Really Great Guys, Sausage McMuffins & Love


Uh! The weekend has been AMAZING! I’ve spent the entire time having fun, being Mum, being Me, making new friends, cherishing my own Mama and adoring every inch of life and all that I have, before my work week begins. It’s what life is about. I have such great balance and my head is all clear. I’m a girl that finds my own happiness, I’m never dependent on another to make me happy and yes, i can be a tool, but on the whole, i’m pretty alright. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I’m insightful and just get on with things…with a smile, fun and a shrug. Plus, i’ve shopped and bought bucket loads of shoes I don’t need. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which being a girly girl, even though i have a guyish sense of humour and thought, makes me happy! Wahooo! My bank balance might hate me, but hey, I’ll work hard and at the end of July, it’ll dance back into the old account. Lol.

Life is for living.

I’ve had my usual Sunday afternoon to myself and when you’re a busy mum you need that. But i have great Baby Daddies, who are nothing short of there for myself and the children. I appreciate that. We all have such a decent rapport. I mean this Saturday, all of us, Pete, Keiran, Junior, Ruby, Alice (who is Peter’s lovely chick and someone who I get along with greatly) are ALL headed to Ruby’s school Open day together, to watch her perform her little singing thing and enjoy the big ‘mooch around the school’ day. I went to the school (It’s a popular West Yorkshire Boarding School) and once a year it opens it’s doors to the public. All the parents and some old pupils go and enjoy the day, watch a bit of tennis, have a wine, tour the school, chat to other parents and socialise.

We’re all going. Keiran even asked if he could go with me today. And even though we’re ex husband and wife, we have a really great bond, and we both appreciate that because we went through some crazy times, so to know that we’ve recovered so well and to the point where we can laugh, joke and still raise babies separately, yet in tune and in cahoots with one another respectfully, is more than fabulous. Junior’s really lucky, as i know how difficult it is for others to manage co parenting. It’s not easy. Yet Keiran, Pete and I find it a breeze, because we put the things that matter before the things that don’t and that is the love we have for Ruby and Junior. The kids are certainly not the victims of breakups. If anything, they rinse the HELL out of all three of us. Lol.

But i’m glad that he asked to come…as he knew that it would mean a lot to everyone. Plus, Junior starts the school next year and he’d like to be involved with it all. (He did maybe give me the feeling that he was maybe trying to ‘smooze’ back in, with a finding out if i still liked him message today. He did it indirectly and it made me smile…so i was deliberately vague and threw him back the ball.)

I’ve spent time with my friends, lunched with my mum, done drinks…enjoyed life. I got my family pictures back from Chris Stevenson, this amazing local photographer, who does family lifestyle shoots. It was funny because I waiting for him in The Rogerthorpe Manor car park, with cash in my hand to pay for the photos that he was bringing me. It made me feel like i was on some weird posh drug deal. Lol. I did say that to him as I got out the car…because I would wouldn’t I? However, my goods were far better. I mean, who needs drugs when you can get pictures of your actual self! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m actually super anti drugs…I’d rather have a cocktail and can can.

Guy front?

No guys. Just have fun all by myself. Y’know, i feel really lucky because all the recent experiences i’ve had with gentleman, have been wonderful. Like ‘London Business Guy.’ What a great guy and i really mean that…and we’re not even communicating anymore. ย I mean, what we sort of went through was crazy…sort of, if i’m being honest overwhelming, like we didn’t know what was happening, but knew what was happening…and couldn’t control it. Like you wouldn’t understand it unless you were either of us. Yet, even know, i can look at that and still be like, ‘he’s awesome.’ And y’know there was never a point where he wasn’t honest, fun or decent. He’s actually in my mind pretty honourable. So i’m glad that I got the chance to experience moments with him, as our paths crossed out of nowhere…just like that. As in a way, more than he knows i learnt from him and i’m inspired by him. And I know that I danced into his world and ‘woke him up,’ gave him the opportunity to evaluate things in this life and make impact. Let him shed a few crocodile layers and feel excited again. And i’m really happy with that. It makes my soul feel good. I sort of oddly feel fulfilled. (I hope you’re reading this.)

There was this other guy that contacted me and he likes me, but I didn’t go on a date with him, simply because it just wasn’t right. I didn’t have a connection or the right connection with him and that doesn’t make me feel bad, I just know that he’ll find his right match, as it’s just not me. (Hope you’re not reading this. You’re still lovely.)

I will say that I have made an AMAZING new guy friend. He’s just popped out of nowhere, the one that I was doing picture liking and pudding chats with yesterday evening…and you know how much i adore great guy friends. Turns out, he’s awesome. Such great banter and fun, yet accidentally really handsome. (They make the best new male friends. lol.)

We bantered all night and then wished each other a good nights sleep. Really funny, really friendly. Woke up this morning…. shook out my kitten curls…looked at my phone, he was straight in with a ‘Morning you…I needed that! etc…’

What impeccable manners! Lol. (He’s already impressed me by being really smart and having some amazing job. Saying that, he also called me a ‘sarcastic git’ today, which made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Really fun new find. Looking forward to doing casual northern drinking with him. (He’s southern, but is forced to send five to six days a week up north. Lol).

A Southern or more South than I am boy is my favourite kind of boy, on par with an American boy. It was just really refreshing to have actual great yet fun banter with a new guy friend. Especially since all my normal guy friends are now married or coupled up (yes you Tony,) meaning it’s an area in my life that is lacking. Lol.

I’m really lucky. I find some really great guys.

Away from all that. The babies and I got up at the crack of dawn today and for some reason the both wanted ‘McDonalds’ for breakfast. I never go and sit down in McDonalds, ever. I eat it but i don’t love it. ย Well not to sit down and eat in it anyhow. Lol.

For some reason, this morning in the Ponte McDonalds life for me was weird. Everyone kept glaring at me, to the point where I felt it. Lol. I was even stood at the counter feeling glared at, with two guys behind me looking me up and one saying ‘check on my Facebook, she’s on my mutual friends list.’ Lol. It was flattering as everyone made me feel like some supermodel, which massages my ego. Yet it was weirdly off putting, as I kinda just wanted a sausage McMuffin…with my babies…without everyone glaring at me. It was like my Hiltons days. Even the staff we’re being strange. And because it was McDonalds and not some swanky hotel, where they are immediately lovely to you and so grateful that you’re there and giving you an upgrade…it was odd.


I posted this picture..

And as I did that…the guy who i sort of know of, who was sat behind me with friends…put this….

Untitled 1

It says, ‘Sat in Mccy’s having breakfast and struggling not to bust a nut.’ย 

Lol. It’s all in good fun, so i find it oddly cute? (I got this message from a friend, as I didn’t even know it had been put out there. Haha. I’m that slack. But cheers, for a handy screenshot.)

Yet, this is my Mcdonalds experience. Like I can’ t just go, buy a sausage McMuffin and have a moan at my kids, without feeling a little on show.

But on the whole. I’m flattered. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m doing the drive through next time. Hahaha.


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