Those few extra inches…


Girl maintenance COMPLETE!

Oh my GOSH! Nothing feels better than finally getting your weave did and your nails done, your tan baked and your life in tune once more, when you’re a girl! I’ve had this grown out baggy weave in for ages now, as I haven’t found the time to just go get it seen to. It’s like a pet. 🙂 You need to nurture it.

I woke up this morning. Made every human on the planet eggs and then still in a half sleep haze, after a couple of whatsapp messages, I sort of suddenly WOKE UP and found myself in a salon chair, with a purple robe around me and with the most amazing weave specialist (I go to ‘Talking Heads’ in Doncaster) clipping up an sewing in thickness and length into my hair! BLISS! And it’s awesome as i can just strut in and they’ll immediately KNOW what i’m going to want without me saying. So she plonked me down, as I selfied and she simply said, you’re wanting length, extra doubled up rows and thickness, right?

I think i just asked for a latte and nodded and let her do her thang. But it is amazing what a few extra inches and thickness can do. 😉 I FEEL GRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEAT!

I’m just a girl who enjoy’s girl maintenance so much that it’s kinda an essential part of my and i don’t think there’s anything with that. I enjoy to keep up appearances, try to look my best and doll up. It’s fun! And it was nice to see that i wasn’t on my own, as that place was filled with women and girls of all ages, all walks of life…literally all types, who were spending their time enjoying ‘girl maintenance.’ It’s sort of like when guys go to the gym and lift heavy things and then watch football and maybe tamper on a computerized game. That’s their ‘guy time.’ Girl time, for me, is in the salon with a glam squad.

Then after a card insert and a 4 digit pin press, i was off to the nail bar to get my kitty hands tinkered with. Nothing is worse than grotty nails. My nails are now divine. When i was sat there at the hand dryer thingy, a middle aged lady sat next to me, asked what colour i had chosen, so she could get hers the same. I like that! We had good chick banter. I kinda only went for ‘funny bunny’ which is a light pearly white. It kinda looks like the colour of dripped white candle wax, but with a shimmer, as we all know i fancy a bit f glitz. It looks like pearls and I adore it.

Hair thickened, extra inches complete. Pearly fingers, tan and smile. Sorted!

What more could a glamour puss need!

Oh yeah…LOVE. 🙂 HAHAHA.

Anyway, this was only a tiny catch up, as i’ve just got home and i’m chilling.

I think girls, like guys, NEED those moments of ‘glam up’ or ‘man cave.’ It keeps us balanced, doesn’t it…and keeps that wink in our wiggle and their strut a giant stride.

Okay, I’m off now.

Happy weekend. x

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