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Good day, on the whole. Worked well. Listening to Lydia’s tragic love life,which pretty much matches my own, until i’m one day settled forever. (This proves that no matter how old, or how young, or no matter what walk of life you’re tottering upon…we’re all the same when it comes to love. We want to love and be loved.)

I’ve tried to eat healthy, however, i’m now on this weird ‘high iron’ diet, because of my recent delicious circumstances…so I’ve been instructed to chow down on silly things like black pudding, greens, steak, liver (my mum actually grilled me the best liver ever) and to drink a can of Guinness (YUK) A DAY, and in no time my iron levels will be on top form..and i won’t be anemic anymore. Yipppee! Hats off to that! I’ve never had a can of Guinness in MY ENTIRE LIFE…so you can imagine the confusion, that my body came to when it had to convince itself that this kind of booze was delicious and good for me? I should’ve jabbed a cocktail umbrella in it. Please! Save me from tragedy.

I’ve felt good today, but had to push at the *swirly* feeling. I’ll tell you about that later. However, the good thing is that as soon as I got into work and set up…smack bang,ย on time, straight from his time off work, entered Lee my favourite policeman…He struts straight up…in neon… says his ‘hello’s’ and what nots ( I hadn’t seen him in a few days, so it was good to have him pop in again.) We make our usual general convo, we get on well…I pretty much tell this guy everything… we have really great banter. Within a minute into our chitter chatter, he glares at me with what I told him were ‘disapproving father eyes’ and IMMEDIATELY brings up my date with the Doctor. He definitely looked like it wasn’t his favourite. Lol. So we chattered about it…and it was good because he snapped me back to reality. (*Whop there goes gravity.*) You can’t scowl at me when you’re in neon. LOL.

Lee’s been really good to me, attentive, kind, caring..a really good friend and well with him (like I said we have a brotherly type of banter) his life timing is rubbish. That’s all i’m gonna say. Lol. But he gets it… I get it…and it’s funny…ish! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If he wasn’t getting married, he’d be a good catch, right?

But snapping back to reality was good. I’m less on Cloud 9 now and more normal, more real about it all. The Doctor is on Cloud 9..and I like it. We’ve messaged a lot all evening…and he’s every bit the romantic and wishes to ‘make me his.’ He ‘can’t wait.’ ย I’m looking forward to getting to know him…and enjoy a date night with him. He seems like an absolute dream of a guy…and goes out of his way to make me smile. He puts in a lot of effort into letting me know that he likes me..and thinks i’m worthwhile. His messages are literally every girls dream.

Work was great. The light evening and sunshine made it easy.

Today was a bit more difficult when I got home…and probably because I had had a Guinness and I haven’t drank in WEEKS. Lol. This is why you should only do booze when your mind is fully stable. It was difficult because when I do relationship cut offs, I get a delayed reaction…and I missed Ben. I kinda missed him being around…I was bathing the babies and they kept going on about how much they missed him…so that on it’s own was hard. Yet, i’m aware that I am going to miss him, as you can’t just do a break up and *can can* down the street with streamers on…I just always get that weird delay in emotions, as i’m a blocker outer. I’ve deliberately not been out, (I’ll be out as the weather gets nicer. I’m an exotic glamour puss…you’ll never see me out in the rain or cold) because i’m not really ready to just bump into him…because i haven’t spoken to him and i’ve kinda been through an ordeal…with the whole hospital thing…and he hasn’t said anything to me. We had a fun year…so i guess i miss his company…? This is why we don’t drink Guinness.

However, Lee my favourite policeman visits are good, as it takes my mind off all that and keeps me sane, moving forward and moving onward. My first date with the Spanish Doctor will be lovely…because all kittens need to have someone who openly tells you how wonderful you are and appreciates everything that’s great about you. He’s lovely and always tries to make everything work.

Jenna at work is good because she’s quite the realist and I love her for it. Today whilst she built pretend decking, and after I had just shown her toy money, she accidentally reminded me that happiness is what mattered in relationships over EVERYTHING. Sometimes we ladies can get lost or should i say a bit off track. Jenna is good at putting you back on track…without her even knowing.

I’m happy…i’m a little fuzzy…but i’m actually feeling more confident than ever.






Singalong…a long…


Sometimes in life, you just need to take a *moment* to hit *pause,* pull your tight knotted bun out, slip into your comfies (whatever you feel comfortable in..for me it’s obviously nipple tassels. Hardly! And just have a bit of a sing song..)

Go for it! *Wunna helps you let loose.* Musical therapy is apparently really good for you…along with light therapy, usual therapy and cocktails?

Fun, Summer, appropriate for Moi song…

And i’ve given you the words, just so you don’t have to make them up. Always annoying when you accidentally sing the wrong words, thinking you sort of knew them like the gospel. Even worse when you do it front of someone else and weirdly style it out, like it was meant to happen. *Been there.*



I’m in the mood for love…


So the our Supermodel ‘water diet’ turned into ‘cups of custard.’ Lol. We actually ate pretty well…healthy well…all day…so we don’t feel bad for switching water for custard. Oh and I also don’t regret eating two portions of black pudding, as it was simply medicinal…as I have a massive iron deficiency. (Still bleeding everywhere and because of it, work was massively embarrassing and massively uncomfortable all day. However, still great! If that’s grossing you out, you have my apologies…I’m just the most open being in all the land.)

Oh..when i’m saying ‘we’ and I’m meaning Lydia and I. (We’re working together and at the same time she’s styling me for my date.) In fact, since we’ve been rambling on about it and we’ve both been posting on our blogs and Facebooks, about our love lives…everyone’s woken up to her, since hearing her do the ‘But i want to go on a first date, with a Doctor’ rant…and within moments hundreds of boys, who all heard or read her tragic date story have ‘liked’ her status or messaged her. It kinda made us laugh, as that’s great you all ‘liked’ it, BUT FRICKING ASK HER OUT, TAKE HER OUT. She wants a glammy date! Lol. (A hundred flipping ‘likes.’) So yes, she’s loving her new found popularity. A LOT! HAHAA. But still now potential dates!

(I’m currently watching ‘Dinner Date’ that is now actually NOT ‘Dinner Date’ and has turned to ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ both the celebrity episodes. I adore Patti Stanger and well I guess ‘Dinner Date’ is what i’ll be doing…but without it being set up for tv and instead being really real.)

I love that my date is a home cooked meal, by a ‘handsome,’ as I feel it’s far more private and relaxed and we can chatter and get to know each other properly, be who we are and feel free…rather than feeling ‘on show.’ In life, i’ve feel like i’ve been ‘on show’ an awful lot. ย So, i’m really hoping that it all goes well. He messaged me today (well we both messaged) and he’s excited about the simple things like just looking into my eyes, cooking us both a meal and wrapping his arms around me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that he can tell me that without fear! Sexy.

(I’m just getting a Skype call in from a guy that I spoke to briefly ages ago, but it was a strange situation as..well I can’t be bothered to chat about it, but it was VERY ODD. I didn’t know what was true and what was false. It felt catfishy??? My inbox has gone back to being odd because i’m all single now aren’t I. I’ve had boys, boys, boys…message, message, message, even a couple of Ben and I’s mutual friends. Odd. Odd. Odd. But i’m good in those situations because I just ignore my inbox when it gets like that. As a girl, i’m pretty loyal and pretty loyal to myself…I have a one track mind..and well if I have a love interest…a man in mind…then I am 100 percent invested in that guy, until I either know it’s not right or ย we just live happily ever after. Right now, the Spanish Doctor is it. I can’t wait to see him Sunday. I hope i don’t get stood up or something terrible. (Lydia thinks it’s funny, because if i do get stood up, i look like a plank because i’ve gone on about it so much. HAHA. But ah well, it’s life. I’ve been stood up TWICE BEFORE. Massively stood up, when i was all dressed up like a doll…sat waiting in a hotel room. So, it wouldn’t be a first. Lol. I’d take it in my stride..and well as always tell you the story. It happens to the best of us. ๐Ÿ™‚ (He won’t stand me up. He’s far too excited to see me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I can’t wait for our little intimate date.)

Ruby and Junior are so close right now it amazes me. All evening after a giant play and run around with one another, Junior rested on the sofa, asked for Ruby to cuddle him and rub is back to sleep. Weirdly, she wanted to. Within minutes he was fast asleep…half an hour after…she was also. Nothing makes you prouder, when you have two babies, and you’ve raised them by yourself..and you see them being so close. They may fight…but underneath that layer, there is nothing but unconditional love. Makes me feel as though i’ve been a good mum. Over the last couple months they have gotten so much closer. At first they both missed Ben…yet now they’re back to being how we always were and they’re great with it. Junior will always miss Ben…as they were pretty close. Ruby, like her Mum is a trooper…She can deal with anything and in a way she wants me to find my Prince so desperately so we can be a proper family…yet even to her…he just has to be perfectly right.

Hurry up Sunday! I’m in the mood for love.











When the Girl Gods Call


If i adore anything, it is advice from other Glamour Pusses and I do mean ‘Glamour Puss’ in the sense of a powerful lady who radiators ‘ooh laa’ and not just a chick in too much lippy and a push up bra. (Even that to is delightful.) No one ever really give me advice and I only ever rant it out on occasion, if i’m feeling preaching and i’ve decided to ‘can can’ onto my high horse. (Or if i’m pissed off. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But this morning, before work ‘Victoria’ (who I adore…our little girls go to the same school, she’s gorgeous and knows how to get what she wants and she’d often come into my work place for a quick drink.)

ANYWAY…Right now, she’s in Tenerife with her handsome ‘hubby to be’ (who SHE ASKED TO MARRY…I KNOW..SHE’S SEXY..I’ve always wanted to do that, but i keep dating plonkers, son’t I, so i never get the urge. Lol.) She’s reading my blog, because she has great taste and ‘BOOM’ in came her wonderful advice for me and dating!

Please do note, Victoria isn’t a little confused girly, she is a grown up women of sophistication..and basically..(know that I am nervous for my Doctor Date really….I’m half ‘YES,’ and half scared) and well…nothing is better than getting a message from the Girl Gods…especially when they’re on holiday, with the man of their dreams, with a cocktail in their hand and in a bikini! (I love it, so ‘Charlie’s Angels.’)

But yes…straight away after reading my morning blog…the advice stiletto stomps in!

‘Loving your blog, can’t wait to hear about your date…Ben who? Anyway, when I met up with Guy for a date, I completely power dressed and in my mind I was there to seal the deal, almost like a business deal lol…i want that MAN. You’ll ace it.’ Lol.ย 

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE HER! Hahaha. Even I want to date her! That’s so sexy!

So, yes The Girl Gods have spoken and i’m feeling more and more confident. To be honest, i’ve never really ever been on a date with a guy that’s my age, successful and so lovely. Unless they were an actor in LA, but that’s another story.

What day are we even on?

Hurry up Sunday!!! I cannot WAIT for my DATE!


I’m on CelebVM

Hi everyone! I’m now on Celeb VM, a site where in which you can buy a personal video message from me..for you, a friend, a loved one or for a laugh. I’M GOOD AT THESE, because i’m naturally outspoken and cheeky, meaning my videos are awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ They make great gifts…and more than anything it’s hilarious because Pat Sharpe’s on it.

So take a peek or even better remember that i’m on it, so if you would like a message….you can now have your own little Wunna treat, in you are not a being who gets to chitter to me on a daily basis. Lots of my reality Tv friends are on it, so it’s just a greta amount of fun!


Dating, Older women, Love & Newness

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Morning my gorgeous little jiggle bums! Don’t fret, it’s a term of endearment, before you all start on me, or feel the need to reach for the juicer. My Bum jiggles and it’s hot because it shimmies without me even telling it to. (My LA bestie Theo, once THREW ME off his bum in a gym, because he was purposely leant over the front desk so his THEN crush could see his freshly worked out booty. HAHAHAH. I adore my peeps. I love how deliciously warped all us ‘doing our 20’s in LA’ folk are.)

Okay, I have another day of work, as per usual. I’m up with the babies, who are delightfully happy. I’ve had a boy moan message me (already bad, I don’t like moaners…one of the reasons why Ben used to be annoying, because he’d moaned about EVERYTHING, or be really girly and dramatic about most things…when I notice that…then you MUST have a problem. LOL.) But yes, before I get distracted. Apparently, there’s never any time to try and get to know me or date me because the ‘inbetween’ relationships time is too short, so ‘the boy in question’ never gets a look in.

Firstly, i’m still single. I’m not yet taken. I’m going on a ‘first date’ on Sunday. I’m not getting married. (But I do ADORE MY SUNDAY DATE!!! I CAN’T WAIT. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ *BEAMING.*) Secondly…obviously that means you’re either already defeated before you’ve even tried. (Not sexy.) OR, you’re far too slow off the mark because as you’re thinking up your cunning plan to win some girls heart, some other, really confident boy, has swooped on in with his heart pounding out of his chest, grabbed the girl, swung her over his shoulder and galloped of into the distance…(whilst you’re still sat in The Carleton pondering life, in your computer games t shirt, with a face of terror.) I’m brave for a girl, so my standard of a boy being brave is set higher. Yet i’m still a girl and there’s still an element of shy to me or the need to be woo’ed, chased and spoilt. Be she a good girl, bad girl, a rich girl, a poor girl…whatever kind of girl, every girl has the same basic thread running through her…and that is for a guy to treat, love and adore us confidently, openly…always..and forever. So you can’t sit there thinking, she’s a tom boy, sh’es not going ot be bothered by romance or me showing her that I love her. WRONG! Or she’s loaded, so she can buy everything and pay for my future. WRONG! All girls are different, yet with the same running thread. You HAVE TO get your shit together and be able to love, protect, provide and cherish…and she will too.

I also got asked if it’s harder to date when you’re older. Not really. It’s actually much easier, as provided you’re a doll of a woman internally or externally…you have the pick of the bunch, be they 19 or 109. Lol. The only thing that’s better or worse is that by the time you’re much older. I’m thirty five, you’ve already gathered so much experience in the love and dating department, that you are far more secure (not always, but in my case,) you’re much more mellow and you know EXACTLY what you want, how you need ย to be treated, how to treat your lover, you’re ready to settle down and have you’re on stuff…(house, car…babies.) I’m still sat here with ‘L’ plates on because I pick badly. YET, it seems it’s the only lesson that I keep failing to learn in life. I go for the sad, puppy dog story, which will automatically make me need to care for them, or a weaker male because it makes me feel powerful? That’s bad.

TODAY, the story changes…and I’ve taken the advice from friends who are my own ages to sixty years old and…this time it’s absorbed and i’m getting it right.

My Doctor date i’m excited for because he’s gorgeous, he’s exotic, he’s so romantic and confident and takes charge. He works hard, does well and talks to me like i’m a dream…I love that. ย I like him because he’s fully invested in this date, his heart is a pounding…as is mine. (As you will have guessed.) He’s my age…a year older than me, as usually they’re always younger by accident. I never get why, as when i was younger my boyfriends were always older. I keep getting it muddled. Lol. But it will feel great to just go on a date with someone who’s in the correct age bracket. Lol. I see Lydia today, so i’ll get a good gossip, as Natalie and I couldn’t gossip properly yesterday as we were being watched and having to work. If you’re a Mum (and my mum told me this) when you’re dating or in a relationship, you have to step back from the situation, briefly analyse it and see if the situation you’re in, would be a situation that you would want your own daughter to be experiencing in love. IT WORKS!

I’ve changed a lot of things this year…and all for the better. It’s moving fast, but i’m fast. It’s exciting. It’s all new. Bad habits kicked. Fresh better ventures..taken on. I’m loving the children more than ever. I have more work. I’m concentrating on it and it’s going well. I’ tending to new love..(oh and those who think i’m being mildy insensitive because o the Ben situation..I’m not. When i had announced that I was over it…we’d hadn’t even been speaking for weeks. He’s fine, i’m sure. So you don’t need to feel bad for either of us. Plus, surely it’s more insensitive to not text your girlfriend to make sure her ‘procedure’ went okay. Lol.)

I’m really grateful for all your messages, I’m reading them all and replying to the ones that I can.

Here’s one that was sent to me yesterday, by an amazing girl with awesome taste in bloggers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had just finished work and it made me so happy so i replied immediately.

Hi Chrissie – I’ve followed your blog since our brief meeting at the Ann summers thing – I’ve laughed cried cringed and hoorayed along the way. I might not have always chosen the routes you have but then everyone has their own style don’t they. Anyway I decided to message you because I think with everything you’ve had going on in the last few months/weeks etc wowzers you’ve done it with glitter and dazzle and that’s inspiring to any girl or boy not to let the sucky bits of life dull your shine good luck with your doctor date!

Awwwwwww that’s such an uplifting and inspiring message! Thank you sooo much for it and for following my blog. It means so much. You’re an amazing person. Made me smile!!! I’m so nervous for my doctor date xxx

Thank you so much,

Chrissie x


First dates, Stylists & Messages.


Work went well today! I was kinda on my own, so I was chilling with no one to chatter to for ages. But time flew…meaning I must have fun when i’m on my own. Lol. I did get ‘moments’ to chitter about people’s love lives though, which made life worth living for a little while. Then I saw that a whole weird bunch of people had found my blog, by searching this sentence..:

‘Horny Farmer’s wife, out in the rain, in her wellies…’


In case you are one of those fellows and you’ve landed here by accident…welcome! It’s a tad bit more boring then you hoped for i know…wellies I can do..but my tiny fear of billy goat gruffs and pig snouts…means there are no animals of the farm yard variety available on this website. (Stop being pervy. Lol)

Okay, so Lydia sent me a bunch of options for my date night. She’s really great at it and I sort of cyber ‘nodded’ at the things that I liked and researched for other options inspired by her ideas. Then (and only in a sentence) she had a mini melt down, mid styling me…and decided to be depressed and jealous because she wanted to get glammed up and go on a ‘first date’ with a Doctor. Lol. Your’e stylist isn’t meant to have a fucking MELT DOWN and cry because they’re not on a date, whilst styling ME for a date. I love it! It’s hilarious. So i did the generous thing and offered to punch her really hard, so that she too could find herself in hospital and pull? (Junior’s currently crying because he’s got to the bottom of his Wotsits bag and there’s no left and Ruby is currently crying because Justin Bieber doesn’t want to date her?)

I’m not gonna bore you with my date excitement. (But know that i’m still super excited!) He’s been working all bank holiday, so today whilst i worked, I hadn’t heard from him…because we were both busy. Then just like that, as soon as I had finished my shift, I reached for my phone and without ANY prompting there is was..the most perfectly romantic message…reconfirming Sunday ‘Date Night’ (we kinda always do that don’t we..incase it all falls through..as we get more nervous. Even I was thinking, ‘Gosh he hasn’t messaged me, what if..) But no…the Spanish Doctor, saved the day with a message that began with a ‘Thinking of you,’ had a middle full of compliments and romance…a confirmation of his excitement for Sunday, followed by a big ending of kisses…

Now his messages aren’t just like normal messages that you’d get off a guy..as like I said, they’re filled with love, sexiest and Spanish. There’s a calm spiciness to them, if that makes sense. (I think i’m just happy that it doesn’t read ‘See you in the Blacky?’ Lol) But I LOVE the way he expresses because he’s messages me normally, but with little Spanish twists. Like ‘besos’ and ‘Bella.’ It’s hot. I’m into it. He’s lovely. Get me on this first date!

However, yes, I will stop going on about it and instead tell you about Lydia’s rubbish first date with a random Ponte boy. (This is the difference.) He asks her out on a date, on facebook. They arrange to meet at Ego. They do. They get ONE DRINK and he disappears to the bar for 20 minutes on his phone. He returns after leaving her ON HER OWN for all that time and asks her if it would be okay for her to get picked up, because he wanted to go out drinking with his guy friends.


Then to make it even more romantic….Lydia states that she is unable to be picked up until 10pm and instead of being lovely, he recalls his friend and moans because he now feels bad and HAS to probably wait for her to get picked up. This is after he suggested that she paid for her own taxi home.

God, i can’t even go on…It’s appalling! No wonder she’s having a melt down! HAHAHA. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

Right now, I’m happy because i’m experiencing the opposite…I’m getting, ‘I’ll cook for you, romance you, adore you and love you.’ I have five days until ‘Date Night.’ I can’t wait. He seems amazing.

I actually had all my childcare sorted…However Keiran (Oh Keiran) swanned in with a ‘I can’t do my usual Sunday night’ text. He’s working all next week. Luckily…I have a great Mum.

I’m on a diet. I’m layering my tan. I’m doing my five day ‘first date’ prep. The usual really.

Hope you’re day is panning out deliciously. x



Great day! Well aside from the fact that my babies rinsed the hell of me. ๐Ÿ™‚ But whatever, that’s what Mama is for. Junior got his golf clubs. He raced down to the store, where he KNEW he saw them before and went to the exact spot to grab himself is own set. (Exactly like his Father would. He’s super precise.) Ruby got a book filled with Top Model faces that she is to colour in, do makeup upon, hair upon and accessorize with earring stickers…so you can imagine her excitement.

We did lunch at Ed’s diner.

Then I totally got my ‘shop’ on. To River Island, as my ‘stylist’ Lydia suggested. I tottered there bought myself a dress. Well it’s a dress option, as we always need a couple don’t we? It might be a bit conservative…but sexy…However, it makes a good option…as it has boobs. (But not too much.) I’ll actually look sexier and maturer, which I do well nowadays. (I even have a shoot coming up.) Saying that, I also need another local photographer, to shoot new pics of me or this website…so get messaging me.

I bought a ton of makeup, a ton of ‘ooh I smell good’ options, didn’t get my nails done, completed a work phone call…and didn’t manage to buy shoes, as I had to work it all into rushing around the babies, who were now tripping people up with golf clubs and flirting with cashiers.

I’m home now and it feels like bliss. I feel like a kitten again. I feel really girly. It’s great to sort of come out of all the hospital drama and feel all romanced…it draws a line under the discomfort forever and starts your new chapter with love. I’m excited by it. It feels like a new adventure. If it goes well it goes well. If it doesn’t…and the gent assures me it will… as he knows that he likes me already, (I like that,) then it was a great start to a new beginning. So, it’s a win, win and I just think that when a guy makes you feel like a girl again, one that’s special…it’s magical. It does all sorts to us…I mean read this, that Brad Pitt said about Angelina…

Brad Pitt – โ€œPeople think because we are rich and famous that we don’t go through things. We are real like everyone else. We are human. My wife had got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children. She had lost 30 pounds and weighed about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She was not a happy woman. She had suffered from continuing headaches, heart pain and jammed nerves in her back and ribs.
She did not sleep well, falling asleep only in the morning and got tired very quickly during the day. Our relationship was on the verge of break up. Her beauty was leaving her somewhere, she had bags under her eyes, she was poking her head, and stopped taking care of herself. She refused to shoot the films and rejected any role. I lost hope and thought that weโ€™ll get divorced soonโ€ฆBut then I decided to act on it. After all, Iโ€™ve got the most beautiful woman on the earth. She is the idol of more than half of men and women on earth, and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her and to hug her shoulders. I began to pamper her with flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised her and pleased her every minute. I gave her lots of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends. You wonโ€™t believe it, but she blossomed. She became even better than before. She gained weight, was no longer nervous and she loved me even more than ever. I had no clue that she CAN love that much. And then I realized one thing: The woman is the reflection of her man. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become it.”

And that makes Brad Pitt one of the greatest husbands and men alive to all women. Boys…learn it! I mean half of the boys around here…In Ponte are often so backwards when it comes to being forward with chicks that it’s ridiculous. Their romance buttons are on ‘off,’ and it’s boring. Hence why we get so excited when we’re romanced, expressed to and told how delightful we are. So girls aren’t bothered…but most girls (especially those of the ‘fairytale’ variety like myself, ARE. I’d love to find the man of my dreams…i’m never one to sort of shun a ‘fairytale romance.’ I’m literally the kind of girl who will enjoy her ‘forever’ with you…provided you’re right for me and if i know that I am right for you.

So, I have a week of solid work….then I venture off to the Spanish Doctor’s, for dinner on Sunday evening. He’s making me a paella…a ‘romantic paella,’ and well I can’t wait just to enjoy the evening. I also enjoy it because out of nowhere he said, ‘I’ll cook you dinner (took charge) and we’ll enjoy a romantic date.’ He apparently can’t wait to be with me…and I can’t wait either. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m still beaming.)

Men who take charge, score major points with me, as usually I’M THE ONE, who has to organize everything…whilst they dilly dally, act cool, be scared or can’t be bothered. Then love it once we’re on the date…but yeah iHATE waiting for them to ponder every single ending of the potential relationship, or just sit there thumb twiddling. …It’s much sexier ย when men take charge and very smart of the guy to sort the entire date out. I don’t get it,ALL boys should know that! ย In LA the guys are super schooled when it comes to dating a girl, as it’s done quite often…both girls and guys do it all the time and the girls therefore know how to be treated (and they treat you well over there) and the boys know how to treat a girl….be it to get what they want, or to get the girl to adore them appropriately. I men I remember sitting at a coffee shop patio in West Hollywood with my guy friend ‘Berlin’ who was a model. He was organizing a ‘first date’ with this girl he had just met…and he distinctly said…and we were kids at the time, ‘I’m sorting it all out, because a girl doesn’t want to hear, what do you want to do…I have no clue what i’m doing…She wants to hear, I adore you and have organized everything to make our night special…relax and enjoy.’

The grown up and confident guys, get how to do it all here…The Doctor is grown up and confident…yet also has this spicy culture of a background. He is passionate, fiery and romantic. I *heart* it…and we all know that I love Latin Men. (*Mrs. Martinez.*) It’ll be a great date…and mainly because I’m the same and he’s noticed, as he states that I’m a rare girl to find, because I’m romantic, passionate and just plain old fantastic. Lol. Told you, it’s my charm. (Okay, I’ll stop going on about it now.)

But yes, My Stylist ‘Lydia’ ๐Ÿ™‚ lol, has informed me that it is important that I do not ‘look too intimidating,’ and that it is vital that I look soft and feminine. We all know Men love that…some men….as other men hide behind strong women. But sometimes when you’re too intimidating with your look…you either attract weaker men or terrify them. But let a man, be a man…If he wants you…he’ll make you his. He’ll come get you. Be a girl. If he’s too scared or too stubborn to make the correct moves…some other guy will… Right? (I love Lydia, because I can say rally stupid things to her like, ‘Ugh, it’s your fault, that I haven’t drank enough water! I NEED TOOO. I have flipping HOSPITAL SELFIES tomorrow!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And she’ll totally 100 percent get it..and feel the exact same way. HAHAH. I’ll tell you about her last date in my next blog. It’s hilarious.)

Oh and fyi/ This recent occurrence of the Doctor hasn’t been long, as it’s only since i’ve been in hospital..well come out of hospital…was last week, on Thursday, when it all ignited. ย However, he’s not new….as he knows me from before, we actually chatted a lot previously, about a couple of years ago now. I know!! Time flies. But nothing came of it, because I…in his words, ‘disappeared.’

Now, I’m back…and i want to get to know him a lot lot better.

Having a Date at the end of the week, gives you something to look forward too! It’ll make my work week breeze by, as I aimlessly swirl around on Cloud 9. It’s these moments where being a girl rocks. Enjoying being a girl….is one of the most magnificent feelings!!!

As you can probably tell…I sort of feel ‘alive’ again. This means…I’M BACK! ๐Ÿ™‚








New Dates, Excitement, Babies & Ben


Morning!! Happy Bank Holiday Monday weather! (If you’re not in England, it’s raining!) Hope all your Easter’s were lovely! I spent mine with my family and it was AMAZING! I’m off work again today and life is all a bloom. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s Spring, or because everything’s new and I’m going on this date next week. But i’m excited about life and for a kitten like moi, who enjoys this kind of feeling, my world is a swirl of delight.

Okay! I’m having another family day today. I’m trying to fit them all in before I start my work trail. Junior is dying for me to buy him golf clubs. Ruby wants some kind of ‘because my brother is getting something, I want a toy’ toy. Were all going to meet up with Grandma and do lunch and I’m needing to buy myself a ‘Date Night’ outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ (As I won’t have time other than today.)

First of all, I keep getting loads of messages about the Ben situation. So, i’ll just say this…I haven’t spoken to him in weeks now and haven’t hung out with him in probably a month or something close to that now. We’re not together, but I don’t hate him. You can’t really because he’s simple…and he doesn’t hate me…he’ll just be in a hump about me right now, as obviously we’re not doing love. Plus, I’m maturer than a fall out. Our paths just don’t cross ever, so i won’t really see him around, as he’s still doing the ‘Ponte’ thing…which he WILL one day get out off…I hope…and well more than anything, I wish him the best, as I really knows that he wants a future, a life and something to feel proud of. If he works hard, accumulates, learns to drive, gets his own place, becomes more established…in a couple years, he’ll be an awesome, very ‘Yorkshire’ catch for some girl. He just needs to take a step out of Pontefract, find a new circle, lust for life and feel like he has a sense of purpose..become a grown up, with massive responsibilities and enjoy it. But i’d always be his mate. Yet like I said, our paths just don’t really cross, even though we live in the same town. Plus, I feel fine with being in Pontefract now…but only because i’ve been and seen the world…lived, experienced and achieved. I have stories, trophies and a family.

Done. That’s all done with now.

Okay, about my new date. (Even Ruby has just looked over and said, ‘why are you smiling?’) Smiling, is the key to life. Just live it happily and fit as much love and happiness into the years you have left, as you never know whats going to happen and we stress far too much over nothing! Please don’t stay stuck in a rut and please live your life the way YOU want to and not be restricted by what other’s who might not know what’s best for you think. Yet please do also be very careful. Even though i’m associated with ‘beauty’ so to speak (ego much,) my brain really does work. Honest!

Soooo, i’m excited for my date on Sunday. It’s official and he penciled me in, as he’s working all Easter due to loads of people having ‘heart attacks. He’s messaged me all day and evening, telling me the most wonderful things about myself and himself..and i’m really looking forward to enjoying dinner (that he will have cooked himself) at his, with a really good vino and a whole lot of Spanish. ๐Ÿ™‚ He ‘s lovely and romantic and gushing about me, as I am him but because we’re both excited and spicy, aren’t we. But like I said, I’m due a bit of romance right now and i’m going to enjoy it. He’s looking for love and believes he’s found potential in me…yet doesn’t say it like that, he says it like i’m the most beautiful, kind and wonderful women he has ever noticedย in his entire life…which is sexy, brave, expressive, romantic and clever ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, I’m excited because i have the babies, (who are currently running around in a living room circle of madness) ย my mum…my family and it’s still a holiday. But i’m excited to be getting a ‘date night’ dress, makeup shoes…the girl essentials, because i’m back to being a kitten again, a girly girl and it feels lovely. I’m so excited about my date that I’ve even gotten Lydia (Symonds Barnes,) who I work with…to style me. It’s what she does best, she loves it, she studies fashion and wants to be a celebrity stylist. Whenever I’ve been out, as a group, with friends…she has looked AMAZING, to the point where our eyes have just dropped out of our heads at how great she’s managed to throw things together. So, i’ve let her give me style tips and she’s smashed it. Right away she was reeling off options like I was a Kardashian and it was amazing! She’s really great at it and so now i feel super secure, because if he doesn’t like me…I’ll blame my stylist! Lol.

Anyway, I’m off…I need coffee and to see my Mum. As if i’m about to be romanced by a young, Spanish, Doctor, who openly adores me. I guess Kitten’s really do have 9 lives. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like that he doesn’t bother playing the game of love and instead is passionate, forward and just expresses himself immediately, as he’s not a scared, knows what he wants…which makes him confident…like ME! Roll on first date! (I hope it all goes well.)



(If you are revisiting my blog from WELCOME back. I know lots of you are…and well that;s the great thing about my blog, it’s always here, as i’m doing life…and you can tune in whenever you want..be it daily, monthly or whenever you remember.)

Dates with Doctors?


Okay so yesterday, I’m at work, it’s chucking it down outside and i’m waiting for Keiran who’s dropping Baby Juni’ (our son) off at my work, after taking him to the farm. Keiran and I are getting on much much better now…we’ve a long way to go, but we’re doing really well and it’s really making a difference with Junior, who is now in a much better state of mind. He’s our number one boy, so it’s important to us that we do the best we can, regardless, to make sure we co parent really really well! Pete and I already do this really well with Ruby, but i’ve known Peter since school, so we’ve always had this respect for one another. I remember when he was 11 and we were walking on the green…I bet he never thought that in a couple decades time, I would be having his child! Lol. It’s hilarious! Lucky sod. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yes, Keiran’s being a really great dad and like I said, we’re much much better. It’s always been hard for us (and he’s settled now) but because of ‘flickers and sparks.’ Chemistry is not an easy thing to get a hold of, but at the same time not an easy thing to tame. But yes, happy with all the babies and all the daddies ๐Ÿ™‚ right now. (GOD! MY LIFE!) I will say, that not only do all three of us work really well together to raise the children well…and they have EVERYTHING…but Ruby and Junior probably ALSO have the hottest, or should I say most glamorous set of parents EVER! (Or so WE think. Lol. It’s a good combination of ‘sexy,’ as Keiran, Pete and I are all very different looking, but still own *va voom.*)

Anyway, i’ve rambled on…but all day I was at work getting these messages…and I was showing them to my work colleagues with this ‘beam.’ I don’t know how it all escalated…but all I heard was this, ‘You must be THE ONLY girl i know, who can go into flipping hospital, in some dodgy hospital nighty, for the reason you went IN there FOR and manage to PULL A DOCTOR!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

And that’s exactly what I actually did…completely by accident. What can I say, it’s my charm. My boobs? My charm. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really don’t know? But boys dig me. HAHAHA. (Cue: Milkshake anthem.) No, honestly, it’s not how it happened….i was just walking through the hospital with my mum and I paused at a sign that read ‘Cardiology.’ It just reminded me of someone…and BOOM, because i had romance on my mind…the Universe kinda, sort of gifted with it. Lol. Ask, Believe, Receive.. I think is the term, right? I believe in all that.

Long story short….i won’t bore you with the ‘how’s’ etc..but romantic searching occured…only a couple hours of it, i think…and just like that numbers exchanged and whilst i’m at work on Saturday, I’m beaming.

This time it’s very soon, as i definitely promised to stay celibate and never date again…Yet, let me tell you, ย it is 100 percent LOVELY, to actually have a being…a man…one that’s a year older than Me, but all super grown up, half yummy Spanish ๐Ÿ˜‰ …and a Doctor…I KNOW (DANIELLE!!!)…What i’m saying is that it’s lovely to been romanced again, swept off myfeet, openly told how ‘beautiful’ i am and how much the guy in question adores me without fear. He wants to romance me. I love that! And he’s a DOCTOR. A HEART Doctor, he saves lives for a living! Aww!

[Incase you do not know, I LOVE Doctors and not because it’s a ‘catch’ so to speak, but because both my parents are Doctors, so i immediately associate any man or woman, who is a Doctor with unconditional love and safety.}

He’s sexy, he’s romantic, he’s a Cardiologist…and he’s single, thinks i’m kind and beautiful and would like to get to know me better and do a ‘date night.’ I’ve already agreed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like him, because he’ll chase and be openly romantic and passionate and tell me how much he adores me…quickly, and to make sure he gets a shot. That’s sexy! I like it! And he’s not young and stupid, or lusty. He’s together and oddly…thinks i’m amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was saying lovely things to him. He was being saying lovely things to me. Then he sent me a message saying that he would love to cook me a romantic Spanish dinner…next week! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m in and organizing it. If anything it keeps me smiling and makes me feel like i’m being romanced and treated, by a proper grown up…who openly without fear adores me…and I find him really sexy because of it! Different girls, like different things. He’s laid back, passionate, but spicy! He say’s that i’m ‘beautiful and my soul is kind.’ *SWOON* LOVE IT! He’s amazing and just wants to know when he can cook for me, so we can have this romantic date, as he promised. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m liking him a lot. How sweet of him. Plus, he thinks i’m ‘special’ and with an ‘i will always treat you right’ (I must look hard done by)…I’m feeling really lucky! As if….

So we’re talking…and next week…we do our date! Gosh!