Tricky Pulls


‘How do you get the water for your bucket? Asked the little Burmese kitten to the ‘work of art’ window cleaner.

He smiled and replied with a…

‘I bring the giant water bottles, the big ones you find in offices that people use for drinks and whenever i need more water I go to my car and fill my bucket up.’

So there you have it. The window cleaner’s secret to water getting. πŸ™‚

Great day! Got a lot done! Felt super productive and certainly more in control of all things work. Lol. Time flies when you’re busy and I honestly need more hours in the day. But I’m happy. I’m chipper and things are pretty decent right now… in that area.

I was a proper single mum today. The morning began with rushing around, organizing PE bags, doing my face, spinning a schedule, cooking a breakfast, getting ready for work and all in a flurry, a rush and a madness. I had to dash about the house, bronzing my cheeks, scrambling eggs, with just my work trousers on, simply because ironing my shirt had got the better of me. HOW DOES ANYONE MANAGE TO IRON A WORK SHIRT IN THE MORNING!!!??!! Either my iron’s rubbish, or i don’t have the patience, time or wits to complete such a task successfully. I’d need about half a day to get one shirt done. Lol. I ended up swearing at it a little and having to go back to it, once I’d let it sit on the naughty step for a while, to think about what it had done.

Then i got over myself and well…the shirt got ironed, the buttons got buttoned..and *ding dong* I was OUT THE DOOR! *Strut..Strut…Wiggle.* I actually left my home looking not stressed at all and more like a Tampax commercial, y’know, the ones where the lady is merrily frolicking on a beach, in the sun, looking all free, smiley and dandy.

I got to work chipper. The say was busy, but like i said great.

I had lots of work on and I was powering through it, yet during my lunch break, I had to spend my entire time rushing around Pontefract looking for some outfit for Ruby to wear for school tomorrow, as they’r e having a ‘red, white or blue’ Royal picnic day tomorrow. OFCOURSE! And i had to do this whilst being on the phone to a health visitor for Junior’s ‘Being three’ assessment, waving at people who i knew with that Mummy rushy face, so they knew not to talk to me and whilst running into Specsavers to pick up my pre ordered contact lenses, grabbing a Marks & Sparks sandwich and Β picking up a coffee along the way. Lol.

If you’re a working Mum, or even any kind of Mum…this isn’t too shocking, as it’s pretty normal behaviour for us, isn’t it! But today, I felt it. Mummyhood felt never ending. It was crazy. Lol. Work felt like a break.

I mean, i’ve pretty much always been a single mum and i’ve liked it. Both father’s are great and do their Daddy bit beyond the call of duty. We all get on swimmingly. Yet, Mum’s tend to always do that little bit more. I’ve mastered it. It’s not easy. But so many other women in the world go through it, making me ‘just a number.’ I’m glad that I have so much help. I COULDN’T BE MORE GRATEFUL.

So yes, today it would’ve been awesome to have some handsome Knight in shining armour Β and not some idiot dressed in tin foil, swoop on in and save my sorry soul from madness. It didn’t happen ofcourse. πŸ™‚ Will it ever? Course not. Lol.

*Add wine here.*

I mean GOD, I watched middle aged women saunter into a church with partners who adored them. Teenage chicks, with shy boys beaming at the fact that they had a girl who fancy them. I saw happy chicks with dudes everywhere…(and I love happy couples.) But today I thought, ‘HANG ON A SECOND. I’M A FLIPPING CATCH! WHY AREN’T I DOING A HAPPILY EVER AFTER???’

The other week i had a giggle convo where in which a chick friend said,

‘God, you’re like one of those girls who watch the scruffy dodgy women on Jeremy Kyle and think, EVEN SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, surely i’m not that bad!!’

Makes me laugh! I’m always a comfortable single girl, yet today because I was all rushed and Mummified…it would’ve just felt LOVELY to feel whisked away, in a magical swirl of delight and treated!

Now, i’m home, i’m fine. Dinner cooked. Babies in bed. Chilling with a vino. Life couldn’t be better! I’m actually feeling pretty peaceful.

I will tell you that my dreaded inbox is full right now of dudes who reckon they are ‘potentials.’ But i’m just ignoring them. I can’t be bothered to even skim through the inbox right now. I’ll swiftly slide my phone screen upward, baby skim it and then leave it be. And i kinda only ‘swipe, skim’ it to see if actual people I know or like have messaged me…that’s about it. πŸ™‚

I mean, if a girl (and all girls go through it, infact i’m sure fit boys do too) has to read through a gzillion messages of just random guys saying ‘Hey’…..’Hi’……’Wow, you’re so beautiful’ etc….you tend to not notice them as much, because they get lost in a ‘mish mesh’ of inbox.

Yet, If you had one ‘hey’ from a guy that you adore or know…then you focus on it, like it’s gold….and reply. πŸ™‚

I don’t reply ever to the ‘mish mesh’…but only because I don’t really know the guys at all, so i wouldn’t lead them on, plus I feel too busy for all of that. I’ll reply if i really really fancy you…i’m not that stupid. πŸ™‚ Yet, i guess getting any girl to notice you is hard.Then getting her to adore you is even harder. It’s tough being a guy. I’m glad i’m a girl. πŸ™‚

So i think the trick with me is to strike when the iron’s hot. I mean, i do have to actually fancy you to being with, but the more direct you are, bold…yet polite, smart, fun or gentlemanly the better. I don’t like a sob story. Don’t do a sob story. Just be a guy, go for it and get what’s yours. You could go in the wrong direction and zoom straight in with something far too mucky and i’ll not like it. Or you could go too flipping slow…that by the time you’ve finally pulled yourself together, you’ve lost me and i’ve galloped off into the distance. But i like the guy to do the leg work. I find it hotter. It’s sexier. If i’ve had to MAKE you like me, then it’s obviously a not as delicious.

Love should be easy. Guy truly adores girl. Girl truly adores guy. They are happy and therefore do life. Done!

I’m a tricky pull. But such a great catch once you’ve got me. πŸ˜‰





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