I definitely need these shirts on sale via my website. πŸ™‚ Blunt, to the point and with a twist of fashion and adoration. Hellloooo! Music to my ears!

I’m doing REALLY WELL!! I survived the evening like a champion. I can’t even believe it! I didn’t even check into a hotel for anything. πŸ˜‰ I did venture out for a couple drinks and met friends by accident. But only because it was warmer. And I definitely didn’t nearly turn ‘right’ into Lee the POLICEMAN the other day. Lol. (Of all the things to nearly hit into! Luckily, I didn’t and he knew me because of cups of tea, so he let me off and when i did see him 20 minutes afterward, as he smiled and shook his head at him, I simply pointed out that i performed great swerving.) I forgot to tell you that!

It was also brought to my attention that I have the WORLDS WARMEST quilt ever and that I should be really grateful for that! (By next week, i’ll probably have a bunch of homeless people under my leopard print sheets, simply because it’s warm. Not really. Right now, I wouldn’t be able to bath them pr do their hair. Lol)

I’m waiting for the bolier man. (Sounds like a creepy nursery rhyme.) The times British Gas have given me are 8.00am to 7pm. πŸ™‚ That’s the frame of time that I am to wait in my home for, ON MY DAY OFF for the boiler man to come. HAHAHAH. Fricking sods law!!! But i don’t care. I have candles going. Coffee brewing. It’s cold. But i’m happy. It’s kinda annoying because the babies are on their daddy days today. However, it’s better for them to be warm, then to do ‘freezing’ with mummy, simply out of selfishness.

My nose is running. I still look good. One tip that I have to keeping warm when your boiler is on the blink is to TAN!! HAHAH. And i’m not even joking, before you all start! I obviously haven’t done it this time, as it’s getting fixed within 24 hours. But whenever i’m freezing, and I TAN…i feel so much warmer. SHUT UP! It works!! *Wiggle, wink*

Ben and I have been texting. But texts are rigid aren’t they. I can never really get into them. I’m a rubbish texter, so i end up just putting my phone down, on my sofa arm and leaving it. Even when i’m cold, i’m much better in person. I can’t be arsed to do a textathon at times. All my friends know this, so are never bothered if i don’t reply. Lol. They’ll see me at some point, which is much better on the whole. I’ll text if i need to and only if i need to. He’s a rigid texter also. I reported it to him…like ya do…and he got better at it, as did I.

I’M COLD! I’ve got nothing else to do to keep warm??? Even watching cowboys punch each other in the face on my telly for reality tv, isn’t warming me up.

I do know that plonking on your coat and dancing to a ‘warm feeling’ song works to, if your cold. I forgot about that. Β I’ll do that next. Not that any of you are cold, as you all have working boilers. πŸ™‚ *Waaaaaaaa*

The good thing is that when there’s nothing you can do about a situation, you just have to relax, laugh it off and get on with it!

More candles, coffee and giggles for me.

He better come soon!

At least, i’ll get blogging more. UGH! I totally wanted to buy Vlog things today. (The Vlogs are doing really well.)





Baby it’s cold outside


My survival skills are AMAZING. You should all tip your hats and start calling me the bouji Bear Grylls. Holy Moly. My boiler is broken! Lol. My boiler is broken on the COLDEST, WINDIEST evening in the entire world. *Add more drama here.*

So, first things first! Babies, taken care off and lovingly sent to ‘nice warm’ Grandma’s house to keep well and chipper. AS THE TEMPERATURE DROPS LIKE HELL, HERE IN WUNNA LAND! Lol. Secondly, Mummy gets home from work and sorts her den, temple, home, whatever you want to call it, OUT! Not only have I blankets, layers, the most beautifully smelling candles in all the land, (seriously my home currently smells like an explosion in Boots,) but alongside all that I have food, lots of food that makes you feel as though the world a safer place, wine and a smile. When you’re smiling….it means you’ve survived and it only means you’ve survived because you still don’t think life is that bad!

That’s what i call tough! πŸ™‚ And it’s much better than he last time my boiler broke down. As before, they couldn’t fix it for five entire days. (I didn’t let that happen this time and made sure that they would be out here with their merry toolboxes tomorrow. Yipppeee!) Last time, this happened…I boked the children and I into a hotel for five days straight to keep warm. πŸ™‚ I remember Wazza messaging me and saying, ‘Have you not hear of blankets???’ Lol. They were one and three at the time and well, if you can afford to make things a little better for them, in times of ‘first world problems’…then you should. Blankets wouldn’t have cut it. This time around and because it’s just me…I’m fine! πŸ™‚ TRRROOOOOOOPPPPER!

Everything’s dandy. I’ve worked all day. Danielle came in again to say her last ‘good byes’ and this time she was sadder, as it had really sunk in for her. I don’t think it’s sunk in for me as of yet because i’m so used to seeing her. It’s when you don’t see someone, when you need them that makes you feel a sense of loss, right? Bless her. She’s been one of my greatest friends at work EVER. I love her. Lots of people got her some really sentimental gifts..she welled up a little at them or smiled. She got presented with a WAD OF CASH, that all of us had put together and she cried. She did happy trickles and burst into tiny tears…over money! HAHAHAH. That’s why i love her! We have the same brain. Kindness is sweet, dosh melts our heart! HAHAHAH. Sooo bad! I’ll miss her. But i can’t wait for her evening do out! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Β πŸ™‚

I’ve received loads of messages from you all and really my love life is fine. I’m great. It’s all positive. And we’ve communicated better today, which makes me more confident. When the babies had gone, I did do a little ‘almost cry’ over a bowl of noodles. (How Asian can you get! Lol) But i think, that i needed to, as I needed a release and i’ll never ever cry when there’s just the babies and I, because you sort of put on this fun bravado fro them. Which i honestly believe is essential! πŸ™‚ So, it was actually great to relax a little and have a brief Princess weep…even if it was into noodles. And why did I cry? I cried because he told me that he still loved me, which seemed to mean the world? I never thought he didn’t love me, that was never the problem, it just feels good to hear it…after such. Plus, I’m a chick who never really believes that people may appreciate me, as much as i’d wish them to. I don’t know why i think that? It’s never a big deal. But it’s more because i’ve remember every single, little, tiny moment, in my entire life, where in which someone has gone of of their way to be someone lovely, or done something lovely for me, without benefit. I remember each moment so vividly, that it must mean that it doesn’t happen every often. Lol. I always say that if you can pin point incidents, be they good or bad…then it’s something that doesn’t occur in your life, on a regular basis. I can never pin point the good things that my mum does for me, as it happens ALL THE TIME.

(Oh my GOD!!! All this is making me do more cries. Lol. I’ve just my face tooo. HOW ANNOYING!!)


Okay! I’m back! But everything’s good!

I feel really lucky and i’m happy because i’m pretty strong, emotionally, when it comes to the big things, And i don’t class strong as being emotionless. Nor do I class it as being the human who weeps and rants at everything. I don’t even class the being who can put on a brave face and smile, as being super strong (however that’s a good quality at times,) but in my mind it’s the being who can have life throw things at them, take it on the chin, pick it up, feel it, rework it and make it right.

I’m that girl πŸ˜‰



Babies, Work & Move Outs.

IMG_4050- - Copy (2)

Work was easy today. Fun. Easy. And, I actually think it was because we finally hit a ‘payday.’ Working a ‘payday’ is always awesome, because it doesn’t matter whether you’ve made a little bit of dough, or a whole lot of dough. It just feels great to have finally *victory armed* to the finish line. Plus, it’s always much better if you’re working a ‘payday’ because it means you don’t spend it, in one giddy chunk. This is definitely my year of saving…I’m being more sensible than EVER!

It was Danielle’s last day today and she seemed really happy. Lol. We still have her leaving do, to lavish her with ‘gonna miss yooou’s,’ so i’m going to wait until then before I get to her gift giving.

Ben’s moved out. Technically, I asked him to, last night when we were fighting…and today he did. Although, it sounds all dramatic and tense, it’s not really, as i don’t see it as a negative thing. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love him, I was just concerned about Ruby and the way she felt about it all really. The change of the initial ‘move in’ wasn’t really so fast for me, yet to my little 4 year old, it was really difficult because for the past 2 years, it’s just been ‘us’ and her baby brother. It was difficult on her, to all of a sudden have a new being in the home telling her a bedtime.

And, i’m not a one sided person. As it was hard on Ben to suddenly move into a home that’s new, as part of a full of life family and try and fit in. Especially when that family is labelled ‘Wunna land.’ I mean, it’s hard to be the newbie anywhere, be it a family country, job, or anything….He did it well…but it was getting to the point where I believed a temporary ‘change of scenery’ was needed, in order for things to maybe be better again.

I was definitely happy, but i was definitely stressed with life and when i get stressed, I need space, to get back in order. It’s been on my mind constantly since i’ve been home, (The radiators aren’t working, *Waaa,*) as obviously I miss him. I’m used to him being around and well having him be away will help to make me appreciate things a bit more. I haven’t texted him about it. But i know he’s fine. If anything he’ll be much happier, which gives me peace, as when you don’t drive and you don’t have much to focus on, being away in Thorpe Audlin, shut away is really difficult. He spend numerous recent evenings up all night…..stressed, when we had all gone to bed. Being around his family, his usual surroundings and friends will make him feel better. (He hasn’t text me either. But he wouldn’t…would he. Lol)

The babies have been nothing but perfect tonight. Junior’s always fine, but at first Ruby didn’t want to stay because she thought Ben was going to be here. When she realised that he had gone…she leapt up with delight and the first thing she said was ‘it is just me you and Junior again, living here….’ like ti was all she had wanted for ages. Which told me the ‘live in’ change was far too soon for her. She needs it to be far more gradual..and nothing is more important to me than their welfare.

I took some time to talk to her about it, and she explained it like she was 14. In the end she said, ‘I do like him and I do miss him, but just a little bit, when i miss him a lot, he can move back in, but whilst i only miss him a little bit, he can stay at his mum and dads house.’ Lol

She then turned to Junior and said, ‘Do you miss Ben a little bit?’

His reply… ‘I love Ben.’ So, I don’t even know what Junior’s even gonna do!!! Lol. They’re really really close and Junior’s the opposite to Ruby as his lifestyle has been different. He’s enjoyed every single living MOMENT of having Ben at the house, because he’s never ever had a live in ‘daddy’ in his entire life.

But it’s not a sad moment, even though i feel sad. πŸ™‚ It’s positive.

I can’t even believe he hasn’t even text me to say that he cares, misses me or anything…that’s really odd isn’t it? It makes being ‘not as sad’ easy, because if i focus on ‘he might not even care’ my stubbornness kicks in and i don’t feel as bad.

(The radiators aren’t working.)




He Missed that Memo


This week has been looooooooooooooooooooong. Lol.

I’ve had a stressful evening. Not really a stressy, stressful one. But one that I dedicated to the babies (which I loved) and got really annoyed at with Ben.

On the whole, chicks get stressed out at boys, don’t we? Lol. We can always manage to enjoy the things that we adore about them and when we’re feeling hormonal, hard done by, or when we haven’t *voiced out* enough about the niggly things that they do, which are only niggly, but to us, at the time, seem ‘mountain’ large, we *bottle in* and then *release* Lol…as I like to say.

It’s a normal part to any girls makeup and a very normal part to any longterm relationship.

The babies are happy and fine. Love the babies!!!!!! Work was great. Really great. I was swirled in good company and banter.

As soon as I got home, something seemed all dramatic and ‘off’ button, so i expressed by self by doing the ‘ignoring’ thing. (It’s the formula we use when you walk around the house, pulling faces at your partner…yet at the same time making sure they know that your pissed off.)

Everything hit *pause* button, on that matter because the focus went on happiness, Ruby and Junior. Yet as soon as they were both rested in bed…’talking it through’ happened. Ugh.

And when ‘talking it through ‘happened, which is only the time where in which you need to express how you feel bluntly (well I do it bluntly, well I only do it bluntly because I can’t help it, i don’t like to dilly dally and i’m just a direct person.) itΒ went tits up and pear shaped, because he argued it out with ‘silly bits’ and when i think i’m right…you can’t argue ANYTHING out with me…as i’m lawyer good and filled with lovey blow, home truths. I’m always pretty calm, but I guess in that moment, you want the guy to be ultra kind, ultra loving and I guess just understanding. That’s how we expect them to react to our stick of dynamite, isn’t it? Lol. WE want them to talk it through with us, get where we’re coming from and deliver some kind of manly, yet happy solution to make it all better. He missed that memo. Guys always miss that memo. And the subject matter of the ‘talking it through’ wasn’t even major. But because it wasn’t diffused immediately…it went on.

That’s currently where we are with it now………


Bloggers Block & Cheeky Bums

IMG_5177 - Copy

Welcome to Thursday, my delightful little dollops of life bugs.

I really didn’t have much to blog about today…In fact, all night, I couldn’t seem to rack my brain, or even remember what I had tinkered with, in order for life to suddenly dawn on me with excitement or laughter.

I had ‘bloggers block.’ Argh!

I worked. I enjoyed every inch of family time as soon as I got home. (I must be hormonal right now, as whenever I am, I turn ‘nesty’ and every moment of my world turns to family.)

Anyway, like any decent glamour puss, and after writing Vlog Β notes for upcoming material, (I have a week off shortly, as soon as Valentine’s day kicks in,) during that week, I intend to record and upload a whole Β bunch of fun Vlogs, for all your sexy eyes to see! I didn’t think I was very good at Vlogging, however, people see to be watching them regardless, (I’m weirdly lucky, I know)…so i’m going to go with ‘I’m great at it’ and force them upon you, so that I can spend life, just sitting at home, talking ‘laa..dee..daa’ about the things I adore, for kicks…and money.

I could tell you about work, but it was a normal, happy day. I could tell you about my ‘bump in’ at the petrol station coffee machine with Lisa…but I that’s too private for a morning delivery. Lol. I could tell you that I purchased more fairy door items and heard that a ‘fairy coach’ was coming to work. Or I could tell you that, I had told a boy that he was about to get his pants pulled down and beat with a stick next, simply because his January had gone so shite.

Instead, I watched a Vlog of another, who titled it ‘How to make your boobs look bigger.’ (Not that I need to, yet I could definitely do a really good Vlog on that and it wouldn’t include ‘use chicken fillets.’ UGH. Don’t use chicken fillets! You can’t get down and dirty with a new boy and pull out your ‘chicken fillets’ before hand. Lol. Well you can…but it’s just far too funny a moment, to then concentrate on sex faces.

ANnnyway, I decided to then bug Ben. πŸ™‚

When I have no material, bugging Ben is great because he gets mildy narked off (and it takes a while (and starts with a ‘YOU DO MY HEAD IN!!’)


Now, when i bug him, I don’t shout at him, or moan at him, as it’s not really in my nature. (Even though he does think i’m maybe Bi Polar. Lol. I’m such a great girlfriend, that my boyfriend thinks that I’m Bi polar.) When I bug him, i’m more playful buggy..which means i do really annoying, child like things, until he loses his mind. He’ll paly along with it, incase it turns into sexy time. But if it doesn’t…HAHAHAHA….I ‘do his head in.’ *Laughing out loud.*

Basically, I was laid upon him, whilst he was trying to relax on the sofa, in my updo and on dead weight mode. Not laid lovingly, but more like a dead body. Lol. We waltzed into the kitchen to get more wine and he tried to peek and my bum.

He always peeks at my bum. He likes it. When he *peeked* I didn’t allow him, and nothing is more annoying to him. Men! πŸ™‚ My bum’s cheeky. It’s not a good bum, because it doesn’t *wink* at you when you peek at it, as it just looks sleepy. But on the whole, it’s chilled. chilled bums are good.

Then he singed his hair on the cooker. *DYING WITH LAUGHTER.*

And he tried to style it out and try to ‘out do’ me, because I was laughing by being Geeky.

‘Yeah, but you don’t even know what one of the most famour star constellations, that you see everyday is!!!!’

‘What? Orion’s belt!’ LOL. *Weeing myself.* HAHAHAHAHAHA. (I love that my brain only works, when i need to win.

THEN, he performed a disgusting act. An act that could’ve really put us on thin ice and DRANK MY MOJITO IN A CAN!!! Devastated! How dare he! LOL.

That means he won. (UGH!)

Don’t laugh at burnt people.

But yes, we’re back to a playful/chipper mode now, as Lord knows how, but i’ve managed to write a blog! Lol

Hope you have a fun Thursday, as i can’t decide if this week as dragged or zoomed by???

Chrissie x


If the nipple tassels don’t fit….


Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit you! *Simples.*

If you’re a skinny size zero, don’t wear something that is far too baggy for you beautiful body.

If you’re a voluptuous Size 20, don’t try and squeeze into an outfit that tells you it’s a 10.

Nothing is worst than being unable to embrace the body that that dude up above, with a case of genetics has given us.

If you don’t like the size that your inside label screeches at you…remove it. Get rid of the label or even better, sew a new label in that reads the size you wish to be. πŸ™‚

Ignorance is on occasion… bliss. Yippppeee!

We as women are constantly on a ‘my bums too big in this, my belly is too wibbly in that…my thighs, oh my thighs’ rant. (I’m a swine for it. Not so much now..but i used to be.)

But honestly, there’s no point,as there’s no perfect size for a chica. Just pretend you’re the size that you want to be, lie, forget, embrace it, or enjoy it. Don’t close yourself off to fashion, simply because the size on the label tells you that you’re too thin or too chubby. OR EVEN BETTER, ADORE THE SIZE THAT YOU ARE, embrace the wibbly bits…and go forth with an umbrella drink and a shimmie. I mean whocares, by the time we’re sixty, if we’re lucky to get that far, we’ll all be saggy and grey anyhow…and we’ll love it. Bagsy a purple rinse.

Plus, if you’re not dress size stressing because you wish for others to love you more, not judge you, or whatever else the matter is…just don’t. They’ll love you anyway, regardless…if they’re not a weirdo or a tool.

Be brave, grab your nipple tassles…but always makes sure they FIT!

Chrissie x *Giggle here*





Thank you for watching my Vlogs!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been tuning into my Vlogs and watching or subscribing to by new Youtube Channel!

It means so much to me, that they’re doing better than I thought? They’ve been up around 2 weeks now…and i’ve already managed to shimmie over fifty thousand + views! That’s CRAZY!

If you haven’t seen them (AMERICANS)…here’s Β quick reminder… *Click links*


There is a lot more to come and they’re going to be fun!

Work ‘it’ Wednesdays, Fairy doors & Family


Happy Wednesday!!!

This is the part where i get all my days muddled up, as my Tuesday is my Monday, which totally throws me off track.

But yes, last night was great. It was quiet, but it was great! The rubbish part was that i felt fluey (don’t we all, so I won’t whop out a ‘pity party’ ) AND my ankle is well and truly busted. I honestly can’t walk on it when i get home, to the point that I have to make like i’m in the Bahamas and walk around my home in FLIP FLOPS, the entire time. And WEDGE flip flops at that! It’d be alright if i wasn’t all hibbly. I don’t strut at all and we all know how much that devastates me.

For tea, I ended up having handfuls of bombay mix. Tragic. But only because i used my time chitter chattering with Junior. I work so much that I never get as much quality time with the babies as I want. (Hence why i need to win the lottery, so i can stay at home and be a normal Mum.) Yet, we laid in bed, watching Peppa Pig and then we chattered all about his day. He’s a cheeky one, so he cracks me up, as his world is just filled with laughter and beams. He’s so random and so hilarious. Ruby is obsessed with her fairy door right now, so the fact that we have fairies living in our home, that write and leave her magical notes or little gifts every single morning, makes her world complete. Nothing is better than that sort of ‘magic.’ I secretly get really into it, as there hasn’t been a day YET, where in which I have forgotten my ‘fairy’ duties. I mean, just watching her be so excited and feel a sense of purpose each morning, because of this magical fairy door, makes me giggle, but makes me feel alive.

Don’t just have bombay mix for dinner. It’s shit and I swear i’m getting my stress rash.

Anyway, I hope you have a decent Wednesday…Tuesday…whatever day you want it to be. πŸ™‚

Get to it, enjoy it….LIVE.

Decent Humans, Corset Sex & Ponies


So, we’ve all fallen off the tracks, a bit. I have a friend, on a diet, who today decided that they needed a cheese toastie because of ‘fuck it.’ Lol. I have another who was so passionate about writing a really pervy book about the story of their life, who now…has lost her ‘gusto’ about it all. I’ve been really shit at saving, (you’d think that I would’ve been good, but when you’re the head honcho of a family, money just seems to sieve through your fingers…plus, i’m still not over wasting dosh on my rubbish night out in Ponte Lol ) and well if nothing else, this is the time, when we should all get back on our broken down ponies and shimmie back on track with *Victory.*

Now, I’m a girl who oozes determination. I’m never one to stop in my heels, simply because somethings gone wrong and i’m certainly never one to give up on anything. Things have to be really bad, or the situation has been utterly, utterly negative for me to pack up my luxury pink suitcase, throw in my diamante towel and call it a day. I’m just not of that nature and as humans, we’re either people who fight, or people who give in. So, now, i’m just gonna do what I do best, in moments when my friends, loved ones, or myself feel weak, or have come across a minor hiccup…which is FIGHT. Yes, in kitten boxing gloves…but still…armed with a smile, a warm heart made of ‘lioness’ and a wink. You can’t get anywhere in life if you give up all the time.

Okay, one of the good things that happened was a moment. There was a moment today, a brief one, where in which a friend, who was feeling rather emotional, decided to hit *pause,* simply to tell me how much they appreciated my existence in their life…and moments like that, even though i may laugh them off, or deliver a response with sarcasm….mean so much to me. Y’know…they sort of looked at me with tears in their eyes, after saying lovely things to me, about myself (always good Lol) and said, ‘So yeah, if I was to describe you in three words…this is what i would say…’

I’m really great at listening…so I only can remember two. Hahaha. But one word was ‘uplifting’ because they felt that in times of trouble, i was the person who managed to pick you their pieces and glue them back together… (I do this alot, but without being mushy. It’s all charm, kindness, dashed in wit and humour.) The second word, they used was ‘Positive.’ By nature, i’m always positive. Even when i’m grumbly…i’m soul is pretty much still positive. I’m not a dark ‘deep place’ person. I’m light…and it’s the light in me that others weirdly find inspiring?

I can’t remember the third word, but it was a good one. Hahaha. Yet, just in that moment, seeing their eyes fill up and their confidence be able to say this to me, made my day worthwhile. The conversation ended with a ‘Okay, i’l stop being gay now,’ and then we had bacon butties, to steam roll over this odd, emotional moment. πŸ™‚ (That’s a very ‘Yorkshire’ thing to do.)

Later on, during my day, I found myself giving another lovely advice on, what I call ‘corset sex.’ HAHAHA. Now, ‘Corset sex’ is pretty self explanatory, and GREAT if you’re a girl who may feel insecure about being fully naked, during sexytime. Boys dig corsets. Corsets make your boobs look bigger. AND more importantly…they hold in your wibbly bits, that we all have, when we’re being bent over in uncompromising positions, that only boys seem to find sexy. So, if you’re a little terrified of showing of that tum tum, do sexy time in a Corset. (I have a red one that I whop out in emergencies. Ben loves it.)

She looked up at me, all doughie eyed, beautiful, whilst eating something cakey Lol…and said, ‘But i can’t wear a corset ALL THE TIME.’ Yes, you can! Grab a variety of them, focus on your best bits and go for it!

Feeling sexy is the most important part to sex. When i don’t feel sexy, I just don’t put out…Simples!

So, there you have it….today you learnt how to be sexy with your wibbly bits, how to express kindness and also get back on that pony, when you feel as though you’re about to swirl down that plug hole. Do it all glamourously and you’re set for another month. We’ll come up with another plan at the end of Feb. Lol.

On the whole, by nature, i’m gobby, smiley, expressive, loud and opinionated. But I enjoy it when the people who truly know me, or the people who don’t manage to see the good bits about me…’uplifting, positive, inspiring.’ πŸ™‚ I mean, you don’t have to walk around fully covered up, with a Bible passage in your hand and a gummy label, glued to your shirt saying ‘I’m kind,’ to be a decent person. I come in boobs, an Oriental wash, ten layers of fake tan, over eyeshadowed peepers, sarcasm and big hair. Someone once bought me a Bible and I lost it, but I still know how to be a pretty alright human being.




New Vlog, Blogging, Love or Money


So, I heard on the radio today that around 82 percent of people in Yorkshire, would rather have a lottery win, than find their true love. Can you believe it? I mean, I’m in a solid relationship, so i’d never place a donkey of dosh in front of it. (I don’t think? πŸ˜‰ Lol. ) But there are times, probably in every single moment of every day, ….where in which i say ‘I wish I won the lottery.’ So I completely and utterly get it. Yet, how messed up have we become? It’s surely meant to be love that makes the world go around…and not little bits of printed paper that can buy us things like freedom, a fast car, a girl, or our dream house? Money definitely makes the the journey much easier, as it reduces the normal stress of life, it oils the cogs and relieves us of panic.Yet when that becomes the focus…and we’re wishing it grew on trees because of fear…then we’re fucked. So, if you do anything today, don’t worry about any financial stress you may have and just enjoy love. Tell the people you’re meant to care for, that you do. We forget to do that always. I mean, I posted the Lady Gaga ‘i’m quitting music’ speech to my Facebook wall today…and everything she said was right and mattered. She’s living proof that you can have EVERYTHING financially and not be happy, until you see life for what it’s for and the things that truly matter.

Okay, away from that. I’ve filmed my Vlog and it terrified me. This time around, it’s a little long, and i shook like a leaf all the way through it. It’s just so weird, because i’m really good when i have a camera in my face, yet when it’s Vlog time, I panic and get all nervous. Blogging is far less terrifying. (Ben is currently annoying me by AGAIN, trying to talk to me ALL THE WAY THROUGH my fricking blog. He pines for attention when he doesn’t think he has it. Lol. It’s like having a puppy, an annoying one, that’s just had a ‘Harvey Wallbanger’ in a can and wants you yo play with it. πŸ™‚ )

Hope you enjoy it though and hope you all start showing ‘cocktails in a can’ some love.

Here you go…Take a peeky..

Tonight, we’ve had a fresh coconut juice night! Remember that I blogged about how shite trying to crack open a coconut was…well Marks and Spencer have come up with a plan…and it’s a real life coconut, that you can ‘ring pull’ open like it’s a can of pop! I know! You then just jab the ‘given to you with the coconut’ straw in the top and Bob’s your Uncle, Mary’s you’re Aunt. You have fresh coconut juice on tap. (Ruby loves it. Junior hates it.)

The babies have actually been amazing tonight. Junior came back from nursery a bit feisty. Yet he always comes back from his Dad’s a bit more feisty, i never know why, yet i’m sure he’s fine? His speech has come on threefold though. He’s so chatty now, that i can’t believe that i’m actually watching him grow right before my own little Asian eyes. Amazing! I love it. It makes Mama happy. Ruby’s just a Mini Me, so in my eyes, a doll. Lol. To be honest, I couldn’t be more proud of her, as she is soooooooooooo keen on school and learning, that it sort of makes me feel like i’ve done an alright job and being Mum.

I’m currently having a Pina Colada and Ben’s listening to ‘Top Five Worst Singers’ on Youtube and every single one of them are my favourite artists and songs! HAHAHA. We’re giggling and right now life just seems soooooooooo lovely. (I want to win the lottery. Lol.) ‘Your cock or mine’ was again my top search today for this blog. Ugh! I’m really not a tranny. I’m a real life girl. (Honest!)