Let the Knight Venture…


Feeling sassy today! I’m on my last day of my four days off (remember that I wrote this earlier) and i’ve made sure (after doing such a work stretch) that I pampered myself appropriately. I’ve done babies, boys  and pretty much all sorts. So now it’s me time. I always say that we as people (mainly women) tend to forget to treat ourselves, once in a while. We should do it weekly. Especially Mums. Today, I’ve shopped for dresses, scheduled two nights out, one for this weekend, one for 2 weeks after, I booked myself hair extensions that I have just got done at ‘Talking Heads’ Doncaster and whilst i’m enjoying a quick coffee, whilst I blog, I’ve managed to book in to get my nails done at 2pm. (All before a school run and in a different town to where I live…meaning it’s more of an adventure.)

I was talking about ‘adventure’ with Cloughey last night. I told you, we’ve been chatting lots and like i said, he’s a decent discovery as although we’re quite different, we get along surprisingly well. People’s paths cross at different times deliberately, ( a reason, a season, a lifetime) so for some reason, right now…we’re meant to be chatting about life with one another. We’re both quite good at seeing the ‘good’ in any situation…we’re both open about everything…honest….and that’s all much easier via ‘inbox’, yet the only thing that’s different is the fact that i’m the Queen of ‘skin to the wind’ adventure and he’s very…well as he would say ‘terra firma.’ Lol. I’ll venture off to hotel nights, lavish do daa’s, other worlds countries, beds..all sorts…Lol…at a more than likely at  a moments notice…as he enjoys the comfort and safeness of his own home. I want to be stabilized. He wants to dip his toe into the pool of adventure. And there you have it. He actually said that you sort of ‘create your own prison’ when you aren’t adventurous. See! I enjoy how he words things. Yet, I stated that all madness needed to be punctuated, in order to make sense. This was after I compared him to Mary Poppins and he called referred to me as ‘dark.’ (‘No ones’ ever related me to Poppins before.’ )

Everything’s changing in my world right now and everything’s new. It’s like living a whole new chapter, but actually feeling it. It’s strange, having your world turn completely the other way around for the better, or for a different *peek* at existence, yet i’m used to it and love it. I can shimmie it off with a wink and champion it with a ‘Hooray.’

The babies are doing well. They’re excited for my new beginnings (oh i have a new line of work coming up) as it gives me more time with them…and well last night was gorgeous as both children, separately came up to me before bed…kissed me and well Junior gave me a red heart that he made out of Playdoh and told me that he loved me….then Ruby gave me a bundle of bluebells that she had picked for me, after sticking a ‘smiley face’ sticker over my heart to make sure i was happy. It’s moments like that, even though they fight and tantrum…that let me know that i’m doing a good job. They are the most loving babies ever. So if i haven’t taught them much, i’ve taught them all about the art of love, being loved and showing love. BINGO! (Oh and how to ADORE Mummy, appropriately! 😉 ) I’m good like that with other beings. Whether you like or loathed me…you know to treat me, because i have given you that memo.

Other than all that… i’ve had a big clean out at home and enjoyed it. I kept the children. 😉 Yet, I also kept finding neckties all over my bedroom floor? I have no clue? I really don’t know? There was a grey one, a black one, a blue one??? And I’m not that lucky in love to have had so many ‘suits’ pass it. Lol. Lord knows who’s been in there? As the can’t be Ben’s? He was always in his hoodie. 🙂 But i’m giving them away, after i’ve shot in them for lifestyle pictures.

I’m feeling happy to be single today. My inbox is full of boys just trying to chatter. I’m being offered love, sex, friendships, willies, kindness, even plane tickets to Bermuda (I know.)   It kinda makes me feel empowered…even though i don’t really chat back, unless i know them. It’s important to enjoy being single, even though you, believe in love. I’m just currently sitting confidentially knowing that he’ll find me. He’ll come get me…I’m not one to complicate love like others…i enjoy the simplicity of it. If a guy truly desires you…he’ll find a way to make you his. If he doesn’t…he’s not that bothered. It’s how they are made.

(The Doctor hasn’t messaged me today…On Friday he was offering me massages to relax me…today, and after caving for the weekend…nothing. Even the ‘The Bachelor’ was rubbish last night and i’m a huge Juan Pablo fan. All it was, was a Latino boning chicks in a ‘Fantasy Suite’ yet refusing to commit. Lol)

I’m back to working hard soon and well…the good thing about me when it comes to finding Mr.Right, is that I know what I want. It’s all about the connection, yet the other things matter to me also, as i’m not a teen or a lost 20 something anymore…I’m fully grown. It is weird that I haven’t managed to find a ‘match’ in so long…yet like i said…he’ll come…I can feel it.


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