Little Goody Bad Pants.


So, I did have a good weekend after all. Monday’s made me feel much better about myself, as i’ve been oddly productive and at the same time managed to delightfully reflect on my weekend. might have been a little *mad* yet it was hilarious…and to be honest…even though I definitely got distracted by cheesy chips (and we know we don’t do carbs after 8pm) after ending up on a Stag do, and forgetting to go to ‘Biggies’ midway…whilst wallowing in a gin, rum, wine dipped weekend…I survived it, with lesson’s learnt and still managed to function well at work, like a hero. I’m sure that means i’m awesome! Does it? Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah Baby! Plus, I know of a hundred other people who had a lot more drama wedged into their weekend than I! So, thank GOD FOR THEM, as it made me feel better about my time. 🙂 (One of my ace chick friends got really mad at her ‘annoying her’ ex and *kicked* him. LOL. I find that hilarious!!! I’m so sorry that I missed it! HAHAHA. I want to charge at someone for a laugh and just *kick* them. HAHAHAHAHA. That is ACE! I’ve never kicked an ex….I’ve just…well…divorced them because they ended up not being a great choice 🙂 I wish you could just end bad marriages with a kick to the goolies. It should be a new law.)

I’m home right now, chilling. The babies are performing some kind of show for me, well they’re in rehearsal’s or something right now , behind a door? Who knows what’s going on, but it looks moderately dynamic and unfortunately microphones are involved.

I’ve recovered from the weekend, worked all day, i’ve done both school and nursery runs, i’ve cooked tea, cleaned the house AND managed a blog! I deserve trophies AND i haven’t even had a wine yet! I know! I’m amazing!

I’m feeling pretty good, my legs are really tanned, my good friend Rachel has reminded me of a time when DJ Talent, wanted to get into my pants, so smuggled us back stage to watch Britain’s Got Talent..and wrote me a rap tjat he left on my voicemail, like he was P Diddy. HAHAHA. *DYING* I think both Rach and I used to fancy Aiden, who was about 7 years old which is never very good, but we did get to eat tea with him. Infact, we got to eat tea with them all, and we simply cracked up the entire time because we found our lives so funny. Then Stephen Mulhern told us jokes over cups of tea..and flirted with Rach a bit.

Now we’re old and Mums.

I did have a moment where I looked to my left today and said,

‘Jesus, i’m so old, this is the youngest and hottest i’ll ever be. I’m nearly 40! If i don’t find me a decent relationship, that ends in some ‘forever’ kind of husband love, i’m doomed.’

I refuse to be the ‘cat lady.’ Surely i’m too hot for that? And i’m not being a fifty year old bride! Ugh! Kill me. No one ever whole heartedly ever follows through with me..and i know I always say that…but it’s like i’m a dash of excitement, that needs to be taken a bit more seriously. But i’m watching and i’m listening and aware that actions speak louder than words. I’m a good catch because i’m good in all the right ways and bad in all the appropriate ways. And i’m never high strung because i’m always busy, and confident and having a vino.

Then I had a powdered *add hot water* coffee and forgot about it all with laughter. Someone even had a drawer spoon, which rocked as it meant that I didn’t have to wiggle my powdered coffee into dissolution. Yipppeee!

The kids have now cancelled the show for reading. I know!!!! AS IF, I have kids that have cancelled putting on a show for actual reading. Lol. Who’d thought!!!

I’ve had a fun day. I’m just getting a two flashbacks. One of a ‘suit’ as I like to call working, business gents, who walked by me saying,

‘I need to buy flowers.’ 

My immediate response, before I said ‘aww’ was ‘what did you do?’ 

He laughed and said, ‘Forgot to do something. 🙂 ‘

Then i had this weird twisted dream last night, where in which (ahahahaa, I can’t even say it) but three men, had really long *boy snakes’ and were playing ‘Hungry Hippo’s with them???? Don’t even ask. I’m laughing my head off.

I think I might have a cocktail.

Monday was awesome.





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