle’s Mum) was that it was the ‘weekend lass’ and well basically, in Yorkshire NO ONE diets on the weekend. It’s like a ritual. Some go to church, we have a kebab.

So, I met up with My Mama and we lunched. We adore lunching with each other. (My Dad was there too.) I figured a bit of a drink and a taco fest wouldn’t kill me and because i ate and drank it all with a smile on my face and my fingers crossed behind my back, it’ll all just go onto my boobs, or booty…and since i don’t have a booty…that was a positive.

See how great I am at positive energy. 😉

My Mum, Dad and I gossiped about guys and my love life and then i had to leave as I was to spend a couple of the next hours having to salsa dance in giant diamante heels for a bit of ‘look at me.’ I can’t really salsa dance, but i’m a nifty little mover and I can look like i’m good. 🙂  (I totally once won a ‘dance off’ by doing ‘The Robot’ and who knew that I could even do ‘The Robot??’ Not me. Lol.Winning at life always.)

Therefore now my body and I are even.

I’m home. I’m chilling. I have loads of washing a spinning and i’m gonna watch a bit of telly, in my joggers. (Which feel all comfy like a Size 40 ‘Bridget Jones’ kinda comfy. It’s bliss.)

I’m back at work tomorrow. I’m resting as the weekend has just flown by, hasn’t it! They kinda used to draaaag. But now, It’s Sunday evening and POW, your alarms set for a six o clock in the morning, wake up *bleep.*

Everything in life is pretty great. I’m feeling fulfilled. I’m not really talking about my love life right now as…well…i’m enjoying what’s going on and hoping for the best, and as you know, i am never lucky in love.

My ace neighbours had one of those BBq’s that get accidentally late night fun last night and i could hear them singing out loud, smashing things and giggling, as the air filled with that smell of coal cooked meat. It was great because they were living and i adore the sound of life and living. Things like that don’t bother me in the slightest.

HOWEVER, I did notice that my high strung, evil neighbours ‘DIDN’T ONCE’ get out of bed, waddle over and shout at THEM. I mean, if i had thrown that BBQ, let alone that, IF I had even spoken louder than what she believes is necessary… he would’ve plonked his wife in a rusty wheelbarrow, straight out the shower, if he had to and pushed her over to give me a proper good ‘dirty mouthed’ earful. She always makes me laugh because her idiocy humours me. I can never take her seriously. It’s just her outfits. They make me internally smile. One day she will refrain from being a hot headed piggly wiggly. But just not today. I should definitely go mow the lawn in booty shorts and a bikini top just to make her life more amazing.

Right, i’m off to chill and get my clothes out the washer.

Kisses, Love you,







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