My ‘Brum Brum’ got wheels

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If you’ve been following my Facebook and blog, you’ll know that my car tyre *popped* 2 days ago, whilst i was at the petrol station and hero ‘James from Autoserve’ in Ackworth saved the day, by staying open a little later and sorting my car out for me. I ended up buying two new front tyres and when you’re a girl, you begrudge spending dosh on things like tyres. Well..if you’re a Glamour puss. I mean, GOD, i want to spend that dough on lipgloss, hair extensions or a hotel night at The Crazy Bear, rather than rubber. But i did it…and now i’m all save and wheeled up. James can never do enough for me. I’m sort of an Ackworth girl…everyone in the village knows one another…and James knows that i’m a Bimbo when it comes to shit like tyres.

Walked down to the garage after work…almost with a canned mojito and cocktail umbrella in my hand, until I remembered that i was actually going to pick up my CAR, to DRIVE IT. Hahah. The weather was getting the better of me.

Got there. Paid. Got the car. Then all the staff looked terrified at me, as they knew that i had to reverse my car out of a ‘tricky’ spot…(tricky for ME spot, lol.)

Two guys immediately offered to reverse it for me. HAHAHA. That’s a bad sign. Once guy said, he’d watch and laugh and then so it for me. Lol. But fuck you, i did it! HAHAHA. Yes, i did! I prefer other people to do it for me. Just so you know. There’s a girl role and a boys role and people should stick to their strengths?

However, DO KNOW, that in order for me to achieve this ‘do it,’ I had two humans guide me, another male LIFT AN ENTIRE CHILDREN’S MOTORIZED, POUND A GO, POSTMAN PAT RIDE, up and out the way…a pump was moved, a few tyre mountains..and maybe people! HAHAHA.

But i did it. 🙂 And i didn’t even need a mojito! 🙂

Then i went home to snapchat and do selfies with Ruby…



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