Hey, Cupid…


Happy Monday! I’m not usually at work on Monday’s…EVER and i usually gloat at everyone else having to be! However, today I am an i’m not too bothered as i’ve sailed off a fabulous sun filled, family weekend and i’m read to work. (By nature my work ethic is superb.) That’s why i’ve done alright in life. 😉 PLUS, i’m leaving my current place of work in 4 shifts time…so i’m going to enjoy my time and the people there as much as I can! Everyone means a lot to me…it was such a wonderful chapter of life…I feel so lucky.

ANYWAY…boy front.


Right now, i feel like i’m a juicy little target…strapped down upon a slow, spinning wheel, all kitten like, smiley and sexy…with a glint in my eye and a beam in m heart, as boys…men, males from ALL OVER THE PLACE…across the land have a go at ‘cupid arrowing’ me. It is currently testosterone central and i’m actually pretty flattered. I’m not doing anything about it…just enjoying feeling adored. The sun must have come and whammed them all in the boner and pointed them towards Wunna land, as I do ‘t even know what’s happened??? But it’s delicious…and well the thing that is great about is, that all the guys that are trying to get my attention are all lovely, being lovely and not remotely pervy or disturbed. They’re great, which means that i’m finally giving off the right kind of vibe. 🙂 That makes me happy.

On Happn…this really great guy sent me a secret charm, that I openly ‘charmed’ back and just like that he started briefly chatting and he’s great! Again…very new into Wunna land…Investment banker…my age…travels..funny…but lovely. He can’t believe i’m single. Finds it odd that I am. I utterly agreed, cos jeeze, i’m SURE i’m a catch! Lol. His name’s Tony…and yeah, he’s been training it back to London for work…but lives in Leeds…and he seems super interesting. That’s all i know about him…Oh and he’s not terrified of my children! Lol. Awesome!

Cloughey (i like Cloughey, I love Cloughey) is back from a Saturday of Stag doing and suit wearing. He’s feeling ‘ouchy’ but still found the time to message me, which means he did think about me, once he got back! Major points scored. A hippie definitely asked him out on a date, but he doesn’t do dates and doesn’t know really, but she was hippie…ish…. that’s all he remembers. HAHAH. I love having Cloughey back! Before he went Stag doing…we actually had a really great conversation…which ended in us both doing lots of smiling. 🙂 We make each other feel good and that’s wonderful. What more could you ask for! Such a great guy! I *heart* Clough! Even when he’s not in a suit…:)

Pete, Ruby’s Daddy…WELL, he’s been in Germany for a Stag do, this weekend. He just got back today and obviously I’ve known Pete fr years, decades, since he was 11. We went to school together and again dated before…had Ruby…etc…etc…since then we’re always been close and co parented better than any other two people could in the world. We just have great respect for one another and that’s based around our little girl. We’re really different people….but we get along wonderfully. Always have. I mean, gosh the other night Ruby laid in bed, and asked ‘I wonder what Daddy’s doing?’ (At that exact moment he was in Berlin at The Ritz!! Hahaha. Glammy co parenting rocks!)

Anyway, for the first time in what feels like a hundred years Pete did ‘flirting’ with me, last night via text! I know! LOL. It’s sort of jokey because obviously we’ve had Ruby and everything inbetween…but he was going on about how good i looked in my pictures and that I was ‘milfy.’ Hahaha. And i am. 🙂 But I guess, it’s difficult..and the same with Keiran to sort of have me as your ‘baby mama’ because i’m super lovely to them both, we all get along so well…and the babies adore us all…yet i’m doing well…doing glammy…working hard, being fun…apparently rocking this ‘sexy’ thing and they just have to live with it…normally….regardless…even if they have both a place in their heart for me (because of the children) or a boner. Lol. But yes…he did ‘flirting’  yesterday and he never ever in a million years would…because by nature he is the shyest human on the planet. He must still be drunk from The Germans? But yes, obviously Pete’s great…he’s actually really hot now he’s older…again good, solid guy…my daugther’s Father!

Y’know…just all sorts…everything.

I’ve got a shoot planned. A family photoshoot. I’ve been up all night doing paper work for my new job. I’ve got to get up early to drop it all off, and then go to my current work place…to work. Lol. Madness.

The Sun must have gotten to everyone…

I just want to get to the forest!


Leaving with you with a tune…


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